46RM Cdo Nominal Roll S - Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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**  = not in Capt Johnson's book, or seen spelt differently in other sources.

6305471 LCpl. H. Sachs
PLY/X/104894 Sgt. E. Sadler
PLY/X/108848 Mne. W.H. Sale
CH/X/112222 Mne. H.T. Salter
Lieut. B.C. Samain
PO/X/120448 Mne. J. Sankey
PLY/X/106284 Cpl. D.C. Satherley
CH/X/102358 Mne. L. Saunders
PO/X/103682 Mne. S. Saxton
PO/X/103239 Cpl. G.B. Scargill
PO/X/106200 Mne. D. Scorey
PO/X/108049 Mne. T.R. Scott
PO/X/106659 Mne. R.B. Scott
CH/X/104842 Cpl. J.P. Scullion MM
PO/X/115560 Mne. D.C. Seaborn
CH/X/106176 Cpl. P.H. See
PO/X/108038 Mne. B.J. Seekins
6305471 L/pl H. Seymour
PO/X/5308 Mne. T.A. Severn
CH/X/113677 Mne. J.R. Shackleton
CH/X/3129 Mne. N.H. Shailer
CH/X/111576 Mne. G. Shanks
PO/X/102866 C/Sgt. F.A. Sharman
PO/X/109677 Mne. J.H. Sharp
PO/X/118103 Mne. N.A. Sharp
PO/X/114237 Mne. H.W. Sheard
PO/X/117647 Mne. A.L. Shepherd
PLY/X/108459 Mne. J.A. Shepherd
PLY/X/104914 Mne. R.T. Sherman
Lieut. A.D. Shillabeer
CH/X/107030 Mne. R. Shotbolt
PO/X/4334 Mne. G. Shuttlewood
PO/X/116685 Mne. A.V. Siddle
CH/X/105923 Cpl. C.A. Simmonds
PLY/X/112781 Mne. W. Simmonds
CH/X/110333 Mne. F.V. Simpson
...................... Singleton
PO/X/105444 Sgt. N.A. Skeath
PLY/X/104915 L/Cpl. J. Small
CH/X/108581 Mne. J.S. Smallman
PLY/X/107232 Mne. V.H. Smart
Lieut. T.B. Smiles (also served 47RM Cdo) **
CH/X/112144 Mne. A.E. Smith
CH/X/104789 Sgt. H. Smith
CH/X/105675 Mne. R.B. Smith
CH/X/2627 Sgt. S. Smith
PO/X/101897 Mne. N. Smith
PO/X/107569 Cpl. W.F. Smith
PO/X/105988 Sgt. J.T.R. Smith
PLY/X/2479 Cpl. C.S. Smith
PLY/X/112711 Mne. J.W. Smith
PLY/X/108834 Mne. J.P. Snell
PO/X/116003 Mne. R. Somerville
CH/X/110252 Mne. R.N. Sowman
PLY/X/105478 Mne. N.D. Sparrow
Lieut. E.W. Spicer
PLY/X/105668 Mne. C. Squire
CH/X/271 TSM. C. Stancombe
CH/X/107072 Mne. L. Stephens
PO/X/113998 LCpl. G. Stephenson
EX/3855 Mne. F. Stephenson
PO/X/106697 Mne. A. Stidston
PLY/X/102567 Mne. S. Stokes
PLY/X/106179 Cpl. S.W. Stokes
PO/X/102021 Mne. R.J. Stone
EX/4596 Mne. M.R. Stone
CH/X/103699 Mne. J. Storer
CH/X/111177 Mne. S.W. Streeter
PO/X/117166 Mne. R. Stuckey
PO/X/107896 Mne. B.C. Sullivan
PO/X/114088 Mne. J. Sullivan
EX/5538 Mne. D.J. Surrey
CH/X/108778 Mne. I.E. Symonds
14444976 Cpl. R.F. Talbot, RAMC
CH/X/107495 Mne. C.H. Tape
CH/X/103559 TSM. C.T.J. Taylor
PO/X/4088 Mne. E. Taylor
PO/X/110367 Mne. E.M. Taylor
PO/X/115412 Mne. F. Taylor
PO/X/105280 Sgt. J. Taylor
527 Capt. B.J. Teague
CH/X/106237 Mne. W.W. Tear MiD
PLY/X/100625 Mne. E.L. Thompson
CH/X/101566 Mne. J.G. Thomson
Capt. J.A.H. Thompson MiD
PO/X/107432 Mne. E.L. Thomson
PLY/X/102893 Mne. A. Thrower
PLY/X/104922 Cpl. L. Tildsley
PO/X/116718 Mne. G. Tocknell
PO/X/101888 Mne. T. Todd
PLY/X/107687 Mne. J.C Tolley
CH/X/105608 Mne. P.B Tooley
CH/X/1990 Sgt. C. Tracey
PLY/X/103594 Mne. C. Tromans
PLY/X/104918 Mne. A. Tunnicliflfe
PLY/X/108823 Mne. I.O. Turner
PLY/X/103934 Mne. W. Tyrer
PO/X/106553 Mne. G. Usher
PLY/X/103900 Mne. T. Vardy MM
PO/X/121118 Mne. J. Vaughan
6436356 Sgt. E.R. Villiers
PLY/X/105676 Mne. J. Vose
PLY/X/108942 Mne. J. Waddington
PO/X/102728 Cpl. J. J. Wade
7364372  LCpl. J.H. Wainwright, RAMC  
CH/X/104838 Mne. W. Walker
PLY/X/100761 Cpl. R.J.S. Walker
PLY/X/108811 Sgt. J.P. Walsh
PO/X/110554 Mne. E.H Walton
PO/X/3634 Cpl. J.J.A. Wardil BEM
CH/X/113993 Mne. L.D Warne
CH/X/104498 Mne. M.W. Warner
PLY/X/107181 Mne. W. Watkinson
CH/X/104683 Mne. J.F. Watson
PLY/X/103202 Mne. W. Watson
1217 Lieut. D.J. Wearing
PLY/X/105678 Mne. E. Weatherstone
PO/X/107978 Mne. H.F. Webb
PO/X/116167 Mne. G.H. Webb
PLY/X/120156 Cpl. F.G. Webster
CH/X/103921 Mne. H.J. Weedon
PLY/X/112784 Mne. A.V. Wheeler
CH/X/103475 Mne. C.W. Whetstone
CH/X/102296 Cpl. J. Whitaker
CH/X/114434 Mne. J. White
PO/X/110011 Mne. N.A. Whithorn
CH/X/109307 Mne. T.A. Whittaker
PO/X/110709 Mne. E. Whittaker
PO/X/119006 Mne. Herbert Leonard ‘Len’ Wicks
PO/X/102000 Sgt. T.G. Wiggins
CH/X/114493 Mne. R. Wild
PO/X/105989 Mne. J. Wild
PLY/X/111441 Cpl. W.T. Wilkins
CH/X/113082 Mne. F. Williams
PO/X/ 2021 Sgt. J.R. Williams
PLY/X/108791 Cpl. C.R. Williams
CH/X/103949 Mne. S.R. Wills
PO/X/3139 Mne. R.W. Wilmot
CH/X/108259 Mne. J.C. Wilson
CH/X/104158 Mne. H. Wilson
PLY/X/108769 Mne. J.R. Wilson
PO/X/100220 TSM. T. A. Wood
PO/X/116368 Mne. S. Wood
Lieut. G.A. Woollam
CH/X/109238 Mne. E.G. Worthington
CH/X/104207 Sgt. R. Wright
CH/X/105225 Mne. E.C. Wymer
CH/X/108555 Mne. H.J Yeo
CH/X/104996 Mne. H.G. Young
296 Lieut.  J.S. Young
EX/731 Sgt. K. Young

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