46RM Cdo Nominal Roll E - K

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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**  = not in Capt Johnson's book, or seen spelt differently in other sources.

PO/X/3865 Cpl. L.A. Easter
Capt. N.K. Easton MC. HLI
PLY/X/100990 Sgt. W.G. Eccles
CH/X/111240 Mne. K.C. Edwards
CH/X/105645 Mne. T.P. Edwards
PO/X/4067 Mne. S.E. Edwards
PLY/X/103879 Mne. G. Edwardson
PO/X/1049 Sgt. A.H. Elkington
CH/X/2299 TSM.  J.M. Ellis
CH/X/110629 Mne. R.M. Ellis
5253707 Pte. D. Elvins, Worcs Regt.
PO/X/107549 Mne. H.C. Emberson
PO/X/1372 RSM.  J.P. England DCM
CH/X/104818 Mne. C.M. Evans
PLY/X/103946 Mne. R. Facey
EX/4047 Cpl. T. Fagan
PLY/X/104898 Mne. J. Fairhurst
PO/X/108986 Sgt. R.G. Falconer
CH/X/104144 Mne. J.P. Fargher
PO/X/106226 Sgt. T.W. Farmer
CH/X/105216 L/Cpl. J. Faulkner MiD
PLY/X/102674 Mne. W. Ferguson
CH/X/105927 Cpl. S.R. Finch
CH/X/102259 Mne. J.E. Fleckney
PLY/X/102678 Mne. A.J. Fleet
CH/X/108548 Mne. F.C. Fletcher MiD
CH/X/106354 Mne. J. Flood
CH/X/108561 Cpl. H.E. Footer
CH/X/105509 Sgt. W.E. Foord
PO/X/120470 Mne. F.R. Ford-King
CH/X/114825 Mne. J.M. Forrest
Capt.  John R. Foulds
CH/X/112784 Mne. A. Fox
CH/X/105648 Sgt. A.H. Francis
PO/X/114676 Mne. C.H. Franks
CH/X/105647 Cpl. A.V. Fry
PLY/X/111294 Mne. J. Fulham
CH/X/111910 Mne. G. Fyvie
Lieut. A. Gale **
PO/X/107347 Mne. R. Gallear
PLY/X/104934 Mne. J.F. Gapper
PLY/X/103931 Cpl. R.W. Garlick
PO/X/113641 L/Cpl. T. Garnett
PLY/X/103811 Mne. D. Gascoigne
PO/X/106680 Mne. H.W. Gass
PO/X/108035 C/Sgt. J.L. Geldard
PO/X/113521 Mne. W. Gentleman
PLY/X/100233 C/Sgt. R.T. Ghest
Capt. J.D. Gibbon MC. Border Regiment
CH/X/105650 Mne. F.R. Gibson
PO/X/117699 Mne. A. Gibson
PLY/X/110203 Mne. G. Gidlow
CH/X/108563 Mne. L.A. Gilbert
CH/X/102239 Mne. J. Gillies
PLY/X/106855 Mne. W. Gleave
CH/X/105652 Mne. A.J. Godden
PLY/X/112542 Mne. T. Goodwin
CH/X/112320 L/Cpl. H.E. Gough
PLY/X/105662 Cpl. R. E. Gough
PO/X/105854 Sgt. H.A. Goward
PO/X/106807 Cpl. W.P. Graham
PO/X/106693 CSM. R.W.B. Grant
CH/X/109372 Mne. E. Gray
PLY/X/108844 Mne. J. Gray
PO/X/106858 Sgt. R. Gray - 'Y' troop
Mne. S. Gray **
Lieut. Col. T.M.  Gray DSO, MC. Officer Commanding 46RM Cdo
CH/X/105653 Cpl. H.R. Green
CH/X/104445 Mne. J.E. Green
PO/X/110533 Mne. R. Green
PO/X/111770 Mne. G.A. Griffin
PO/X/114095 Mne. R.L. Griffiths
PO/X/121474 Mne. S.R. Griffiths
PO/X/107105 Mne. C. Grills **injured month after CBTC course ret. to RM duties
PO/X/3086 Cpl. W.P.D. Haig
CH/X/104822 Sgt. E.T. Haley
PO/X/105763 Cpl. R.E. Hall
PO/X/118664 Mne. F.G. Hall
PLY/X/2117 Sgt. H. Hall
PO/X/110221 Mne. E. Hallaghan
PO/X/725 Mne. G. Hallam
PLY/X/102715 Mne. T. Hankin
416 Lieut. Col. C.R. Hardy DSO and bar. Officer Commanding 46RM Cdo
PO/X/106228 Cpl. J. Hardy
PO/X/4321 Mne. A.F. Harland
CH/X/112998 Mne. T. Harriman
CH/X/109456 Mne. N.H. Harris
PO/X/107428 Mne. D.P. Harris
6387036 Cpl. J. Harris 10IA Cdo
PLY/X/108034 Mne. R.E. Harris
PLY/X/103920 Mne. J.B. Harrison
PLY/X/103944 Mne. F. Harrison
702 Lieut. W. J. Hart
PLY/X/113622 Mne. S.H. Hawes
PO/X/121126 L/Cpl. V. Hawkins
PO/X/106650 Mne. J. Hayers
PO/X/113309 L/Cpl. J.F. Hayes
PO/X/107352 Mne. L.R. Hayes
PLY/X/112679 Cpl. R. Haywood
PO/X/108682 Mne. J. Hazell MM
PO/X/107654 Mne. T.W. Heaney
Lieut. A.E. Heath
7381565 Sgt. W. Hembrough, RAMC
PO/X/106694 Mne. A. Hendry
PO/X/106234 Mne. E. Hepburn
PO/X/114619 Sgt. A.J.H. Hewitt
PO/X/102270 Sgt. H.H. Hicks
PLY/X/111043 Mne. R.C.D. Higgs
CH/X/105655 Mne. E.W. Hill
CH/X/114941 Cpl. R.W.P. Hill
CH/X/110609 Mne. G. Hillings
PO/X/109385 Mne. T. Hilson
Lieut. M.E.  Hincks
CH/X/115480 Mne. E.F. Hoffman
CH/X/105656 Cpl. R.G.R. Holben
PO/X/114807 Mne. R. Holland
PO/X/106239 Mne. J.H. Holmes
PLY/X/4088 Mne. J.J. Holt
PO/X/118404 Mne. R.W. Honeysett
PLY/X/102727 Mne. D. Hooks
PLY/X/104236 Mne. J. E. Hordell
PLY/X/103855 Cpl. J.C. Horrocks
PO/X/101338 C/Sgt. F.W.G. Horsington
CH/X/111804 Mne. J.A. Hosier
PLY/X/104900 Sgt. F.A. Houghton
PO/X/4395 Cpl. J.W Howard
PLY/X/103780 Mne. A. Howe
PO/X/106204 TSM B.T. Howes
PO/X/5384 Mne. F.C. Howes
CH/X/112297 Mne. L.G. Hows
PO/X/107427 Mne. J.L. Hughes
PLY/X/108502 Mne. E. Hughes
PLY/X/102733 Mne. H.H. Hunt
CH/X/113252 Sgt. L.W. Hussey
PO/X/100692 Cpl. Fred Hutchings
PLY/X/104306 Cpl. W.J. Ireland
CH/X/115609 Mne. J.R. Irish
PO/X/107403 Mne. W. Jack
CH/X/110326 Mne. K. Jackson
CH/X/104432 Mne. W.M. Jackson
PO/X/106528 Mne. D.W. James
PLY/X/106783 Mne. W.J. James
PO/X/114730 Mne. F.R. Jeffcock
PO/X/103824 Mne. J.H. Jenkins
PLY/X/112963 Cpl. K. Jenkins
523 Lieut. A.P. Jerram
PO/X/114703 Mne. T.R. John
CH/X/112995 Mne. E.C. Johnson
PO/X/105528 LCpl. C. Johnson
CH/X/105658 Mne. H.S. Johnson
Lieut. L.B.J. Johnson
Capt. P.K.W. Johnson
PLY/X/100530 Mne. A.C. Jolley
CH/X/104706 Mne. E.G. Jones
PO/X/113106 Mne. S.J. Jones
PLY/X/110722 Cpl. R.L. Jones
PO/X/114708 Mne. K.A. Jordan
CH/X/105657 Mne. T.C.F. Judd
PO/X/115177 Mne. S. Judge
Sgt. F.C. Kellaway (also served 44RM Cdo) ** 
CH/X/111108 Mne. H.J. Kelly
PO/X/105604 Mne. J.F. Kelsey
PLY/X/108814 Cpl. M. Kemp
CH/X/102285 Mne. J. Kendall
PLY/X/108826 Cpl. J.J. Kenna
CH/X/111657 Mne. P.L. Kennedy
Revd. H. Kennen DSC. RNVR. (Padre)
CH/X/105064 Mne. G.F. Kenny
Capt. R. T. Kiddie MiD. RAMC.
CH/X/105325 Mne. W. T Kidwell
PLY/X/112956 Mne. J.A. Kilburn
CH/X/111860 Cpl. R.G. Kimber
PO/X/4190 Cpl. P.G. Kimber
CH/X/104823 Mne. F.T.G. King
Lieut. I.F.King
PO/X/100555 Mne. R. Kinsey
PLY/X/104311 Sgt. R.W.G. Kirby MiD
PLY/X/104905 Mne. W.J. Kirk
PLY/X/112752 Mne. D.F. Kitchen
PO/X/102883 Cpl. A.J. Knight
PO/X/4854 Mne. R.D. Kohler
PO/X/103253 Mne. J. Kyle

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