No 7 Commando Nominal P - Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 7 Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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Palmer R G Pte 5437449   Duke Of Cornwalls LI
Parker W H L/Cpl 1877757   R E
Passmore Donald Percy Lt 105317   Northamptonshires
Paternoster Harry Pte 5827448   Suffolks
Patterson   Pte      
Payde   Lt     Dorset Regt
Payne R M Gnr 896888   Royal Artillery
Pearson W C Sgt 5825220   Suffolks
Peters A T Pte 5952655   Beds & Herts
Petrie D Cpl 3313425   Highland Light Inf
Pettiward   Lt     Beds & Herts
Phillips A Pte 5107891   Royal Warwicks
Phillips Donald Pte 5498990   Hamps/ME Cdo/L Det/ SRS/ 1SAS executed
Phillips Terry Sgt      
Phipps T R Cpl 2931001   Liverpool Scottish
Pickavance G Pte 5676596   Somerset Light Inf
Porter L E Tpr 405323   Dragoons
Preece B L Gnr 2044484   Royal Artillery
Pryde Douglas Freddie L/Cpl     Norfolks
Quarrie R C M Lt 94826   West Yorks
Quillin Douglas, Gordon Sgt      
Radley H J Pte 5728600   Dorsets
Raeside B R Sgt 898968   Royal Artillery
Ratcliffe   Lt      
Rayner R A Cpl 5381593   Ox & Bucks Light Inf
Read F E Pte 5673603   Somerset Light Inf
Redwood Albert C Sgt 5727778   Dorsets
Redwood J Pte      
Reed Robert Middleton L/Sgt 913675   Royal Artillery
Rees George        
Reeves F S Sgt 2079933   R E
Regan W Gnr 882766   Royal Artillery
Rice Leo Gerard Pte 5955044   Beds &Herts/ ME Cdo/ 1st SAS / SBS / executed
Richards Branson Capt 108195 MiD Royal Berks
Richardson P L L/Bdr 908596   Royal Artillery
Richie   Pte      
Roberts J Cpl 3648905   South Lancs
Roberts   Pte      
Robertson W Pte 3055828   Royal Scots
Robinson J W Pte 166871   RASC
Rodger T B W Cpl 2924891   R E
Rose H E G Pte 5827498   Cambridgeshires
Rowton M B Lt      
Royle W M 2nd Lt     Dorsets
Ruggles-Brise G E Capt 62117   Royal Artillery
Russell F J Pte 5572601   Wiltshires
Samuels   Lt     Devon Regt
Savage A C M Capt 63567   Queens
Scott E Pte 3251748   Cameronians
Seekings A R Pte 5933155   Cambridgeshires
Shailes Richard Pte      
Sharples   L/Cpl     R A S C
Shawyer H A Pte 5502080   Hants
Sheridan George Austine Michael Cpl 5502361   Hants
Sibley N M Pte 5503842   Hants
Sidell   Sgt      
Simmonds Frederick John L/Sgt 7584420   South Staffs
Simpson A C L/Bdr 946847   Royal Artillery
Simpson D L/Cpl 3310206   Highland Light Inf
Simpson W H J Cpl 6008410   Suffolks
Simpson   Sgt 4387898   Royal Artillery
Skelton H Pte 3248925   Cameronians
Smethhurst H L/Cpl 7907192   Rac
Smith E W L/Bdr 909986   Royal Artillery
Smith G Sgt 899291   Royal Artillery
Smith Lawrence George  Sgt 316217   RAC
Smith T B G Pte 3058615   Cameronians
Smith W H L/Bdr 904285   Royal Artillery
Smith W J Pte 5726899   Dorsets
Sneesby E Pte 67473   RASC
Snelson Cyril L/Cpl 3655291   South Lancs
Speckley W Pte 5830134   Green Howards
Spencer Frederick Gnr     Royal Artillery
Stamper Sidney L/Cpl 3060120   Royal Scots
Stannack L Spr 1890170   R E
Staples J Sgt     RASC
Steele   Sgt      
Steinks R F Cpl 6207800   Middlesex Regt (PLKR)
Stelson   Lcpl 3655291   South Lancs
Stevenson   Cpl      
Stewart C Sgt 2979811   Highland Light Inf
Still Edgar Thomas L/Cpl 5572401   Wiltshires
Stretford M F Pte 5950066   Beds & Herts
Suffler G L/Cpl 3777098   Kings
Sullivan N T L/Cpl 4618047   East Yorks
Sutherland G M Gnr 1517018   Royal Artillery
Tait   Sgt      
Taylor J M Cpl T/71576   RASC
Taylor P V C L/Cpl 5111406   Royal Warwicks
Taylor W E Pte 5505898   Hants
Thirkill-While   Lt      
Thomas J S Pte 3319284   Highland Light Inf
Thomas Leslie Pte      
Thompson A Pte 3771992   Kings
Thow Henry B Bdr 897673   Royal Artillery
Tocher A Sgt 2873733   R.A.C.
Todhunter   Maj     Royal Artillery
Totman B W Pte 6021180   Suffolks
Trapnell A H Pte 5379599   Ox & Bucks Light Inf
Travis F L/Cpl 328067   R.A.C.
Trenfield F C Pte 5383884   Ox & Bucks Light Inf
Turney E L Cpl 6199216   East Surreys
Vaughan Charles Edward Capt (Lt Col) 142142 OBE R E Kent (The Buffs)
Walker   L/Cpl      
Wall   Pte     Liverpool Scottish
Walsh P J Bdr 786833   Royal Artillery
Wand-Tetley Peter Michael Lt   OBE, MC  
Ward A G Pte 5951286   Beds & Herts
Ward D J Sgt 3765469   Kings
Waugh Arthur Evelyn St. John Lt     Royal Marines
Westburg C Cpl 320584   Lancers
Westwater Alexander Gnr 876932 DCM Royal Artillery
Whaley J Cpl 5950224   Beds & Herts
Wheeler   Cpl      
White H Pte 154976   RASC / 'L' Detachment SAS
Williams C W Cqms 5107882   Royal Warwicks
Williamson C Pte     Highland Light Inf
Wilson Peter L/Bdr 947129   Royal Artillery
Winterbottam S J L/Cpl 2574005   RASC
Wintle Arthur Sgt      
Wooding F R Pte 5572396   Wiltshires
Wylie D L/Cpl 5502007   Hants
Wylie, DSO,MBE Kenneth, Neil Major 51356   R E
Zeylmans   Lt      

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