A partial nominal roll for Dieppe

The following list contain the names, ranks and numbers of the officers and men of No4 Commando who participated. It also includes some from No 10 (IA) Commando Free French  and 'X' troop, and others including some US Rangers, who were attached to the Commandos for the raid.
It does not contain those from No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such full list of names has been found. 
Below is a transcript of the introduction by the author of the original list that was compiled for No 4 Commando. 
Some amendments and additions have been made by this Archive since then.
"The list is the result of well over three years research and was begun solely because no record of the names of those involved in the action existed. Somewhere in the region of five hundred letters were sent to newspapers here in the UK, then Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The ensuing response was very good; contact was made with at least ninety Commandos as well as next of kin of those who are no longer with us. Each contributed with names of those they could recall as having been with No 4 Commando at Varengeville. 
A number of names of those involved were already documented, the remainder, some two hundred names are the product of a consensus of opinion among the Commandos who were contacted. However, I wish to point out that opinions were not always unanimous; this was, quite naturally, to be expected but eventually sheer volume of opinion allied to personal memories persuaded me that the names submitted were clearly the names of those who were involved in Operation Cauldron.
The men of No 4 Commando were asked to delve deeply into their memories and recall an event that occurred forty eight years ago, this could not have been easy, their response was excellent and the rapport and teamwork which quickly materialised between us had to be experienced to be understood. Men whom I had never met became companions in the task, their constant message of advice and encouragements became the spur which enabled me to continue with what, at time was a frustrating task. 
I can but once again thank each and every one of these Commandos for their inestimable assistance. 
At the risk of being considered invidious I must mention the name of one person without whose help this list could not have been completed with accuracy and attention to detail such as numbers and regiments Etc. The General Secretary of the Commando Association Mr Ron Youngman proved to be a tower of strength, his patience and goodwill in the face of my interminable enquiries was exemplary. 
Finally, I accept full responsibility for any errors but as Queen Victoria once remarked "History is not what actually happened but what you believe happened?" Thus, I believe that within these pages are the names of all the men who fought and died at Varengeville. 
E.W. Jones 
Rhosllanerchrugog, Nr Wrexham, Clwyd. July 1990. "

Dieppe Roll of Honour

Partial Nominal Roll for Dieppe
Officers of No 4 Commando: Operation Cauldron

nb. All awards shown are those held on August 19th 1942. 
NCOs and other ranks of No 4 Commando: Operation Cauldron
Varengeville August 19th 1942.
5183147 Sgt. W. Adlam.
3249930 L/Cpl. Aitken J. Camerons
6918457 Pte. Allan W. S. Staffs.
T/71345 Sgt. Allsop W. R.A.S.C.
7017211 Rfn. Anderson R.J. R.U.R.
3965128 Pte. Andrews V.W. Welch Rgt.
Sgt. Austin A. R.A.
3319294 Pte. Bagdonas E. H.L.I.
3445730 Pte. Banks A. Lancs. Fus.
5345368 Pte. Barnes W. R. Berks.
7662631 Fus. Barnett G. R. Fus.
5382464 Pte. Bateman L. Ox & Bucks.
5389646 Cpl. Batty R. Ox & Bucks.
7901939 Sgt. Bend F. R.A.C.
7013529 Cpl. Birmingham C. R.U.R.
5674696 L/Cpl. J. Bishop 
6905806 Cpl. Blunden G. Rifle Brigade
3187064 Pte. Bowskill W. K.O.S.B.
6980161 Fus. Boyd J.M. R. Irish Fus.
5389958 Pte. Bradbury G. Ox & Bucks.
6297735 Pte. Bradshaw S. Buffs.
4206261 Fus. Bramwell T. R.W.F.
5619678 Pte. Brooking A. 
3134093 Pte. Bryne C.W. Borders.
6292500 Pte. Burnett J. Buffs.
3317331 Pte. Burrell J. H.L.I.
6087599 Fus. Burrows P. R. Fus.
4346042 Pte. Burrows C. East Yorks.
2719257 Gdsm. Byrne P.J. Irish Guards
3313393 Pte. Campbell T. H.L.I.
3194284 Pte. Carlin J. K.O.S.B.
2618377 Gdsm. Chamberlain P. GrenadierGrds
53811205 Tsm. Chattaway L. Ox & Bucks.
6850530 L/Cpl. J. Chitty. 
5880377 Pte. Clark M. Buffs.
6028720 Pte. Clement D.R. Suffolks.
5186173 L/Cpl. Cleveley E. Glosters.
2619831 Gdsm. Clewes J.D. GrenadierGrds
206488 Fus. Cook G. R.W.F.
6292556 Pte. Coote A. Buffs.
3248703 Pte. Craig G. Camerons.
4036812 Sgt. Cross E.W. K.S.L.I.
5953035 Pte. J. Dale. 
868384 Gnr. Davies B.K. R.A.
734604 Gdsm. Dennis A. Welsh Guards.
6340886 Sgt. Desmond M. R. West Kents
6291999 L/Cpl. Diplock A. Buffs.
4914037 Sgt. Dobbs A. S. Staffs.
4914036 Pte. Dobbs C. S. Staffs.
3962136 Pte. Doubler C.A. Welch Rgt.
364981 Pte. H. Donkin.
6293173 Pte Duhig J. Buffs.
7893672 TSM. J. Dunning. 
3673408 Pte. Elliot G. Somerset L.I.
4031772 Sgt. Evans J. K.S.L.I.
889636 Gnr. Evans H. R.A.
5957221 Pte. Farnborough F. Beds & Herts.
7903742 Tpr. Finney W. R.A.C.
3858160 L/Cpl. Fletcher A. Loyals.
5342083 L/Cpl. Flowers D. R. Berks.
3199275 L/Cpl. Flynn J. K.O.S.B.
S/7896 Cpl. Ford V.E. R.A.S.C.
5347572 Pte. Fraser E.L. R. Berks.
2737968 Gdsm. Fraser L.J.E. WelshGds.
214506 Pte. P.L. Fussell
L/Sgt. Garnett C.V. R.A.S.C.
3854009 Pte. W.O. Garthwaite
5111581 Pte. S. Goff.
6145770 L/Cpl. F.M. Gooch 
3969776 Pte. Grace G. Welch Rgt.
4350446 Cpl. Graham G. E. Yorks.
2619786 Cpl. Grocock W. Gren.Grds
Sgt. Halliday J. R.A.
876901 Gnr. Halmshaw A. R.A.
5186589 Sgt. Ham F. Glosters.
Gnr. Hampton H. H.A.C.
3861617 L/Cpl. Hampton G. Loyals.
3601406 Pte. G.F. Harris. 
837194 Gnr. W. Harvey
3965370 Sgt. Heaynes L. Welch Rgt.
5344513 L/Cpl. E.PH. Heckman 
7010953 Rfn. Heggarty J. R.U.R.
7264010 Cpl. Henry A. R.A.M.C.
2931557 Pte. Hesketh G. Liverpool Scottish
3534999 Pte. Hibbert J. Loyals
2735047 Gdsm. Hill S. Welsh Guards
2077980 Cpl. Hinton M. R.E.
2619941 Gdsm. Hodgson T. Gren.Grds
6478881 Pte. D.S. Hoodless. 
6297771 Pte. O. Hooper. 
5118341 Pte. Horne F.J. S. Staffs.
5948229 Sgt. Horne G. Beds & Herts.
889681 Bdr. Howat G. R.A.
2734873 Gdsm. Howells G.T. Welsh Guards.
5111985 Sig. Hughes C.J. R. Warwicks.
2927941 Cpl. Hughes A.H. S. Lancs.
2621891 Gdsm. Humphreys H. GrenadierGrds
2620946 Gdsm. Hurd A.E. GrenadierGrds
4983150 Pte. Hydes F. Sherwood Foresters
4337783 Pte. Ibbotson J. E. Yorks.
1398027 Gnr. H.G. Ivison
5111228 L/Cpl. Jackson J. R. Warwicks.
915014 L/Cpl. Johnson F.C. R.A.
5110959 L/Cpl. Johnson J. R. Warwicks.
79055832 L/Cpl. Jones G.E. R.T.R.
6849921 Pte. Kealy T. J. K.R.R.C.
7012717 Rfn. J. Keenan
4694937 Pte. Keighley J. K.O.Y.L.I.
3968414 Pte. Kendall G. R. Warwicks.
5336379 Pte. Kendrick P.G. R. Berks
5781656 Sgt Kennedy S. R. Norfolks.
2073019 Spr. Kennett K.C.
3864762 Pte. Kerr R. Loyals.
2620144 Gdsmn. King C. Gren.Grds
6297700 Pte. Knowles M. Buffs.
3604647 Pte. Lane J.E. Borders.
2765791 L/Cpl. D. Laing. 
5675016 Sgt. Langlands G. Somerset L.I.
3968864 Pte. Lansley F. R. Warwicks.
884501 L/Bdr. Larment H. R.A.
4546257 Pte. Leach C. W. Yorks.
3970069 Sgt. Lewis E.J. Welch Rgt.
5494647 Pte. Le Maitre W. Hampshires.
6291391 Cpl. Lilley J. Buffs.
2073383 Sgt. Lillicoe R.E. R.E.
4345289 Sgt. Lindley H. E. Yorks.
5730322 L/Cpl. Long E. Dorsets.
2733639 L/Cpl. Lloyd C.L. Welsh Guards.
2929634 Gnr. MacAulay A R.A.
5344652 L/Cpl. Mann R. R. Berks.
2614151 Gdsm. Marchant J. GrenadierGrds
5435059 Pte. Martyn L.S. D.C.L.I.
2621497 Gdsm. Marshall E. GrenadierGrds
26199554 Gdsm. Marshall R. GrenadierGrds
4350439 Pte. Mather B. E. Yorks.
10503256 Gnr. F. Maund.
5111136 Pte. May J. R. Warwicks.
2621526 Gdsm. J. Maybury. 
3775704 L/Sgt. McCarthy F. Kings Rgt.
9426250 Gnr. McCartney J. R.A.
828757 Gnr. McCormack J. R.A.
3310783 Pte. McDermott J. H.L.I.
4390628 Gnr. McDonic J. Green Howards.
2198211 Gnr. McDonough T. R.A.
3653925 Pte. S. McGann. 
3778700 Pte. McGlory J. Kings Rgt.
7516695 Pte. McLean J. R.A.M.C.
5341993 Pte. McLoughlin W.J. R. Berks.
3853876 Cpl. P. McVeigh. 
2693943 Pte. Mellis J. Lovat Scouts
3773037 L/Cpl. D.T. Mercer. 
7902963 L/Cpl. Middleton F. R.A.C.
3777204 L/Cpl. A. Mills 
2661694 Gdsm. Moore J.O. Coldstream Gds
7878047 Rsm. Morris W. R.A.C.
3850897 Pte. J. Moss 
3771020 Pte. Mullaniff J. R.A.C.
2075499 L/Cpl. B.J. Mullen. 
2721240 Gdsm. Moloughney J. Irish Guards.
5123514 Cpl. Nankivell J. R. Warwicks.
3189059 Pte. J. Notman 
805120 Gnr. Norris A. R.A.
5112028 Pte. O'Connor D.N., R. Warwicks
3319042 Pte. O'Donnell R. H.L.I.
5835286 Pte. R.W. Ong
2718837 Gdsm. Orr J. Irish Guards.
5111978 Pte. Overbury T. R Warwicks.
5342934 Pte. Paget E. R. Berks.
7597121 Pte. Pardoe D. S. Staffs.
3709917 Pte. J. Park. 
7262386 Pte. Pasquale Jim. R.A.M.C.
7359503 Pte. Pasquale Joe. 
5618281 Pte. Patey F.S. Devons.
843165 Pte. Payne W. R.A.
1427522 Bdr. Pike H.J. R.A.
1870112 Sgt. I. Portman
2617353 Gdsm. Powell J. GrenadierGrds
5110316 Pte. Price J.E.D. R. Warwicks.
947113 Gnr. Price J. R.A.
3970880 Pte. Richards N. Welch Rgt.
4469318 Pte. Richards T. Durham L.I.
7013052 Rfn. Rogers W. R.U.R.
3600232 Pte. Rudd R. Borders.
11000189 Pte. Ruskin L.J. R.A.
Gnr. Ryan F.J. R.A.
7386392 L/Cpl. G. Scanlon. 
6850526 Rfn. Seal A. K.R.R.C.
6142679 L/Cpl. Sellars W. E. Surreys.
855693 Bdr. Shailes R. R.A. (*added 27/2/13 originally wrongly entered as Swailes)
6144649 L/Cpl. J.C. Skerry. 
5672383 L/Cpl. Skinner B. R. Berks.
2616557 Gdsm. Smith S.R. GrenadierGrds
T/99352 L/Cpl. Smith E.A. R.A.S.C.
3188233 Pte. Somers J. K.O.S.B.
2616669 Cpl. Spearman W.J. GrenadierGrds
6910706 Tsm. W.R. Stockdale. 
4347101 Pte. G.H. Sutton 
6291136 Pte. Swailes G. Buffs. (*not on the raid - see entry for Shailes)
4038517 Pte. Swinson T. K.S.L.I.
815495 Gnr. T. Taylor. 
6297957 Pte. Tilly S.V. Buffs.
2615853 Gdsm. Tombs P.G. GrenadierGrds
2586214 Sig. G.A. Tucker
7903221 Tpr. Thompson J. R.A.C.
5343090 Pte. Vestey J. Worcesters.
Spr. Vickers G. R.E.
180262 L/Cpl. Vowles G. R.A.S.C.
6291393 Pte. Waddington C. Buffs.
3657617 Pte. A. Walker. 
889072 L/Cpl. Wall D. R.A.
8835093 Cpl. Wallace J. Suffolks.
7014930 Rfn. Wallis F. R.U.R.
4346253 L/Cpl. Walsh J.W. E. Yorks.
2620747 Gdsm. Walters K. GrenadierGrds
5946788 Sgt. Watkins S. Beds & Herts. *(initials should read A.W.B. not S. (RY)
7012390 Rfn. J. Watters 
53365587 Pte. Webb D.H. R. Berks.
2619850 Gdsm. Webster L.G. GrenadierGrds
5958490 Pte. Wells P. Beds & Herts.
5387562 L/Cpl. J. Whatley 
3387224 Sgt. Wharf J. E. Lancs.
2620598 Gdsm. J. Whitaker 
5831129 Pte. White M. Suffolks.
5338629 Pte. Whitling W. R. Berks.
6009739 TSM. C. Williams
7903178 Cpl. Woodward L. R.A.C.
5388317 Sig. Woodyer K. Ox & Bucks L.I. 
1st US Ranger Battalion 
6 Officers and 44 enlisted men particpated in the raid with No. 3 and  No. 4  Commando, and the 2nd Canadian Division. 
Capt. Roy A. Murray/Texas 
1st Lt. Leonard F. Dirks/Iowa
1st Lt. Robert Flanagan/Washington
2Lt. Edward V. Loustalot/Lousiana
2Lt. Joseph H. Randall/DCo/Washington DC
2Lt. Charles M. Shunstrom/New Jersey
Sgt. Harold R. Adams/A Co/Iowa
Sgt. Mervin T. Heacock/A Co/Minnesota
T/5 Joe C. Phillips/A Co/Kentucky
Pfc. Howard T. Hedenstad/A Co/S.Dakota
Pfc. James C. Mosely/A Co/Arkansas 
Pfc. Erwin J. Moger/A Co/Minnesota
Sgt. Lloyd N. Church/A Co/Iowa
S/Sgt. Merritt M. Bertholf/B Co/Minnesota
Sgt. Albert T. Jacobsen/B Co/Iowa
Pfc. Walter A. Bresnahan/B Co/Minnesota
Pfc. Edwin R. Ferru/B Co/Minnesota
Pfc. William E. Lienhas/B Co/Pennsylvania
Pfc. Donald L. Hayes/B Co/Iowa
Sgt. John J. Knapp/C Co/Nebraska
Sgt. Dick Sellers/C Co/Iowa
T/5 John H. Smith/C Co/Pennsylvania
Pfc. James O. Edwards/C Co/Pennsylvania
Pfc. Charles F. Grant/C Co/Tennessee
Cpl. William R. Brady/C Co/Texas
Pfc. Donald G Johnson/C Co/N Dakota
Sgt. Kenneth G Kenyon/C Co/Minnesota
S/Sgt. Gino Mercuriali/D Co/Iowa
Sgt. Marvin L. Kavanaugh/DCo/Georgia 
T/4 Howard M. Henry
T/5 William S. Brinkley/D Co/Indiana
T/5 Michael Kerecman/D Co/Ohio
Pfc. William S. Girdley/D Co/KIA/Indiana
Pvt. Jacque M. Nixon/D Co/Arkansas
Cpl. Franklin M. Koons/D Co/Iowa
S/Sgt. Lester E. Kness/E Co/Iowa
Sgt. Theodore Q. Butts/E Co/Minnesota
Pfc. Clare P. Bietel/E Co/Iowa
Pfc. Charles R. Coy/E Co/Iowa
Pfc. Charles Reilly/E Co/New York
Pfc. Owen E. Sweazey/E Co/Indiana
Sgt. Edwin C. Thompson/F Co/Iowa
Pfc. Howard W. Andre/F Co/Penn
Pfc. Stanley Bush/F Co/Michigan
Pfc. Pete M. Preston/F Co/West Virginia
Pvt. Don A. Earwood/F Co/Iowa
Sgt. Tom Sorby/F Co/Minnesota
S/Sgt. Kenneth D. Stempson/HQ/Minn
Sgt. Marcell G Swank/HQ
Sgt. Alex J Szima/HQ/Florida
[Source: 1st Ranger Bn. War Diary and History http://www.wwiirangers.com]
10 (IA) Commando Free French attd to No 4 Commando
Cpl. Taverne.
Fus. R. Rabouhans.
10(IA) Commando Free French attached to Canadian Forces
The following are recorded in the 10 (IA) Commando War Diary as being attached to the Canadians at Dieppe. (Source ref. War Diary, DEFE 2/45 , dated 19/8/1942.)(Information not on the original list - added 1st May 2017.)
Lt. Vourch
Pte. Loverini
Pte. Simon
Pte. Jean
Pte. Borettini
Pte. Tanniou.
10(IA) Commando Free French attached to No 3 Commando
The following are recorded in the 10 (IA) Commando War Diary as being attached to No 3 Commando at Dieppe. (Source ref. War Diary, DEFE 2/45 , dated 19/8/1942.)(Information not on the original list - added 1st May 2017.)
Sgt. De Wandelaer.
Cpl. Cesar
Cpl. Ropert
Cpl. Errard
10(IA) Commando 'X' troop at Dieppe
The following are recorded in the 10 (IA) Commando War Diary as participating at Dieppe. (Source ref. War Diary, DEFE 2/45 , dated 19/8/1942.)(Information not on the original list - added 1st May 2017.)
Pte. Latimer (birth name Maurice Lewy)
Pte. Platt
Two signallers of the South Saskatchewan Regiment were landed on Orange One Beach with No 4 Commando 'C' Troop.
Their task was to provide a lateral link between the two units, the other unit being the Canadians who landed at 'Green Beach' Pourville. 
Pte. Michael Faille.
Pte. Paul J. Karesa. 
Three men from the 'Phantom' group of signallers were also at Orange Beach One.
Capt. A.R.M. Sedgwick. R.T.R
Tpr. B. Randell. The Royal Scots.
Fus. C. King. The Royal Fusiliers. 

Military decorations for Operation Cauldron.
Capt. P.A. Porteous. The Victoria Cross. 
Lt. Col. The Lord Lovat MC. Distinguished Service Order.
Major. D Mills-Roberts. Military Cross.
Capt. G.G.H. Webb. Bar to Military Cross.
Capt. B.W.S. Boucher Myers. Mention in Despatches.
Lieut. D.C.W. Style. Military Cross.
Lieut. J. Ennis. Mention in Despatches.
Tsm. W.R. Stockdale. Distinguished Conduct Medal.
Sgt. I. Portman. Military Medal.
Sgt. P. F McCarthy. Military Medal.
Cpl. C. Blunden. Military Medal.
L/Cpl. R Mann. Military Medal.
L/Cpl. J.C. Skerry. Mention in Despatches.
Tpr. W. Finney Military Medal.
Gnr. T. McDonough. Military Medal.
Pte. F.J. Horne. Mention in Despatches.
Pte. J. Dale. Mention in Despatches.
Sgt. F. Baloche, Military Medal ( 10(IA) Cdo Free French attd. No 4 Cdo) 
Cpl. F.M. Koons Military Medal (American Rangers Detachment) 
The following Commandos were taken prisoner
Pte. G. Cook. F Troop.
L/Cpl. A. Diplock. A Troop.
Pte. C.A. Doublair. A Troop.
Sgt. G. Horne. F Troop.
Gnr. G.H. Iveson. B Troop.
Pte. Jim Pasquale. HQ
Pte. W. Rogers. A Troop.
L/Cpl. G. Vowles. F Troop. 
The names of the four German prisoners brought back to the UK
Bronislaw Wesierski.
Max Kussowski.
Otto Samuelowitch.
Leo Marsiniak.
nb. The above does not contain those from No 3 Commando and 40RM Commando as no such list of names has been found.

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