KNOCK, Douglas Alexander

Surgeon Lieutenant
Royal Navy
Sunday, January 14, 1923
Died : 
Wednesday, November 29, 1950
Killed in action or died of wounds
Surg. Lieut. Knock was attached to 41 Independent Commando RM at the time of his death in Korea. He was killed whilst the Commando were engaged in operations with US Forces as part of Taskforce Drysdale, named after their Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Douglas B. Drysdale , heading out from Koto-ri in an attempt to relieve allied forces at Hagaru-ri.  This was during what later became known as the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.
Surg. Lieut. Knock was accompanied during this operation by Leading Sick Berth Attendant Denis Raine who was captured and killed whilst attempting to escape.
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