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ANDREWS, Trevor John

Sergeant Trevor Andrews was  a member of the SBS personnel who were on the submarine HMS Affray to carry out further training in exiting submarines etc. The submarine sank with all hands in Hurd Deep off Alderney in 1951. 

ASHFIELD, Stuart James

Marine Stuart Ashfield died [1] whilst deployed to Norway on a training exercise [2]. He was driving a Land Rover when it was involved in a collision with a coach [3].
Stuart left Tarring High School at the age of 16 to become a Royal Marines cadet. He was one of the outstanding members of 8th Worthing Sea Scouts and was also a member of Worthing Swimming Club [3]. 
[1] AFM ROH.
[2] Palace Barracks Memorial website.

BAVIN, Richard Julian Ebblewhite

Lieut. Colonel Richard Bavin OBE was killed whilst on board a US Marine Corps transport plane that crashed into Mount Tobin, Nevada during a snowstorm.  18 US servicemen also died in the crash.  He was serving as the UK Royal Marines representative at the Quantico Education and Development Centre.
He had previously served in 42RM Commando during WW2 *, and was a member of the Commando Association. On the 8th June 1963 the then Major Bavin had been appointed OBE.

BROWNING, James Gardner

Corporal James Browning, HQ 3 Commando Bde. RM,  was reported missing presumed drowned, after the cessation of hostilities on the Falklands, when caught in a sudden squall whilst in a dinghy off Port Stanley. He had previously served in 45 Commando workshops. 

CAMPBELL, Gordon Alexander

Lance Corporal Gordon Campbell died during training  at the Pontrilas Army Training Area near Hereford involving fast roping from a helicopter. During his nine years in the Corps he had served in Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan. His funeral with full military honours, took place at Oldmeldrum Parish Church, Aberdeenshire.  
[Sources: AFM ROH / MOD FOI Request ref 2015/09430/ BBC Online]

CLARK, Ian Campbell

Lieutenant Ian Clark died during a cross border operation to Sajingan Besar * in Indonesia. He received a posthumous MiD for distinguished services in support of operations.
The operation, codenamed Lively Cricket,  was against Indonesian forces who had been mortaring the 42 Commando base at Kampung Biawak, in Sarawak, Malaysia.
Also died in this operation
Marine Thomas Collins.

EVANS, Andrew Peter

Sergeant Andrew Evans was killed [1] when his helicopter was shot down during the Falkands War. He received a posthumous Mention in Despatches in recognition of his service during operations in the South Atlantic [2]
Extract from the Globe and Laurel July/August 1982 edition.

FARRAGHER, Kieran Joseph

Warrant Officer Kieran Farragher, attached to the Special Air Service, died in a climbing accident in Botswana. He had joined the SAS in 1973 having previously served in 95 Commando and 29 Commando Regt RA.

Special Forces ROH website (+ image)
Commando Gunner website

GENGE, John Thomas Head

Corporal John Genge died of natural causes at British Military Hospital Kamukting. 
Buried at Batu Gajah; later exhumed, Cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK. 
 Malaya Historical group.

GOATLEY, George John

Marine George John Goatley, RMFVR, drowned during a training exercise with No.4 Special Boat Section.
Extract from the Globe and Laurel 
"No.4 Special Boat Section 
With deep regret we have to record the death of Mne. John George Goatley*, who was drowned when the canoe of which he was in charge capsized under the bow of a river barge during a waterborne infiltration exercise with the Thames Metropolitan Police on the night of 14th November, 1951. We extend our great sympathies to his relatives in their tragic loss."

HALFORD, Jack Lovell

Colour Sergeant Jack Halford BEM was killed during operations in the Arabian Desert whilst seconded to the Northern Frontier Regiment on special duty with the forces of Muscat and Oman.

On the 2nd January 1945 it was announced in Gazettes that the then Corporal Jack Lovell Halford had been awarded the BEM (Military Division).


Corporal John Henry RM
Corporal John Henry, from Clarkleap, Newcastleton, died during operations in Malaya. His section were ambushed and pinned down in the Cameron Highlands and Cpl. Henry was killed as he went to get ammunition for them. [1]
Buried at Batu Gajah; later exhumed, cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK. [2]

HOLLINGTON, Richard Humphrey

Mne Richard Hollington 40 Commando
Marine Richard Hollington, Bravo Company, died of wounds from an explosion that occurred on the 12th June 2010 whilst he was conducting a reassurance patrol in Afghanistan for the local nationals in an area to the south of Patrol Base Ezeray. He had been immediately evacuated to Bastion Role 3 Hospital where his condition was listed as critical. On 13 June 2010 he was transferred to the new Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. At 1108hrs BST on 20 June 2010, with his parents and brothers present, Marine Hollington sadly died of his wounds.

HOWE, Norman Stanley

Cpl Howe R
Grave of Cpl Howe RM
Corporal Norman Howe died [1] in the British Military Hospital, Singapore [2+3].
He was originally buried at Pasir Penang Cemetery, Singapore.  This cemetery was closed in 1974/5 and the next of kin were given various choices at that time. Cpl. Howe's remains were repatriated to England. His name appears on a Memorial Plaque in the Church of Resurrection in Kuala Kangsar in Malaysia [4].

JENKINS, Gareth Stuart

Lieutenant Gareth Jenkins RM died while conducting Officer training at the Commando Training Centre, Royal Marines Lympstone, during the 30 Miler Commando Test on Dartmoor training area.
Royal Navy / AFM ROH / The Exeter and Great Devon District Coroner’s Office / Service Inquiry report online.

JONES, Michael Peter

Corporal Michael Jones died during operations in Southern Afghanistan. He joined the Royal Marines aged 18 on 8 February 1999. Through eight years of meritorious service, he served on operations in Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan. [Source: MOD]

LAMB, Ernest

Marine Ernest Lamb died of wounds received during operations in Malaya. He was cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and his ashes returned to the UK.

MARSHALL, William Nigel

Captain William Marshall RM was attached to the Sultan of Oman's Forces at the time of his death. 
"Captain W. N. Marshall, Royal Marines, and Captain M. G. A. Shipley, Royal Anglians, volunteers serving on loan with the Sultan of Oman's Armed Forces, were killed in the Dhofar province of Oman on 8th March. The helicopter in which they were travelling was shot down by rebel small-arms fire. The third person killed in the incident was not a member of Her Majesty's Forces although he had previously served in the Royal Air Force."


Cpl Damian Mulvihill 40 Commando
Corporal Damian Mulvihill died whilst taking part in a joint ISAF - ANA patrol engaged in operations near Sangin. The marines of Alpha Company were conducting a clearance patrol to deter Taliban intimidation of local Afghans. It was during this action that an Improvised Explosive Device was detonated, which sadly killed Corporal Mulvihill instantly. He died leading his section and the Company from the front.

ORR, Samuel

Sergeant Samuel Orr
Sergeant Samuel Orr died in Malaya.
Extract from the Ballymena Weekly Telegraph - Friday 05 January 1951
Belfast Family War Sacrifice
"Mr. and Mrs. Robert Orr, Foreman Street, Belfast, have received official information that their son, Sergt. Samuel Orr, was killed in action in Malaya last week while serving with a Commando Unit of the Royal Marines.  He had been eight vears in the Forces, and served with the S.EA.C. and the B.L.A. in World War 11.

PEARSON, Andrew, R

Sgt Andrew Pearson died  whilst taking part in a night exercise in the Solent. A verdict of accidental death was recorded at the inquest in Portsmouth.
[Sources: AFM ROH / BBC News Online 24th Aug. 2011.]


Corporal Ian Plank, a Swimmer Canoeist with the S.B.S.,  was killed by hostile fire during a Coalition operation in Iraq.  [Sources: AFM ROH / MOD / email Jase]

POOLE, Benjamin John Buesnel

Mne. Benjamin Poole, from Jersey, collapsed and died from cardiac arrest at the end of an 18 mile mountain yomp training exercise. He was on a special forces selection course and was less than half a mile from the final checkpoint in the Brecon Beacons, and only three days from finishing the four-week selection programme.

POWELL, Adrian Mark

Trooper Adrian Powell died in a road traffic collision whilst serving with the SAS. He had previously served with  7 and 148 Btys. of 29 Commando Regt. RA, and 7 RHA.  He died when the vehicle in which he was travelling overturned while on way to training exercises near Nairobi in Kenya.

Also killed in this collision was 24648153 SSgt. Martin Halls, SAS, formerly Royal Engineers.

REDDY, Benjamin

Mne. Benjamin Reddy 42 Commando

Marine Benjamin Reddy, 'K' Company, died when his unit came under enemy fire during a deliberate clearance operation in the Kajaki area of Helmand Province.  He joined the Royal Marines on 18 April 2005 and deployed with K Company, 42 Commando Royal Marines to Helmand Province, Afghanistan, in September 2006. [Source: MOD]

REED, William Kenneth

Marine William Reed, 'Z' Company, from Whitley Bay, died during Operation Pendulum South, part of the annual deployment to Norway. 
He and 2 others, Marines Stephen West and Philip Yates, were found unconscious in a tent whilst sheltering from a whiteout during an exercise. They were casevaced to a hospital at Gjorvik by a 3 Commando Bde. Lynx helicopter where Mne. West was revived, but Marine Reed and Marine Philip Yates were found to be dead on arrival through asphyxiation caused by the men's cooker.

REES, Gareth Edward

Marine Gareth Rees was serving in Naval Party 8901 on the Falkland Islands at the time of his death.
The AFM ROH lists his Naval Party as 8401, however the two NP's on the Falklands were 8901 and 8902.

ROLLS, Graham

Lieutenant Graham Rolls died in service in Sarawak. Precise details are unknown to this archive.
There is a photo of a plaque in our gallery for those who died in Borneo/Sarawak wnere Lt. Rolls is named.

ROSE, Harry Howard

Marine Harry Rose died in Ipoh General Hospital as a result of an accidental gunshot wound. He was originally buried at Batu Gajah Cemetery but was later exhumed and cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and his ashes returned to the UK.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Malaya Historical Group]

ROTHERAM, Ronald James

Sergeant Ronald Rotheram [1] died during operations in the Falklands. He was attached to Task Force Landing Craft Squadron RM. He was on board Landing Craft Utility F4 from HMS Fearless during the Falklands Conflict in 1982. With the British Army’s 5 Brigade separated from their vital communications vehicles back at Goose Green, F4 under the command of C/Sgt Brian Johnston had been dispatched in poorly charted waters and under significant threat of air attack.

RUNDLE, Anthony John

Marine Anthony Rundle  died during operations in the Falklands. He was attached to Task Force Landing Craft Squadron RM. He was  on board Landing Craft Utility F4 from HMS Fearless during the Falklands Conflict in 1982. With the British Army’s 5 Brigade separated from their vital communications vehicles back at Goose Green, F4 under the command of C/Sgt Brian Johnston had been dispatched in poorly charted waters and under significant threat of air attack.

SALZANO, Domenico Costable

Lance Corporal Salzano
Lance Corporal Domenico Salzano, a veteran of the Falklands campaign, died when his parachute failed to open during a training exercise in Norway. 
Navy News issue Mar. 1995 p36.
[Image] Liverpool Echo Feb. 18th 1995.
His brother also served in the Corps.

SMITH, Kevin John

Gunner Kevin Smith, 79 Bty.,  died in a fall from the wall of Mosta magazine in Malta.

"Whilst the rest of the detachment waited for transport up to the main magazine Smudger decided to climb up, he nearly made it when he unfortunately slipped and fell about 100 feet." *

Commando Gunner website
* 29 Cdo Veteran via CVA Facebook page.

SMITH, Philip Robert

Cpl Philip Smith 42 Commando
Corporal Philip Smith died in a traffic accident in a lay-by near Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire. He was crushed between the military lorry he had been driving and another military lorry.  [Source: Mail Online]


Corporal John Stanworth was serving at HMS Rooke, a shore establishment in Gibraltar, at the time of his death. He was King's Badge man for JE26 Squad in 1966.
Andy Holloway. WO2 RM.
He had recently passed an SC3 Course (Swimmer Canoeist) .

STEPHENS, Seth Vincent Scott

Cpl Seth Stephens CGC
Corporal Seph Stephens, S.B.S., died during operations in Southern Afghanistan. He was hit by enemy small arms fire while he was protecting and inspiring his British and Afghan comrades. He made a conscious decision to move to provide more effective covering fire. Moving along what was a very exposed position while under accurate fire, increased the risk to him significantly. This act of selfless bravery, which almost certainly saved the lives of his comrades, was recognised by the posthumous award of the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross.

TINNION, Bradley

Bombardier Bradley Tinnion, formerly 29 Commando RA, died whilst serving with the SAS having left the Commando in 1998.  He suffered fatal wounds when he was hit by machine gun fire as he helped rescue and evacuate six Army hostages out of the jungle in Sierra Leone. He received a posthumous MiD. [Award: London Gazettes Supp. 56168, page 4246.]

WESTON, Barry John

Sgt Barry Weston 42 Commando
Sergeant Barry Weston was fatally injured by an improvised explosive device while leading a patrol operating near the village of Sukmanda in southern Nahr-e Saraj district Helmand province. The patrol was participating in an operation to draw insurgents away from the civilian population in order to disrupt their activity and further expand the influence of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 

WIGLEY, Jonathan

Mne Jonathan Wigley 45 Commando
Marine Jonathan Wigley died as a result of injuries sustained while on an Afghan and UK Task Force force operation on the outskirts of the village of Garmsir, to dislodge Taliban forces who had been responsible for attacks on the town in recent days. He was airlifted to a UK hospital in Camp Bastion, where he sadly later died from his wounds.

WRIGHT, Robert

Marine Robert Wright died of encephalitis in Malaya. 

Buried at Batu Gajah, later exhumed, cremated at Sek Keng Cheng Crematorium, Kuala Lumpur and ashes returned to the UK.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Malaya Historical Group]

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