O'FLAHERTY, Denis William Venables Patrick

Lieutenant (later Brigadier)
3 Commando
'29 Commando Regiment RA'
Royal Artillery
Thursday, October 28, 1920
Died : 
March, 1980
Denis William Venables Patrick O'Flaherty
Brigadier O'Flaherty
Lieutenant Denis O'Flaherty, No. 3 Commando 6 troop, was appointed DSO in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in successful combined operations against the enemy at Vaagso and Maaloy on December 27th 1941 [1]. He additionally received a Mention in Despatches during this operation [1].
Lt. O'Flaherty was severely wounded during the operation, being shot in his eye, jaw, and neck, after which he was hospitalised for two years [2]
From 6 June 1944 to 26 September 1944 he served as General Staff Officer, 2nd grade (GSO2) (L), Commando Group *
The following year from 1 August 1945 to 1 October 1945 he served as General Staff Officer, 3rd grade (GSO3) (Operations), Commando Group *.
Post war, serving as a Captain in the Royal Artillery, he was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, conferred by the President of the United States of America, in recognition of gallant and distinguished services during the operations by the United Nations in Korea [3]. He had been attached to the US Army 116 Field Battery, and 45 Field Regiment RA in Korea *.
4 July 1951 to 1 July 1952 General Staff Officer, 3rd grade (GSO3), General HQ Far East Land Forces *.
4 November 1952 promoted Major (Royal Artillery) [4].
17 February 1955 to 21 February 1957 Brigade Major, Royal Artillery...Infantry Division *.
6 September 1961 promoted Lt. Colonel [5].
1962 appointed the first Commanding Officer of 29 Commando Regiment RA [6].
30 November 1963 to February 1967 College Commander, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst *.
24 February 1967 promoted Colonel [7].
31 December 1968 promoted Brigadier [8].
14 June 1975 appointed C.B.E. (Military Division) [9].
10 December 1975 Brigadier D. W. V. P. O'Flaherty, C.B.E., D.S.O. retired [10].
Brigadier O'Flaherty, C.B.E., D.SO., died in March 1980 at the age of 59. 
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* Additional details of service posted on CVA Forum by Captain Geoff Murray, former National Secretary Commando Veterans Association
In the obituaries column of Commando Association newsletter 71 issued September 1980 it records that his last rank in the WW2 Commandos was Major (this would be a temporary rank) and that he also served at some stage in the Holding Operational Commando.

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