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MARTIN, Arthur

Capt. Martin, Signals Troop, and one of the original 3rd RM Bn., officers, was killed during operations at Kangaw. He received a MiD for distinguished service while operating with the Army in Burma and on the Eastern Frontier of India.
London Gazettes Supp. 36925,page 757
44RM Commando Achnacarry to the Arakan by Tony Mackenzie.


The full circumstances of the death of Cpl. McKenna are not known to this archive. At the time of his death his Commando were engaged in policing operations in liberated Corfu.
He received a MiD for "devotion to duty during operations in the Mediterranean theatre covering a period from 1st April to 10th September, 1944."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36979, page 1386.)


Born in 1908; educated at Liverpool College and Oxford University; worked for his father's firm of solicitors, 1935; joined Supplementary Reserve of Officers, Irish Guards, 1936; joined 1 Bn, Irish Guards, 1939-1942, and served in Norway; transferred to special services No 4 Commando, 1942; took part in Dieppe Raid, Aug 1942; Lt Col, 1943; Commanding Officer, No 6 Commando, North Africa, 1943; Brig, 1944; commanded 1 Special Service Bde (later 1 Commando Bde), North West Europe, 1944-1945; accepted the surrender of FM Erhard Milch at Neustadt, May 1945; retired from Army, 1945; commanded 12

PETERS, Richard James McGregor

Lt Peters, 2 SBS 'B' Group, was killed in action whilst leading a small reconnaissance operation to gather intelligence from villagers on the strength and disposition of Japanese forces on the other side of a bridge across the River Irrawaddy in the area of Pakkoku-Pagan. He was accompanied by 2 Corporals and an Interpreter.
Unfortunately the inhabitants of one of the huts were armed Japanese Inspired Fifth Columnists and in the ensuing firefight Lt Peters was killed.


Maj Gordon Pollard MC MM
The then Sergeant Gordon Pollard, RA,  was awarded the MM in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East (Egypt and Libya) during the period May, 1942 to October, 1942.
On the 16th May 1943 he was commisioned as Second Lieutenant. Subsequently he joined No 3 Commando remaining with them for the remainder of the war, his final rank attained in the Commandos was Major.

REED, Neville

Neville Reed was a Lance Sergeant in No 1 Commando.
Post war he was RSM of 22 Special Air Service Regiment in Malaya. [1] On the 28th May 1957 it was announced that he had received a MiD in recognition of distinguished services with 22 SAS in Malaya for the period 1st July to 31st December, 1956. [2] 
By 1958 he was RSM at the Gunnery School, R.A.C. Centre, Lulworth Camp, Wareham, Dorset. [3] 


The full circumstances of the death of Capt. Richards are not known to this archive.
He  was the son of Frank Branson Richards and of Harriet Louise Richards (nee Bowman), of San Francisco, California, U.S.A. His brother John Edward also fell.
Award - London Gazettes Supp. 36563, page: 2856.

ROBSON, Thomas

Marine Thomas Robson died in an accident in Hong Kong. He had previously received a MiD for "outstanding service while operating with the Allied Armies in Italy."
nb. Commando title was redesignated this year.
Royal Marines Association
Naval History website


Douggie Roderick volunteered for No 3 Commando when it was first formed in 1940.  He was badly burned during the Vaagso raid when a phosphorous bomb hit thier boat. It was during this action that he received a Mention in Despatches.*
After his recovery in hospital he rejoined No 3 Commando serving with them until receiving a severe head wound in March 1944 which ended his Commando service.

ROLFE, Julian Dudley

Pte. Rolfe was killed during an operation against German forces in the wadis near the Anzio beachhead.

An entry in London Gazettes Supp. 36886, page 325 lists Private J.D. Rolfe as receiving a MiD for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy."

RONALD, Alexander Scott

Major Alexander Ronald was killed during operations in North Africa. [1]

He received a MiD for "gallant and distinguished services in the field." [2]

He resided at Waterton House, Ampney Crucis, near Cirencester, and was employed before the war at the Stock Exchange. [3]

SCHOOLEY, Ralph Gerald

Capt. Schooley, 'B' troop, was killed during operations on the enemy held island of Brac, Yugoslavia. He receieved a MiD for "outstanding service whilst operating with the Allied Armies in Italy."

​Commando Subaltern at War by Lt W.G. Jenkins DSO
London Gazettes Supp. 36903, page 518.


LCpl. Severn SBS
LCpl. Severn, 11 Commando, was killed at sea whilst attached to the SBS. He received a posthumous MiD "in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East."
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36065, page 2870.)

SMALLEY, Christopher John

Lt Smalley was killed during the raid at St Nazaire. He was one of the commando contingent on HMS Campbeltown and OIC of a demolition team.
He was awarded a posthumous MiD for "gallant and distinguished services in action against the enemy during the raid."
(Source: LG Publication date: 3 July 1945; Supplement: 37162; Page: 3494.)


Gnr. Smith died of wounds during operations at Normandy on DDay. He received a posthumous MiD for "gallant and distinguished services in Normandy."
(Source: CWGC and London Gazettes Supp. 36720, page 4474.)

STACPOOLE, Derick Roderick de

Maj. de Stacpoole, 'Y' troop,  was shot and killed during operations at Walcheren.
He had earler been wounded during the Normandy landings rejoining the Commando and taking part in operations at Dozule in August.
(Source: D Day Commando - From Normandy to the Maas with 48RM Commando by Ken Ford.)
Lt (Acting Major) de Stacpoole received a MiD for " good service while operating with 21st Army Group."

STOCKLEY, Gordon Herbert

Lieut. Colonel Gordon Stockley died whilst serving at RMB Eastney.
He had previously served as officer commanding 44 RM Commando from December 1944 to June 1945.  In 1945 the then Captain ( acting Lieut. Colonel)  Stockwell received a mention in dispatches for gallant and distinguished service whilst attached to the Allied Land Forces, South East Asia.
[Sources: London Gazettes supp. 37318, page 5181 & rank amended in supp. 37346 page 5532.]

SUTHERLAND, David (Lt Col)

(The following is from the Times obituary.)
LIEUTENANT David Sutherland and Royal Marine John Duggan were the only two to return from Operation “Anglo”, a raid on the Italian-occupied island of Rhodes by the Special Boat Service in September 1942. The SBS team was pursued relentlessly; it had attacked two airfields and destroyed aircraft positioned to support Rommel’s threatened advance on Cairo and to bomb supply convoys to beleaguered Malta. 


Private Robert Thomson 2 Commando

Private Robert Thomson, 2 troop, was one of the commando contingent on board ML 262 during the St Nazaire Raid [1]. He received a MiD for his gallant and distinguished services in action against the enemy during the raid [2].


Acting RSM Tierney was killed during operations at Salerno, this date being that of the action in the valley south of La Molina and the nearby hills close to Vietri.
He received a postumous MiD "For gallantry and undaunted devotion to duty in leading a successful counter-attack against a strongly held enemy position in Italy. He did not return from the attack. " 

TINNION, Bradley

Bdr Brad Tinnion SAS
Bdr. Bradley Tinnion, formerly 29 Commando RA, was killed serving with the SAS having left the Commando in 1998.  He suffered fatal wounds when he was hit by machine gun fire as he helped rescue and evacuate six Army hostages out of the jungle in Sierra Leone. He received a posthumous MiD. [Award: London Gazettes Supp. 56168, page 4246.]

TREVOR, Kenneth Rowland Swetenham (Lt Col )

Officer Commanding No 1 Commando 1943 - 1945.
Ken Trevor joined No 1 Commando in 1941.  As Captain of 1 troop in 1942 he took part in a raid at St Cecily Plage  and the later Operation Torch landings. He received a Mention in Despatches in N. Africa. He took over command of No 1 Commando from his cousin Tom Trevor when the Commando sailed to India in 1943. During the campaign in Burma he was awarded the DSO for gallant and distinguished services.


Cpl. Tugwell was killed during operations in Italy. At the time of his death his Commando were engaged in fighting at Monte Ornito and Monte Faito, Italy.
He receieved a MiD for "outstanding service whilst operating with the Allied Armies in Italy." (Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36903, page 518.)

WAKEFIELD, Edward Roger

Captain Edward Wakefield was killed whilst attached to 2 Special Service Brigade during an operation involving Nos. 40 and 43RM Commando and Partisan forces, against German forces on the island of Brac.
He received a posthumous Mention in Despatches in 1945. 
[Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36886, page 337.]

WEBB, Gordon Geoffrey Henry

Capt Gordon Webb MC 4 Commando
Gordon Webb was called up for military service as a Gunner in the Royal Artillery on the 9th September 1939. [1]  However in 1936 at Trinity College he had completed the requirements  necessary for the Officers Training Corps and was therefore eligible for consideration for a commission which he received. [2]

WRAY, Peter Francis Hugh

Lieut. Wray was killed during operations at Salerno, this date being that of the action on the hills by the village of Piegolelle (or Piegolette in English.)

He received a MiD for "distinguished services in Sicily."​​
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36454, page1557.)


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