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CLARK, Ian Campbell

Lieutenant Ian Clark died during a cross border operation to Sajingan Besar * in Indonesia. He received a posthumous MiD for distinguished services in support of operations.
The operation, codenamed Lively Cricket,  was against Indonesian forces who had been mortaring the 42 Commando base at Kampung Biawak, in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Also died in this operation
Marine Thomas Collins.

COLLINS, Thomas Joseph

Marine Thomas Joseph Collins 42 Commando
Marine Thomas Collins was shot on Indonesian territory on 16 March 1966, the same day as Lt Clark from L Coy 42 Cdo RM., while taking part in a cross-border operation during “Confrontation”. He was seen to fall but the circumstances of the operation made it impossible to recover his body at the time.

DANELLS, Peter John Godfrey

Corporal Peter Danells 40 Commando
Peter Danells
Corporal Peter Danells died [1] when struck on the temple by a piece of shrapnel during a cross border operation (Op. Claret) in Sarawak [2].  The patrol came under small arms and mortar fire. Peter was hit by mortar bomb shrapnel and was carried back across the border by the section [3].


Corporal John Freemantle was attached to HQ 3 Commando Bde. RM at the time of his death. The Brigade had been involved for several years in the campaign in Indonesia and Borneo. He was originally buried in Ulu Pandan Cemetery Singapore, later cremated, and his ashes returned to the UK. [Source: AFM ROH.]

GENGE, John Thomas Head

Corporal John Genge died of natural causes at British Military Hospital Kamukting. 
Buried at Batu Gajah; later exhumed, Cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK. 
 Malaya Historical group.


Corporal John Henry died during operations in Malaya. His section were ambushed and pinned down in the Cameron Highlands and Cpl. Henry was killed as he went to get ammunition for them. [1]
Buried at Batu Gajah; later exhumed, cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK. [2]
[1] Account of Mne. Sherratt, HQ troop, in the book By Sea and Land, author Robin Neillands.

HOWE, Norman Stanley

Cpl Howe R
Grave of Cpl Howe RM
Corporal Norman Howe died [1] in the British Military Hospital, Singapore [2+3].
He was originally buried at Pasir Penang Cemetery, Singapore.  This cemetery was closed in 1974/5 and the next of kin were given various choices at that time. Cpl. Howe's remains were repatriated to England. His name appears on a Memorial Plaque in the Church of Resurrection in Kuala Kangsar in Malaysia [4].

LAMB, Ernest

Marine Ernest Lamb died of wounds received during operations in Malaya. He was cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and his ashes returned to the UK.

MACKAY, Peter Lewis

Captain Peter Mackay died in Malaya. He was awarded the M.C.,[1] for gallant and distinguished service during an action in which he was shot in the head at Perak Malaya on the 1st May 1951[2]. He died 4 days later [3]. He was leading a charge by his patrol of 11 men against bandit forces firing from a ridge above them [2].


Corporal Michael Marriott died during operations in Sarawak, Borneo.

Extract from the Birmingham Daily Post - Saturday 11 January 1964

Cpl. Michael Marriott. aged 21, whose home is at Langer Lane. Chesterfield, and who was killed in action against Indonesian terrorists in Sarawak on New Year's Day, died gallantly, his parents were told yesterday.

NEVARD, Ernest John

Marine Ernest Nevard was killed when ambushed in a jeep along the Tapah-Chenderiang Road in Perak. 
Also killed was Marine David Charles Keyes [view].
Malaya online Historical Group.
Birmingham Daily Gazette - Saturday 16 September 1950.

ROLLS, Graham

Lieutenant Graham Rolls died in service in Sarawak. Precise details are unknown to this archive.
There is a photo of a plaque in our gallery for those who died in Borneo/Sarawak wnere Lt. Rolls is named.

ROSE, Harry Howard

Marine Harry Rose died in Ipoh General Hospital as a result of an accidental gunshot wound. He was originally buried at Batu Gajah Cemetery but was later exhumed and cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and his ashes returned to the UK.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Malaya Historical Group]

SMITH, Derek

Marine Derek Smith was shot and killed by a Malayan Police Inspector. He was originally buried in Pasir Panjang Cemetery before being reinterred at Kranji.
Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer - Saturday 17 January 1953.

WRIGHT, Robert

Marine Robert Wright died of encephalitis in Malaya. 

Buried at Batu Gajah, later exhumed, cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Malaya Historical Group]

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