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46RM Commando Nominal Roll

Below is a nominal roll of those who served in 46RM Commando. It is listed by order of surname. The names are primarily compiled from the booklet issued to Veterans in 1946 entitled "The Story of 46 Commando, Royal Marines, by Captain P.K.W. Johnson, RM". The author specifies the Nominal Roll is of those who served between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1945. However additional names will be added in the future whenever an individual's Commando Service has been established. 

BUSCALL, John Allan

Capt Buscall RM

Capt. John Buscall died whilst serving at the Commando School RM. [1]

In 1942 the then PLY/X 561 Sgt John Allan Buscall RM was promoted Lieutenant. [2] 

In August 1943 on their formation, he joined 46RM Commando and served with with 'Z' troop of 46RM Commando. [3]

He received a MID for distinguished services in NW Europe whilst Lieutenant (Acting Major). [4]


Marine Harry Charlwood 46 Commando

Marine Harry Charlwood, 'B' troop, was awarded the MM was awarded the MM for his gallantry during the attack on Rots, Normandy. Having been wounded he was taken prisoner. He was subsequently released when the prison camp was overrun by the 11th Armoured Division near Lubeck in May 1945. 

COOPER, Samuel

On the 29th August 1944 it was announced that the then A/Sgt. Samuel Cooper was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy. 

DAVIES, John Charles

Troop Sergeant Major John Davies, 'Y' troop, was killed during the period his Commando were engaged in operations at the River Aller near Hademstorf. 
He received a posthumous MiD for "good services with the 21st Army Group."

DEWBERRY, Charles William

Mne Charles William Dewberry 46RM Commando
Newspaper report on death of Marine Dewberry

Marine Charles Dewberry, 'A' troop, was wounded during operations at Sallenelles. 

Mne. Dewberry who was from Gunton Road Upper Clapton, was found dead whilst taking a bath at the TOC H Club in Chichester. A post mortem came to the conclusion that his death was thought to be due to a fall, possibly as he got out of the bath. The Coroner recorded a verdit of Accidental Death.

GRAY, Thomas Malcolm (Lt Col)

Post WW2 and now with the rank of Colonel, Thomas Malcolm Gray DSO, MC, died whilst serving at HMS President.
In World War Two he was Commanding Officer of 41RM Commando on D Day and later Commanding Officer of 46RM Commando during the River Rhine crossing. He was awarded the MC whilst  Captain (Acting Lieutenant-Colonel) of 41RM Commando.

Citation for the MC

JOHNSON, Philip Kemble Walter

Capt. Philip Kemble Walter Johnson 46RM Commando

Capt Johnson was the author in 1946 of a small but most detailed and informative book  issued to all who served in 46RM Commando titled The Story of 46 Commando Royal Marines. In the forward to the book Lt Col. Hardy gives thanks to Capt. Johnson, Capt. Buglear and Sgt. Barrow for their contribution in the preparation and distribution of the book.

LEE, John

Major John Lee, MC, LLB, the Second-in-Command,  was killed during operations in Beuzeville, Normandy.
He was awarded the MC, in the rank of Acting Major, for "gallant and distinguished services while operating with the Army during the successful landings in Normandy."


Sergeant Herbert Mallorie 46RM Commando

Acting Temporary Company Sergeant Major Herbert Mallorie was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services in North West Europe.

London Gazettes Supp. 37464, page 909.
National Archives file WO 373/47/99.

PIERCE, Barry Walter

Captain Barry Pierce, 'Y' troop, was killed during operations at the River Aller in the vicinity of the village of Hademstorf.  A footnote on the headstone of his grave reads "The first British soldier over the Rhine. 46RM Commando 'Y' troop. March 23 1945"
The book A Plain Russet-Coated Captain by Capt John Day 45RM Cdo.
CVA Gallery image of his headstone.


Eric Taylor 46RM Commando
Eric Taylor enlisted into the Royal Marines in 1939. After his training he served on HMS Suffolk from the 3rd April 1940 to the 3rd January 1941. After this he served on board HMS Malaya from the 6th August 1941 to the 13th December 1943. 
He served in 46RM  Commando from the 15th January 1944 until the 20th July 1945.
(Source: CVA Gallery/his son Keith Taylor.)

VARDY, Thomas

Mne Tom Vardy MM 46RM Commando
Mne. Vardy MM, was killed during operations at the River Aller crossing.
Tom Vardy joined the Royal Marines on the 22nd May 1941 being attached to the Royal Marines Reserve Depot until 8th July 1941. From 9th July 1941 to the 2nd November 1941 he was posted Plymouth Division. On the 3rd November 1941 he was posted to the 9th RM Battalion, and from there on the 1st August 1943 he joined 46RM Commando.

Citatation for MM


Vogel alias Villiers 10 Commando
Egon Vogel was of the Jewish Faith and served  under an alias of Ernest Robert Villiers in 3 troop, also known as  'X' troop, of the inter allied commando.

WOOLLAM, George Arthur

Lt George Woollam 46RM Commando
Lieutenant George Woollam was killed in an accident whilst serving at the Commando Basic Training Centre. The death certificate states he died of a fractured skull at the North British Aluminium Company's Works. 
He was in  'A' troop of the Commando in May 1944.  He was from Tunstall and is remembered on their War Memorial. He is buried in Fort William (Glen Nevis) Cemetery.

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