No.11 Commando Nominal P-Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 11 Commando.

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CA followed by a number = entry in a Commando Association newsletter.
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CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
WO = War Office file at the National Archives.

Padbury John Cpl 320986   2nd Dragoons RScots Greys RAC
Parnacott Geoffrey Alfred Henry Lt     York And Lancs
Patrick George Pte     Sherwood Foresters
Paxton C H Pte     QOCH
Payne Bill        
Pedder Richard Robert 'Dick' Lt Col 31724   Highland Light Infantry
Peet I F        
Penner Joe Cpl      
Percival   Gnr     Royal Artillery
Phimister J.A. Pte 2934126   QOCH;CasLists;PoW; W.Desert Escape evasion WO208/4266
Plunkett John Fus     R Inniskilling Fus
Pomford Douglas Cpl   MM* South Lancs
Pryde W L/Cpl     QOCH
Pryor   Lt      
Purse Jack L/Cpl 2987094   A&SH
Purvis Johnny Tpr      
Quarrie R G M Capt     West Yorks
Radcliff H        
Ramsay Bruce Major     QOCH
Ravenscroft Trevor Lt      
Read Freddy       Wiltshire Regt
Reid Archie Sgt     Royal Corps Signals
Reynolds Jack Csm     Highland Light Infantry
Richards Charles Geoffrey Lt 126476   Wiltshire Regt
Robb Leslie Pte     Wiltshire Regt
Robertson Andrew Gnr     Royal Artillery
Robinson Don Sgt      
Robinson L T        
Robinson T I Lt     Gordon Highlanders
Robson Fred        
Roft P W Pte      
Rooney Lawrence Pte 4334896   West Yorks
Rutherford Davie       QOCH
Ryan Paddy        
Sadler Fred Gnr      
Sceales James Stewart M. Capt 108213   A&SH
Scott Ernie        
Scott Jim        
Scott S Pte      
Scott Thomas Fields 'Tom' Cpl   GM QOCH
Selby Neil Lt      
Service   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Severn Clive L/Cpl 5887258 MiD Northants Regt
Shanks   L/Cpl      
Shields R F L/Sgt     Coldstream Guards
Short Len Cpl     Highland Light Infantry
Sillars   Capt      
Simpson Andy Pte     Sherwood Forresters
Sinclair Archibald Roy Sgt 3326187   HLI/ME Cdo/SBS/L Det/2SAS kia
Smith Alec        
Smith John Lawson       Seaforth Highlanders
Smith John Rolland Sgt 2986958   A&SH
Smith Peter Gnr     Royal Artillery
Smith         Royal Scots Greys
Southall Jimmy Cpl 5252164   Royal Artillery
Spring Albert Edward Cpl 4805452   Seaforths
Sproat J L/Cpj     QOCH
Sproule Noble Goulding 'Nobby' L/Cpl   MiD Manchesters [att'd Cameronians]
Stables Leslie L/Cpl     Royal Scots
Starling R F        
Startin R F        
Stevenson Thomas I Cpl     A&SH
Stockdale George        
Stock Frederick, 'Rocky' Pte 4804207   Seaforth Highlanders
Storie James 'Jimmy' L/Cpl     Seaforth Highlanders
Stuart Jock        
Styles Alexander Mundie Sig 2584344   Royal Corps Signals
Summers Andy        
Sutherland   Lt     Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
Swanson Jim        
Syme   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Tait Duncan Robert 'Bob') L/Cpl 2888693  MM+bar Gordons (LS) & SAS
Tanner E E Gnr 1684983   Royal Artillery
Taylor   Piper      
Taylor Felix Henry Sgt 826185   Royal Artillery
Tennyson   Sgt      
Terry Jack Sgt   DCM Royal Artillery
Tevendale Lewis Rsm   DCM Gordon Highlanders
Thomas   Tpr     Royal Scots Greys
Thompson Royce Pte     A&SH
Thomson Bob        
Tideswell Norman        
Tie John James William Cpl     A&SH
Titterton Cyril Arthur L/Cpl 3604006   Borders Regt
Turner   Aqms      
Turner   Tpr      
Turton Leslie Tpr      
Valentine R Pte     Gordon Highlanders
Varly Harold        
Varney Frank E Pte     Sherwood Forresters
Waiter Roy       Wiltshire Regiment
Wallace Hugh Cpl     Royal Scots Fusiliers
Walters Reg        
Warburton Kenneth Pte     Seaforth Highlanders
White Frederick Henry Chalky L/Sgt   DCM, MM Loyals
Whiteford Ron        
Whitfield Frank C       Royal Scots Greys
Wilkinson Norman L/Cpl     Royal Scots Greys (CA 100)
Williams Frank       Royal Scots Greys
Williamson   Sgt      
Willis B Sgt     QOCH
Wills H B        
Wilson David Tpr      
Wilson   L/Cpl      
Wood Alec Cpl     QOCH
Wood Alfred Joseph Sgt     R Scots The R Regt attd QOCH
Wood R S       R Scots The R Regt att'd QOCH
Woodnutt Desmond Spr 1894107   Royal Engineers
Woods Noel        
Worrall Frank Gordon Sgt   MM Royal Artillery
Yardley   Dvr      
Young Thomas   4389966   Seaforth Highlanders
Younger Matt        

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