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Personnel MORGAN, Francis Cecil
Personnel DE NOBRIGA, Derek John
Personnel TATE, Albert Seaton
Book page Obituaries D - G
Personnel SHAMS, Dean
Book page Died in service 1980 - 2017
Personnel PARKER, James Frankland
Personnel PEEBLES, John Alan Laing
Personnel GRIEVE, John Fletcher
Personnel WATSON, Alexander G.
Personnel CAMPBELL, Kenneth Norman
Personnel MCCARDLE, Eoghan Tom
Personnel COLDRON, Brian Rasen
Personnel ELLIOTT, Victor John Robert
Personnel O'NEILL, Michael John
Personnel FARRAGHER, Kieran Joseph
Book page Died in service 1946 - 1979
Personnel RUSSELL, Philip Alan
Personnel POWELL, Adrian Mark
Personnel WRIGHT, Barry Robert
Personnel WILL, Douglas Leslie
Personnel SMALL, Michael John
Personnel SEARIGHT, Nicholas Michael Charney
Personnel WALSH, J
Book page 59 Independent Commando Sqn. RE


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