46RM Cdo Nominal Roll E - K

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

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EASTER L.A. Cpl PO/x3865    
ECCLES W.G. Sgt PLY/x100990    
EDWARDS K.C. Mne CH/x111240    
EDWARDS S.E. Mne PO/x4067    
EDWARDS T.P. Mne CH/x105645    
EDWARDSON G Mne PLY/x103879    
ELKINGTON A.H. Sgt PO/x1049   'A' tp
ELLIS J.M. TSM CH/x2299   'B' tp
ELLIS R.M. Mne CH/x110629   'A' tp
ELVINS D Pte 5253707   Worcester Regt.
EMBERSON H.C. Mne PO/x107549    
EVANS C.M. Mne CH/x104818    
FACEY Robert Mne PLY/x103946    
FAGAN T Cpl EX/4047   'Z' tp
FAIRHURST John Sgt PLY/x104898   'Z' tp
FALCONER R.G. Sgt PO/x108986    
FARGHER John, P. Mne CH/x104144    
FARMER T.W. Sgt PO/x106226   'Z' tp
FAULKENER J LCpl CH/x105216 MiD 'X' tp
FERGUSON W Mne PLY/x102674    
FINCH S.R. Cpl CH/x105927    
FLECKNEY Jack, E. Mne CH/x102259   'X' tp
FLEET A.J. Mne PLY/x102678    
FLETCHER F.C. Mne CH/x108548 MiD 'X' tp
FLOOD John Mne CH/x106354    
FOOTER H.E. Cpl CH/x108561   'A' tp
FOORD W.E. Sgt CH/x105509    
FORDEY H Mne     'A' tp
FORD-KING F.R. Mne PO/x120470    
FORREST J.M. Mne CH/x114825   'Z' tp
FOULDS John, R. Capt      
FOX A Mne CH/x112784    
FRANCIS A.H. Sgt CH/x105648   'B' tp
FRANKS C.H. Mne PO/x114676   'Z' tp
FRY A.V. Cpl CH/x105647   'B' tp
FULHAM J Mne PLY/x111294    
FYVIE George Mne CH/x111910    
GALE A Lt      
GALLEAR R Mne PO/x107347    
GAPPER J.F. 'Jackie' Mne PLY/x104934   'Z' tp
GARLICK Reuben, W. Cpl PLY/x103931    
GARNETT T LCpl PO/x113641    
GASCOIGNE D Mne PLY/x103811    
GASS Harry, W. Mne PO/x106680   'Z' tp
GELDARD J.L. CSgt PO/x108035    
GENTLEMAN W Mne PO/x113521    
GHEST R.T. ‘beau’ CSgt PLY/x100233    
GIBBON John, D. Capt   MC Border Regt.
GIBSON A Mne PO/x117699    
GIBSON F.R. Mne CH/x105650    
GIDLOW G Mne PLY/x110203    
GILBERT L.A. Mne CH/x108563   'B' tp
GILLIES Jim Mne CH/x102239    
GLEAVE W Mne PLY/x106855    
GODDEN A.J. Mne Ch/x105652   'B' tp
GOODWIN T Mne PLY/x112542    
GOUGH H.E. LCpl CH/x112320    
GOUGH R.E. Cpl PLY/x105662    
GOWARD H.A. Sgt PO/x105854   'A' tp
GRAHAM W.P. Cpl PO/x106807   'A' tp
GRANT R.W.B. 'Ron' CSM PO/x106693   'Z' tp
GRAY E Mne CH/x109372   'A' tp
GRAY J Mne PLY/x108844    
GRAY R Sgt PO/x106858   'Y' tp
GRAY S Mne     'X' tp
GRAY Thomas, M. Lt.Col   DSO,MC OIC 
GREEN H.R. Cpl CH/x105653    
GREEN J.E. Mne CH/x104445    
GREEEN R Mne PO/x110533   'B' tp
GRIFFIN G.A. Mne PO/x111770    
GRIFFITHS Ron, L. Mne PO/x114095    
GRIFFITHS S.R. ‘Dick’ Mne PO/x121474    
GRILLS C Mne PO/x107105   inj. 1 month after cdo course, retd to RM duties
HAIG W.P.D. Cpl PO/x3086    
HALEY E.T. Sgt CH/x104822   'X' tp
HALL F.G. Mne PO/x118664   'B' tp
HALL H Sgt PLY/x2117    
HALL R.E. Cpl PO/x105763    
HALLAGHAN E Mne PO/x110221   query surname HALLIGAN 'Z' tp
HALLAM G Mne PO/x725   'Z' tp
HANKIN T Mne PLY/x102715    
HARDY J Cpl PO/x106228    
HARLAND Alexander,F.M. Mne PO/x4321    
HARRIMAN T Mne CH/x112998   'A' tp
HARRIS D.P. Mne PO/x107428   'B' tp
HARRIS J Cpl 6387036   10(IA) Cdo
HARRIS N.H. Mne CH/x109456    
HARRIS Roy, E. Mne PLY/x108034   'B' tp (post war ordained)
HARRISON F Mne PLY/x103944   'A' tp
HARRISON J.B. Mne PLY/x103920   'A' tp
HART W.J. Lt 702   'B' tp
HAWES S.H. Mne PLY/x113622    
HAWKINS V LCpl PO/x121126    
HAYERS J Mne PO/x106650    
HAYES James Francis LCpl PO/x113309   'A' tp
HAYES L.R. Mne PO/x107352    
HAYWOOD R Cpl PLY/x112679   query surname 'X' tp HAYWARD
HAZELL James  Mne PO/x108682 MM  
HEANEY T.W. Mne PO/x107654   'A' tp
HEATH A.E. Lt      
HEMBROUGH W Sgt 7381565   RAMC
HENDRY A Mne PO/x106694   'B' tp
HEPBURN E.  ‘Ginger’ Mne PO/x106234    
HEWITT A.J.H. Sgt PO/x114619   'S' tp
HICKS H.H. Sgt PO/x102270    
HIGGS R.C.D. Mne PLY/x111043    
HILL E.W. Mne CH/x105655    
HILL Ronald,W.P. Cpl CH/x114941    
HILLINGS G Mne CH/x110609    
HILSON Tommy Mne PO/x109385    
HINCKS Michael, E. Lt      
HOFFMAN E.F. Mne CH/x115480    
HOLBEN R.G.R. Cpl CH/x105656   'B' tp
HOLLAND R Mne PO/x114807    
HOLMES J.H. Mne PO/x106239   'X' tp
HOLT J.J. Mne PLY/x4088    
HONEYSETT R.W. Mne PO/x118404    
HOOKS D Mne PLY/x102727    
HORDELL John, E. Mne PLY/x104236   'B' tp
HORROCKS J.C. Cpl PLY/x103855    
HORSINGTON Frederick,W.G. CSgt PO/x101338    
HOSIER J.A. Mne CH/x111804   'A' tp
HOUGHTON Frederick,A. Sgt PLY/x104900    
HOWARD J.W. Cpl PO/x4395    
HOWE A Mne PLY/x103780    
HOWES B.T. TSM PO/x106204   'A' tp
HOWES F.C. Mne PO/x5384    
HOWS L.G. Mne CH/x112297    
HUGHES E Mne PLY/x108502    
HUGHES J.L. Mne PO/x107427    
HUNT H.H. Mne PLY/x102733    
HUSSEY L.W. Sgt CH/x113252   'B' tp
HUTCHINGS Fred Cpl PO/x100692    
IRELAND W.J. Cpl PLY/x104306    
IRISH J.R. Mne CH/x115609    
JACK W Mne PO/x107403    
JACKSON K Mne CH/x110326    
JACKSON W.M. Mne CH/x104432    
JAMES D.W. Mne PLY/x106528    
JAMES William,J. Mne PLY/x106783    
JEFFCOCK F.R. Mne PO/x114730    
JENKINS J.H. Mne PO/x103824    
JENKINS K Cpl PLY/x112963    
JERRAM Anthony,P. Lt 523   'A' tp
JOHN T.R. Mne PO/x114703    
JOHNSON Cyril LCpl PO/x105528   'B' tp
JOHNSON E.C. Mne CH/x112995    
JOHNSON Henry,S. Mne CH/x105658   'B' tp
JOHNSON L.B.J. Lt      
JOHNSON Phillip,K.W. Capt      
JOLLEY A.C. Mne PLY/x100530    
JONES Ernest, G. Mne CH/x104706    
JONES R.L. Cpl PLY/x110722    
JONES S.J. Mne PO/x113106    
JORDAN K.A. Mne PO/x114708   'Z' tp
JUDD Thomas,C.F. Mne CH/x105657   'B' tp
JUDGE S Mne PO/x115177    
KELLAWAY F.C. Sgt     &44RM Cdo
KELLY H.J. Mne CH/x111108    
KELSEY J.F. Mne PO/x105604    
KEMP M Cpl PLY/x108814   'A' tp
KENDALL J Mne CH/x102285   'X' tp
KENNA J.J. ‘Jack’ Cpl PLY/x108826   'Z' tp
KENNEDY P.L. Mne CH/x111657   'B' tp
KENNEN H Revd   DSC RNVR (Padre)
KENNY G.F. Mne CH/x105064    
KIDWELL William, T. Mne CH/x105325    
KILBURN J.A. Mne PLY/x112956    
KIMBER P.G. Cpl PO/x4190    
KIMBER Robert, G. Cpl CH/x111860    
KING F.T.G. Mne CH/x104823    
KING I.F. Lt      
KINSEY R Mne PO/x100555    
KIRBY R.W.G. Sgt PLY/x104311 MiD  
KIRK W.J. Mne PLY/x104905   'B' tp
KITCHEN D.F. Mne PLY/x112752    
KNIGHT A.J. Cpl PO/x102883   'X' tp
KOHLER R.D. Mne PO/x4854    
KYLE J Mne PO/x103253    

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