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BABB, Ronald Benjamin

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Corporal Ronald Babb died [1] in the Korean war during a raid on the night of 6th/7th October, when two troops of the Commando landed under the command of Major D. L. St. M. Aldridge, R.M., at Churonjang.  A rail and road tunnel was blown up with two tons of explosive and completely blocked [2]
Extract from the Western Morning News - Thursday 12 October 1950

BARNES, Charles Ernest

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Sergeant Charles Barnes, 'B' Troop, died during operations at Hodo Pando, Korea. He was part of a raiding party that landed by canoe and were engaged in a daylong firefight. Sergeant Barnes received a Mention in Despatches for gallant and distinguished service with 41 Independent Commando, Royal Marines, in operations in Korea. 

JONES, Peter Raymond

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Marine Peter Jones died [1] during an amphibious operational landing from the USS Perch on the coast above Hungnam and west of Tanchon [2]. This raid was against enemy railway communications North East of Shako [3]

KNOCK, Douglas Alexander

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Surgeon Lieutenant Douglas Knock was attached to 41 Independent Commando RM at the time of his death in Korea. He was killed whilst the Commando were engaged in operations with US Forces as part of Taskforce Drysdale, named after their Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Douglas B. Drysdale , heading out from Koto-ri in an attempt to relieve allied forces at Hagaru-ri.  This was during what later became known as the Battle of Chosin Reservoir.


41 Ind. Cdo. RM

Marine Reuben Nicholls died whilst attempting to escape having been taken Prisoner of War in Korea.

The following entry is from the RMA on their Facebook page

REUBEN NICHOLLS RM, 1925-51 Award of the Elizabeth Cross.

Marine Reuben Nicholls, an Assault Engineer, was taken prisoner by Chinese forces in the Korean War in 1950. On New Years Day 1951 he wrote a letter to his parents. That was the last they heard from him. Over the next three years correspondence from Government Departments variously indicated that he was alive, dead, and died on this or that date.

WYETH, Kenneth

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Marine Kenneth Wyeth died wilst a prisoner of War having been captured during operations at Chosin on the 29th November 1950.
[AFM ROH / Admiralty announcement in The Times published 14th April 1951 / BKVA website]

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