46RM Cdo Nominal Roll A - D

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

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ADAMS H.L. Mne PLY/x103468    
ADAMSON R.A. Mne PO/x113832    
ADAWAY G.D. Cpl PO/x1431    
ADDY G.B. Mne PLY/x111352   'X' tp
ALDEN P.J. Mne PLY/x108330   'X' tp
ALEXANDER D Mne PO/x110710    
ALLEN Athole, J. Lt   MC  
ALLEN M.W. Mne CH/x112255    
ALLEN W.J. Sgt PO/x107333    
ANDERSON A Mne EX/3975    
ANDERSON J Mne PLY/x105808    
ANDREWS W.M.W TSM     &45, 47 Cdo
ANNISON E.C. Mne CH/x111886    
ANTHONY G.J. Gnr 3761063   RA
ARMSTRONG W Mne EX/851    
ASPDEN G Cpl PO/x105361   'Z' tp
ASPDEN Jack Mne PLY/x109402   'Z' tp
ATHERTON Joseph Cpl PLY/x103460    
ATHERTON William, T. Mne PLY/x115113   'B' tp
ATKIN James CSgt PLY/x103416    
ATKINSON F LCPL 7381824   RAMC /  'X' tp
ATKINSON J Mne PLY/x103872    
AUSTIN A.J. Mne CH/x111864    
BAILEY A.A. Mne CH/x104446   'B' tp
BAILEY Jack Cpl PO/x103464   'A' tp
BAILEY J.F. Capt      
BAKER N.V.F. Mne PLY/x109845    
BAKER R Mne PO/x104025    
BAMFORD Frank Mne PLY/x110270   'Z' tp
BANFIELD E Mne CH/x104501   'B' tp
BANKS L.J. Mne PLY/x105217    
BARCLAY W.H. Mne CH/x112107    
BARKER D.H. Capt 340   'X' tp
BARKER G Mne PO/x116685    
BARKER R.C. Mne CH/x108841   'A' tp
BARNWELL S.E. Mne CH/x108556   'X' tp
BARRETT I.A., 'Mick' Mne EX/2669   or 'BARRATT'
BARROW A.C. Sgt PO/x112730    
BARTON Joe, B. Mne PO/x107103    
BEACH I Mne CH/x105639   'B' tp
BEATTIE J.S. 2/Lt   MM Royal Scots
BEDDOWS C Mne CH/x109371   'A' tp
BEESLEY E.E. Mne CH/x108744    
BEEVER F Mne CH/x115358    
BEGBIE William, B. Sgt PO/x106667    
BENCE E.R. Mne PLY/x103816    
BENNETT R.A. Mne PO/x103938    
BENNETT W.S. Mne CH/x108743    
BENTON J Mne PO/x108114    
BERRY T.A. Mne CH/x108545    
BERTRAM J.C. Cpl PO/x106717    
BESTLEY A.L. Cpl PO/x118011    
BETTISS Reg. J Mne PLY/x103814    
BEVAN R Mne PLY/x108257    
BEVERIDGE C Mne PO/x107332    
BEWERS J Mne CH/x105715    
BIBBEY N.J. Mne CH/x104688   'B' tp
BICKERTON F.W. Mne PO/x4541   'A' tp
BILSDON L Mne PO/x115685    
BISHOP A.E. Mne PO/x2563    
BISS Horace, J.W. Cpl PO/x110598   'Z' tp
BLACK J Mne CH/x111905    
BLACK R TSM PLY/x3841   'Z' tp
BLACKHAM A Mne PLY/x110193    
BLADES J.G. Mne CH/x105234    
BOARDLEY J.G. Lt      
BOLTON T Mne PLY/x103911   'Z' tp
BONE G.A. Mne PO/x114019    
BOOTH Charles Mne PO/x114091    
BOULTON C.A. Mne CH/x101602    
BOWER C Mne PO/x4661   'A' tp
BOXALL R.W. Mne PO/x121824    
BRADLEY L.M. Mne PLY/x100598    
BRADLEY Verdun, G. Mne EX/849    
BRADWELL J Mne PO/x105525    
BRAMWELL W.A. Mne PLY/x104889    
BRAY P.G. Mne PO/x110273    
BRETTLE W.G. Mne PO/x106237    
BRIERLEY S.W. Mne PLY/x108818    
BROAD J.H. RSM PLY/x22644    
BROAD R.O. Mne PO/x3706    
BROADHEAD J.E. Mne PO/x2610   'A' tp
BRODIE E.S. Mne PO/x113557   'Z' tp
BROOKS William, E. Cpl CH/x103886   'B' tp
BROOKS W.G. Sgt CH/x1412    
BROWN A.E. Cpl CH/x116193    
BROWN A.J. Mne PLY/x110894    
BROWN Frank Mne PLY/x103465   'Z' tp
BROWN J.R. Mne CH/x105012    
BROWN P.W. Cpl PO/x109794    
BROWN W.S. Mne PO/x107449    
BROWNBILL J.J. Mne PO/x108053    
BUCKLEY T Mne PLY/x107265   'Z' tp
BUGLEAR A.C. Capt      
BULLEY O.C. Mne PLY/x120099    
BULLOCK G.H. Mne PLY/x114142    
BURBECK R.H. Mne CH/x115763    
BURNETT K Mne CH/x111909    
BURNETT W.F. Cpl CH/x101850    
BURNHAM H Cpl PO/x108045   'A' tp
BURNS Arthur Mne PO/x105498    
BURNS E Mne PLY/x104986    
BURNS J.F. Mne Po/x112511    
BURRIDGE W.M. Sgt PO/x4900    
BURROW S Mne PLY/x104886    
BURROWS Derrick, T. Lt 1265    
BURRY E.R. 'Ted' Mne CH/x109616    
BURT F Cpl CH/x103526    
BURT W Mne PO/x107102    
BURTON H.R. Major   MiD 'A' tp
BUSCALL J.A. Capt 1118 MiD 'Z' tp
BUTLER J.J.A. Cpl CH/x114520    
BUTTRESS Reginald Arthur CSM CH/x104815   'A' tp
BUTTERY George Desmond   PO/x4096 MM Award Suez Crisis 40Cdo QMS
BYE F.C.E Lt      
CADY R.W. Mne CH/x2008    
CAIRNS W.F. Mne PO/X/115564    
CAMERON I LCpl PLY/x112913    
CAMPBELL J.S. Major     'A' tp / A&SH
CAMPBELL K Sgt PO/x114065    
CAMPBELL L Cpl PO/x114064    
CAMPSIE J Mne PO/x106233    
CANNOCK R.F. Mne     &48RM Cdo
CANTLAY Stanley, D. Cpl CH/x116216    
CARTER L.G. Mne PO/x117128   'S' tp
CECIL J.C. Mne PO/x103734    
CHALK L.C. Mne CH/x115311    
CHALMERS James, T. Cpl PO/x107435   'Z' tp
CHAMPKINS M.C.H. LCpl 7381074   RAMC
CHANDLER J.H. Mne CH/x105641   'B' tp
CHAPMAN L.H. Mne PLY/x104524    
CHAPMAN W.J. Cpl PLY/x103423    
CHARLES H.F. Sgt CH/x23362    
CHARLWOOD H Mne CH/x105642 MM 'B' tp
CHEESEMUR A Mne PO/x112981    
CHERRY W.E. Cpl PLY/x104890    
CLARK T.A. Mne CH/x104816   'A' tp
CLARK William, G. TSM PO/x100675    
CLIFF J.W. Mne PLY/x110745    
COFORD A.E. Mne CH/x105643   'B' tp
COLE R.A.J. Mne PLY/x112589    
COLLEY A.E. Mne CH/x112397    
COLLINGS N.B. Lt      
COLLINS E.L. Mne EX/1351    
COLLIS W.J. Mne CH/x105644   'B' tp
COLTMAN A Mne PO/x105977   'A' tp
CONWAY A.M. Cpl PO/x109622    
COOK G.D. Cpl     & 47RM Cdo
COOK W.H. Cpl EX/1233    
COOPER G.P. Mne PO/x108800    
COOPER Samuel TSM PO/x105978 MM  
COPSON A.A. Mne PLY/x104300    
CORBY A Mne PO/x106585    
CORSHAM W.R. Mne CH/x111644   'Z' tp
COTTON A Cpl PLY/x104065   'X' tp
COTTRELL E.E. Cpl 14251289   RAMC
COULE W Mne CH/x105640    
COWLEY W.F. Mne PO/x118972    
COX C.A.G. Cpl CH/x108584   'X' tp
COX H.J.W. Mne CH/x108558    
COX J Mne PO/x106668    
COX J.W.W. Mne CH/x105508    
COY A LCpl PO/x106597    
COYLE Michael Mne CH/x112108    
CRADDOCK   Mne     'B' tp
CRICHTON J.W. Cpl CH/x105075    
CROSSKEY K.C. Mne CH/x108022    
CROUCHER S.F.R. Mne CH/x104049    
CRUMPLER H.F. Cpl CH/x101853    
CULLEY W.E. Mne PLY/x107223    
CULVER J Mne CH/x104764    
CUNDALL Arthur Mne PO/x116105    
CUNNINGHAM A.G. Mne PO/x106684   'Z' tp
DALE H Mne PO/x103756    
DANIELLS H.H. Sgt PLY/x107416   query surname DANIEL 'Z' tp
DAVIDSON George Mne PO/x107106    
DAVIDSON G Mne EX/1627    
DAVIES D.J. Mne PLY/x103936   'A' tp
DAVIES E Mne PO/x106590    
DAVIES G.J. Mne PLY/x110264    
DAVIES G,J, Mne PLY/x104515    
DAVIES John, C. TSM EX/1129    
DAVIES J.R.B. Capt 305    
DAVIS G.S. Sgt PO/x117622    
DAVIS R.H. Mne PLY/x103838    
DAVIS S.A. Mne PO/x107804    
DAVISON W Mne PO/x113494    
DAW G Mne PO/x5011    
DAWKINS G.L. Mne PO/x118435    
DAWSON W.T.A. Mne PO/x112616    
DEACON F.W. Mne PO/x105675    
DEAN F Mne PO/x107805    
DEAN F.E. Mne CH/x103465    
DEAN J Mne PLY/x104892    
DEAR A.W. Mne PLY/x1609    
DEMPSEY H Mne PO/x106531    
DENMAN D Mne CH/x111906    
DENMAN M.T. Lt      
DENTON Harry Sgt PO/x2389   'B' tp
DERRY T.A. Mne CH/x108545    
DEVLIN J.J. Mne PO/x107336   'X' tp
DEWBERRY Charles, W. Mne CH/x113021   'A' tp
DIVERS V.H. Cpl PO/x104109    
DOCKRAY J Mne PLY/x106743   'A' tp
DOCWRA C.E. Capt   MiD 'B' tp
DONALDSON Charles, H. Mne CH/x109019    
DONNELLY Peter Mne PO/x121745    
DONOGHUE Tom Mne PO/x107390    
DORAN P Mne CH/x104966    
DOW J Mne EX/1263    
DOWNS Jack Mne CH/x112844   'A' tp
DRESH C.G. Mne CH/x107808   'Z' tp
DUCKWORTH John Charles Sgt PLY/x103533   'A' tp
DUFF E Mne PO/x105552    
DUNCAN A LCPL CH/x105924    
DUNLOP W.W. Cpl PO/x107389   'A' tp
DUNN T.C. Sgt PLY/x102661   'A' tp
DUROSE Sam Mne PO/x114134    

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