No 12 Commando Nominal P-Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 12 Commando.

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CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
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Page Alan LSgt      
Palin William Ernest CSM      
Parkington Charles Cpl      
Parnwell B A Maj      
Parr Malcolm J H Sgt     R.Artillery
Parr Mick Sgt      
Paul W Lcpl      
Payne H R Pte      
Perks C Fus      
Perry Alfred Cpl      
Pickering C Pte      
Pilkington J R Fus      
Pinckney Phillip Hugh Capt 100670   RA; and 2SAS executed
Preston George Sgt      
Price Randall, E.C. Lt 189336   Glos.Regt. 
Pullen B D Sgt      
Purdon Corran, W.B. Lt/ later MajGen   CBE,MC,CPM RUR; Op Chariot
Quill D Pte      
Quillin Douglas, Gordon Sgt     & 7 and 5 Cdos
Radford A H Pte      
Rafferty R Sgt      
Rayner V Sgt      
Redfern James Pte      
Reeves Walter 'Jumbo' Bdr 883888   RA; Op Chariot; PoW
Richards R Pte      
Roberts Douglas L Cpl      
Roberts Edward Ted Fus      
Roberts Harry Andrews Sgt      
Roberts Ron Lcpl      
Robertson F Fus      
Robinson Joseph Henry 'Tim' Sgt 894174   Berks Yeomanry, RA
Robinson P Sgt      
Rooney Oswald Basil 'Mickey' Major      
Rosenthall W Gnr     R Artillery
Routledge George Capt      
Rudd D Lcpl      
Ryan M D Capt     R Ulster Rifles
Ryan Richard Sgt      
Ryley R H Pte      
Saunders A Lt      
Scott J C Lcpl      
Scrivenor R Fus      
Segger Peter Pte      
Shaw John, Fallas, Cobbold Lt (later Hon.Capt) 129492   Northumberland Fus / & 6 Cdo, CMWTC, 12 Cdo, 30AU
Shelley F C RQMS      
Shepherd   Pte      
Sims Edward Ted Pte      
Sinclair J Pte      
Skeels B Rfn      
Smethurst Joseph William Fus      
Smith E L H Lt     Monmouthshire Regt/SWB
Smith Ian Christopher Major 108233 MC+BAR RASC
Smith Raymond Arthur Francis Capt     R Artillery
Sparks   Pte      
Spary V G W Pte      
Steadman Charles, Emanuel Cpl 1508032   Monmouthshire  Regt. /SWB & Sgt. in No.9 Cdo
Steadman F Pte      
Steele A H Rfn      
Stephens Sidney Lcpl      
Stevens John William Pte      
Stevens Stanley Lcpl      
Stevenson Norman Tpr      
Stewart Eric        
Stewart Samuel Rfn      
Stokes Horace L/Cpl      
Stott J        
Swadling Albert Sgt      
Swain William Bill Pte      
Sykes H Lcpl      
Symonds J E Lt     Glos Regt
Sysonby Lord Col     Queen's Royal Regiment
Tanner   Pte      
Taylor Stanley Pte  6353613   R West Kents
Teasdale N L Pte      
Templeton  Jimmy       & 6 Cdo (CA87)
Tett Leslie Frank Pte 14600561   Dorsets
Terris Paul        
Thompson K Pte      
Thomson John Nk      
Thursby Oliver Albert Pte      
Tough Alexander Sandy Sgt      
Towse Alf Jock LSgt      
Trowman N F Pte      
Turner Frederick William Morgan Cpl      
Turner Leslie Pte      
Underhill Ernest Douglas Pte      
Ure John, C. 'Jack' later Capt.     & 3 Cdo - CA119
Vickers K H Cpl      
Vincent Kenneth Pte      
Waggett Kenneth Frederick Harvey Lt 189492   Middlesex Regt
Wakefield Ray Pte      
Waldie R G Lt     KOSB
Wales Harold, Holland Pte     CA115
Wall A Tpr      
Wallace Hector, Mackenzie Sgt     Formerly Bellamy (CA48) (poss D.C.M.?)
Ward William, G.  Pte     & 1 Cdo - CA119
Ware Henry Arnold Sgt      
Wartnaby C R Pte      
Watson H A Gnr     R Artillery
Webb Joe        
Wedderburn E A M Lt Col     R Scots
Welling Clifford Pte      
Westmore F N Pte      
Wheeler Edward Ted Cpl      
Whittingham L Gdsm     Guards (later  1 Cdo)
Wiggins Patrick Pte      
Wight Knocker Sgt      
Willcox Harry Pte      
Williams Frank Tpr      
Williams John Henry Cpl      
Williamson W T Lcpl      
Wilmerst   Lcpl      
Wilson Alexander Pte      
Wilson D        
Wilton Max R Sgt      
Winch Harry        
Wood G G 'Timber' Gdm      
Wood H Sgt      
Woodward John Sgt      
Woollard George Pte      
Worthington Paddy        
Wren Stan Nk      
Wright Richard 'Dicky' L/Cpl      
Wright Robert, Ernest Cpl 2009393 RE Op Chariot, Anklet
Young Robert 'Rob' Carruthers Tpr     later 1 Cdo


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