46RM Cdo. Officers, Oct.'44

Extract from the Navy Lists

October 1944 Volume 2 Page 1104.  (page 260 on N.L.S. website page list)
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
Commanding Officer —  Act. Lieut. Col. C. R. Hardy, D.S.O.

 2nd in Command —  Act. Tempy. Maj. H. R. Burton 

Act. Capts.

Act. Tempy. Capts.
C. E. Docwra. (later MiD -LG 36979).
J. R. B. Davies.
J. R. Foulds.
W. B. Phillips.

Adjutant —   Act. Tempy. Capt. J. A. H. Thompson.

Tempy. Lieuts. —
E. W. Spicer.
P. K. W. Johnson.
G. A. Woollam.
B. R. Reynolds.
D. J. Beardmore.
A. J. Allen.
R. R. Neville.
A. D. Shillabeer.
J. F. Bailey.
J. G. Boardley.
Lieut. J. S. Beattie, R.S.

Quartermaster —  Tempy. Lieut. (Qr.-Mr.) A. E. Heath.

Signal Officer —   Act. Tempy. Capt.

Intelligence Officer —  Tempy. Lieut. B. J. Teague.

Medical Officer —  Capt. R. T. Kiddie, R.A.M.C.

Chaplain —

 Sergeant-Major —   Act. Sergt. Major J. H. Broad.
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