DAVIDSON, Peter Forbes

Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Service number: 
RM 17455
Thursday, April 10, 1941
Died : 
Thursday, February 11, 1965
Died on active service
Sgt. Davidson was accidentally killed after triggering a base camp defensive claymore mine during operations in Borneo.
"Sgt Peter Davidson was killed at his troop location on the 11th February 1965. He joined the unit at Kalabakan, where he carried out reinforcement training before joining 'L' Company, which was then the resident rifle company. Subsequently Sgt Davidson moved with 6 troop to their location on the Serudong River. Although he had only been with us a very short time he impressed everyone with his cheerfulness and was always willing to extend a helping hand to others. He fitted well into our organisation, and although an extremely young SNCO he was an inspiration to all around, many of them his senior in years. His loss is felt very keenly here, and our deepest sympathy goes out to his widow and his family." 
[Source: Obituary in the Globe and Laurel in April 1965]

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