No.11 Commando Nominal I-O

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 11 Commando.

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CA followed by a number = entry in a Commando Association newsletter.
LL followed by a number = entry in Commando Association Lost Legion List.
CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
WO = War Office file at the National Archives
Inglis Robert Maj     RAMC
Ingliss R Lt     A&SH
Innes J L/Cpl 2932101   QOCH
Irons A J L/Cpj      
Irons Terry Cpl      
Irvine T Pte      
Jackson   L/Cpl     RAMC
James C Dennis Fus      
Jennings Mark Tpr 328631   RAC
Johnson William, Gallacher Sgt 3310706    Highland Light Infantry P.O.W. 248352
Johnson   Capt     Highland Light Infantry
Johnston Robert Cpl 2931826   QOCH
Johnstone Bill        
Jones Charles Ernest Tpr     Staffs Yeomanry; RAC
Jones Douglas, Idris Sgt     (CA25, 26, 94)
Jones Ginger        
Jones Harold Cpl 550620   2nd Dragoons, R Scots Greys, RAC
Josling Francis 'Frank' Gnr     Royal Artillery
Judge F Pte     QOCH
Kaim Paddy        
Kearney Joseph 'Joe' Bdr     Royal Artillery
Kearney H Cpl      
Keith Douglas Pte     Gordon Highlanders
Kelly Tom 'Pat' Gnr     Royal Artillery
Kennedy Davie        
Kent Pat        
Keyes G C T Lt Col   VC. MC 2nd Dragoons, R Scots Greys, RAC
Killops Blondie        
Kilpatrick Jimmy        
King Ernest Taylor L/Cpl     Lincolnshire Regt
Kinghorn Robert Pte 2884403   Gordon Highlanders
Kirk D Pte     QOCH
Knight Denis H. Lt      
Knight-Hall Ian, Cunningham       & 9 Cdo, OCTU 1942 / CA92
Lamont         Highland Light Infantry
Lancaster Bill Lt      
Lang John L/Cpl 326577   2nd Dragoons R Scots Greys, RAC
Langton Tommy Lt      
Lappin Jimmy Tpr     QOCH
Lashmar Charles Wilson Capt   MBE  
Laverick   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Lawson James Piper     Gordon Highlanders
Leggatt R 'Cocky' Cpl     QOCH
Lisle George        
Lister Richard Pte 3319075   Highland Light Infantry
Little John Pte     QOCH
Lock Charles Cpl     London Scottish
Lockhart   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Lockyer/Lockier   Cpl      
Longmore A J Pte      
Low Laurie Sgt      
Lyle Doug ('Tich' Pte 2763368   Black Watch
Macarthur Joe        
Macarthur Robert L/Bdr 1455543   Royal Artillery
Macculloch J Sgt     Black Watch
Machen S        
Mackay A L/Cpl     QOCH
Mackay Hughie        
Mackay John S       Seaforth Highlanders
Mackintosh Paul Pte 2930901   QOCH / ME Cdo / 1SSD / PoW escapeee WO208/4260.
Macmillan   Rqms      
Macpherson Ronald Thomas Stewart Capt 90855 MC QOCH
Macquarrie Donald Maclean L/Cpl     Gordon Highlanders
Maher Pat        
Mann Walter        
Marklam John Wilson        
Marshall Walter L/Cpl 329260   Royal Scots Greys
Martin Dougie L/Cpl 2362945   Royal Signals
Martin J F        
Mayne R B 'Paddy' Lt   MiD RUR [att'd Cameronians]
McAdam L        
McArthur T Pte      
McAuley Michael L/Cpl     A&SH
McCormick R        
McCubbin Alec Pte      
McCubbin J Csm     Gordon Highlanders
McCulloch J Sgt     Black Watch RHR
McCunn Robin C Lt     Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
McDiarmid John 'Jock' Pte     Black Watch RHR
McDonald Edward Sgt     QOCH
McDonald Ian H Capt     QOCH
McDonald   L/Cpl      
McGill G Pte      
McGinn (or McGuinn) Cornelius  'Maggie' A/Sgt   MM Army Air Corps
McGonigal Eoin Christopher Lt     RUR [att'd Cameronians]
McGovern Peter Pte 900715   RA/AAC/2SAS executed
McGrory   Sgt      
McGuire John Cpl     QOCH
McKay John (DAISY)  Cpl 2822158   Seaforth Highlanders
McKay Robert Cpl 2928972   QOCH
Mckenzie A Jim Pte      
McKenzie Bill        
McKeown John Pte 2760779   Black Watch RHR
McLeod Alexander Pte 2822451   Seaforths/6Ind Coy/ME Cdo/ SBS/SRS/1SAS executed
McNinch William Matthew Cpl/LSgt     RAC/11Cdo/ME Cdo/1SAS/kia SRS
McSwiggan Daniel L/Cpl      
Mellows Charles H        
Menti Crali       The Wiltshire Regiment
Mgunn         Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Millar   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Miller   Sgt      
Mitchell Len Cpl      
Mitchell Willie        
Mitchell A        
Monaghan G S Cpl     QOCH
More George R M H Capt   MC Royal Engineers
Moretto Tommy        
Morris William Pte     Black Watch
Morrison J D Pte      
Mullen James Cassidy Pte 3325329   Highland Light Infantry
Munro George Sgt 3323555   HLI/ME Cdo/1SAS/kia SBS
Munro Norman        
Murdoch Lindsay Thomas  'Tommy' Capt     10th Hussars
Murphy James Pte 2981807   A&SH
Murray Bob       Highland Light Infantry
Napier B C A 'Charles' Major     Gordon Highlanders
Ness Robert Tpr      
Nicol Charles 'Red or Charlie' Sgt     Gordon Highlanders
Nixon Malvern Pte     R Scots (The Royal Regt)
O'Hagen Terry L/Bdr     Royal Artillery
O'Sullivan William Martin Sgt     Lincolnshire
Oliphant Archibald Johnston L/Bdr     Royal Artillery
Orton John L/Cpl     Seaforth Highlanders

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