WOOLMAN, Tudor Lloyd

'42 Commando RM'
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Honours & Awards: 
Marine Tudor Woolman, 42 Commando RM, received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Aden in 1967 [1].
"On Saturday 11th November 1967 42 Commando Royal Marines was responsible for the manning of of a series of observation posts overlooking Tawani.
RM24345 Marine T. L. Woolman in company with one other Marine was manning one of these posts when, at 1300hrs, all the positions were brought under sustained and accurate automatic and rifle fire which resulted in one Marine being wounded.
Marine Woolman whose sangar was repeatedly being hit, continued to observe and report over his radio without regard to his own safety.
Having located an enemy fire position he engaged it himself with his own GPMG and then gave clear and precise target indications over the radio which enabled the other company positions to return fire effectively.
Throughout the engagement which lasted one and a half hours, Marine Woolman, a young general duty Marine with no formal signal training, calmly continued to pass accurate information and target indications by radio.
In passing his target indications he exhibited exemplary skill so that the other positions were immediately able to identify and engage the fresh targets without the need for time wasting repetition.
This in spite of the fact that the separation between Woolman's posn. and the other OPs varied between two hundered and fifty and five hundred yards.
There is no doubt that Marine Woolman's skill and courage in reporting and identifying a series of enemy positions whilst under heavy fire contributed in a marked degree to the successful conclusion of the engagement in which six enemy were known to have been killed and several others wounded" [2].
  • 1982 (Sergeant) (CTCRM) Mentioned in Despatches in recognition of distinguished service in Northern Ireland during the period 1st February 1982 to 30th April 1982 [3].
[1] London Gazette 44558, page 3863.
[2] National Archives file WO373/138/69.
[3] London Gazette 49105, page 11945.
[3] Globe and Laurel Sept/Oct. 1982 edition.

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