46RM Cdo Nominal Roll L - R

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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**  = not in Capt Johnson's book, or seen spelt differently in other sources.

PLY/X/103922 Mne. P.J. Lamey
EX/5367 Cpl. F.B. Langdale
PLY/X/108839 Mne. A.G. Lavender
EX/1143 Mne. T. Lawlor
CH/X/105209 Mne. A.C. Lawrence
CH/X/3478 Sgt. C. Lawson
PO/X/102399 Sgt. T.M. Ledger 
313 Major J. Lee MC 
PO/X/113669 Mne. R. Lee
CH/X/100711 TSM W.C. Leeming 
PO/X/120471 Mne. G.E. Leigh
CH/X/110283 Mne. J. Letham
7406358 L/Cpl F. Lister, RAMC
PO/X/113477 Mne. K. Livsey
PO/X/107404 Mne. J. Lochrane
PLY/X/103844 Mne. W. Lodge
PO/X/108042 Mne. L.F.J. Longley
CH/X/115110 Mne. C.W. Lonsdale
CH/X/104548 Cpl. E.W. Loughlin
CH/X/104848 Mne. E. Lowe
CH/X/103567 Mne. H.J. Ludlow
PO/X/112515 Mne. K.W. Luke
CH/X/108564 Mne. C.F. Lunn
CH/X/105217 Mne. B. Lynham
PO/X/120908 Sgt. J.R. Lynn
D. Mackie **
14268024 Pte. Norman Mackie, RAOC
Macleod (see McLeod) **
MacNaughton (see McNaughton) **
Bill Maddox
Lieut. W.A. Maddox
14283122 Gnr. J.G. Maitland, RA
CH/X/105199 Mne. R.L. Maitland
PO/X/106665 TSM H. Mallorie MM
CH/X/108565 Mne. W.F. Manny
PO/X/107093 Mne. W. Marsden
Lieut. E.L Marsh
Lieut. J.C. Marsh
PO/X/111383 Mne. A.L. Marshall
CH/X/105651 Cpl. H.S. Martin
CH/X/109178 Mne. H. Martland
CH/X/115491 Mne. B.S. Mason
PO/X/4472 Sgt. W. Mason
PLY/X/110801 Mne. D.F. Mastin
PLY/X/102780 Mne. T. Matchett
CH/X/100691 Mne. H. May
7407321 L/Cpl. R. McCarthy MM. RAMC.
PLY/X/104904 Mne. K.A. Mayall
CH/X/109001 Mne. D.P. McAuliffe
PO/X/108861 Mne. A.J. McCallum
PO/X/103958 Mne. W.C. McConville
CH/X/110330 L/Cpl. S.H. McDaniel
PO/X/105790 Mne. A.W. McDonald
PO/X/4525 Mne. J. McDonald
PO/X/107319 Sgt. J. McDonald
PO/X/107355 Cpl. R. McFall
CH/X/109437 Mne. J. McFarlane
PLY/X/106966 Mne. T. McGinty
PO/X/3204 Mne. R.A. McGlynn
CH/X/112097 Mne. D.D. McIntosh
CH/X/112112 Sgt. W.M. McKay
PO/X/113093 Mne. J. McKay
PO/X/106314 Mne. W.S. McKinlay MiD
PO/X/4565 Cpl. G.J. McLaren
PO/X/106671 Mne. J. McLennan
PLY/X/112220 Cpl. I.A.M. McLeod
PO/X/105866 Mne. R.B.H. McMichael
7354921 L/Cpl. J. McNaughton, RAMC
EX/4153 Cpl. J. McPhee
PO/X/103989 Mne. J.T. McVeighty
PO/X/116430 Mne. T.G. McWalter
CH/X/3767 Mne. F.R. Meadows
PLY/X/112794 Cpl. C.R. Melhuish
PLY/X/100261 TSM A.P. Michell
PLY/X/108829 Mne. C.H. Middleton
CH/X/108015 Mne. J.R. Milbery
CH/X/104982 Mne. K.S. Milbery
CH/X/114877 Cpl. A. Miles
PO/X/102023 Mne. J. Miller
PO/X/117101 Mne. F. Mills
PLY/X/107161 Mne. G.J. Mills
528 Capt. H. R. Minchin
CH/X/104824 L/Cpl. S.L. Moody
CH/X/105128 Mne. E.M. Moore
CH/X/108550 Mne. G. Moore
CH/X/103458 Mne. W.T. Moore
PO/X/3894 Cpl. D.M. Moore
PO/X/5301 Mne. L.A. Moore
PLY/X/109657 Mne. R.F. Moore
PO/X/105985 Sgt. J. Moran
CH/X/2759 Cpl. W.J. Mordue
PLY/X/111432 Mne. H.V. Morgan
PO/X/106554 Mne. W.L. Morland
PO/X/107354 Mne. G.E. Morris
PO/X/105749 Mne. J. Morris
CH/X/109423 Mne. J.R. Morrison
PO/X/101074 Mne. J. Morrison
CH/X/109244 Mne. W.H. Mortimer
Lieut. J.N. Morton, Devonshire Regt
CH/X/100455 Mne. J.T. Morton
Lieut. A.M. Mould
CH/X/101043 RQMS.  J.H. Moyce
PO/X/112645 Cpl. J.T. Muddiman
PO/X/103050 Mne. J. Muir
Capt. R.S.I. Muldowney
CH/X/107877 Mne. J. Murray
PO/X/117566 Mne. K. Musgrave 
PLY/X/108810 Mne. R.W. Mustey
PLY/X/3954 Sgt. F.A. Neath
PLY/X/102806 Mne. A. Nelson
PO/X/4980 Mne. H. Nesbitt
Lieut. R.R. Neville
CH/X/114921 Cpl. W.K. Newbury
CH/X/108552 Sgt. K. Newby
PO/X/112484 Sgt. T.W. Nicholls
PO/X/100865 Mne. A. Nichols
Lieut.  J.L. Nish
PLY/X/102803 Mne. N. Nixon
EX/646 Sgt. R.A. Noble
PLY/X/105111 Mne. A.E. Nolan
CH/X/105060 L/Cpl. M. Norris
PLY/X/103887 Mne. W.E. Norris
CH/X/110699 Mne. A.W. North
PO/X/104034 Cpl. F.T. Northover
CH/X/107512 L/Cpl. S. Northwood
PO/X/3781 Mne. C.V. Norton
370 Lieut. R.G. Nunn
CH/X/104488 Mne. L.B. O’Brien
PO/X/3961 Mne. G. O’Connor
PO/X/105987 Mne. R. O’Connor
PLY/X/108792 Mne. R.J. O’Rourke
PO/X/117579 Cpl. J.J. O’Sullivan
PLY/X/2753 Mne. N. Ogilvie
PO/X/105893 Cpl. R.G. Oldfield
CH/X/110697 Mne. W.E Oliver
PO/X/4378 Mne. D.M. Oliver
CH/X/111113 Mne. S.N. Organ
Capt. Patrick John Ovens 
PO/X/107183 Mne. B. Paginton
CH/X/105742 Sgt. R.R. Palmer
PLY/X/104531 Mne. J. Parker
PO/X/105680 Mne. F.J. Parnell
EX/651 Mne. A.C Pearcey
PLY/X/103857 Mne. C. Pendlesbury
CH/X/107657 Mne. J.A Pengally
PLY/X/103923 Mne. A.W. Pettey
PO/X/109527 Mne. G.E. Phillips
Capt. W.B. Phillips
PLY/X/102817 Mne. R.E. Philpott
PO/X/113790 Mne. J. Pickering
1250 Capt. B.W. Pierce 
CH/X/3882 Mne. F.S. Pilcher
7262607 Sgt. W.A.V. Pitcher, RAMC
PO/X/101436 Mne. J.G. Pizey 
PLY/X/109752 Mne. G.E. Pointer
PO/X/112887 Mne. T.W. Pollard
CH/X/104504 Mne. J.W. Ponsford
CH/X/112082 Mne. J.S. Poole
PO/X/105100 Mne. R.C.A. Porter
PLY/X/110899 Mne. V.J. Porter
CH/X/106356 L/Cpl. L. Potts
CH/X/103508 Mne. C.G. Poulden
CH/X/100966 Sgt. E. Pouton
PO/X/105737 Cpl. R.G.H. Powell
PLY/X/103893 Mne. J.H. Pratt
Major C.L. Price
PO/X/114080 Mne. E. Price
PLY/X/108394 Mne. G.W.J. Price
PO/X/105492 Mne. W. Primrose
PLY/X/102830 Mne. C E. Pulham
CH/X/3919 Mne. D.J. Puplett
PO/X/112131 Mne. W.E. Purdy
CH/X/111761 Mne. A.F. Putwain
CH/X/107345 Mne. R. Pyke
PO/X/106674 Mne. W.E. Rattigan
CH/X/108076 Mne. A.H.W. Ray
CH/X/105920 Mne. J.A. Rayson
EX/1900 Mne. D. Readdin
PO/X/2049 Cpl. O.W. Reed MiD
PLY/X/105511 Mne. H. Reed
PO/X/121656 Mne. D. Reeves
CH/X/108858 Mne. W. Reid
PO/X/105943 Mne. William Rennie MM
CH/X/100842 Sgt. E.W.G. Revett
Lieut. B.R. Reynolds
CH/X/109477 Cpl. R. Reynolds
PO/X/106817 Mne. J. Rhine
CH/X/114662 Mne. G. Richardson
PO/X/105511 Sgt. J.E. Richardson
PO/X/107407 Mne. J.I. Richardson
PLY/X/105680 Mne. G.E. Richardson
CH/X/107771 Mne. L.G. Rider 
PO/X/120621 Mne. K. Rigg
PO/X/107671 Cpl. A.M. Robe
CH/X/110691 L/Cpl. A.W. Roberts
PO/X/110875 Cpl. D.S.O. Roberts
PLY/X/104913 Cpl. L. Roberts
PLY/X/101507 Sgt. H.S. Robertson 
CH/X/111543 Mne. C.T. Robinson
CH/X/104831 Cpl. G.S. Robinson
CH/X/109959 Mne. P.W. Robinson
CH/X/105908 Mne. K.H. Rogers
PO/X/2343 Cpl. A.W Rogers 
CH/X/109173 Mne. J. Romans
PLY/X/4180 Cpl. R.J. Rook
PLY/X/105695 Sgt. J. Rorrison
CH/X/104718 Mne. H.E. Rose
PLY/X/103925 Sgt. E.G. Rowe 
CH/X/103501 Mne. R.E.G. Rush
PLY/X/103830 Mne. H. Russell
PO/X/108109 Mne. J.E. Ryder

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