1 & 8 troops (French)

Phillipe Kieffer was granted permission to raise a commando unit from Free French Naval Forces based on the British Commando model. On completion of commando training, at Achnacarry, the men of 1er Compagnie de Fusiliers Marin commanded by Kieffer, were assigned to 1 (French) Troop, No10 (IA) Cdo. 

Later, a second troop, 8 (French) Troop, was raised and added to the Commando. Promoted to Capitaine de Corvette (Major) Kieffer was appointed Senior Officer French Troops. [Commandant du 1 er Batailion Fusilier Marin Commando].

For D-Day, a total of 177 men from 1 & 8 (French) Troops and the K-Gun Section were assigned to No4 Cdo; with 1 (French) troop being absorbed as 5 Troop and 8 (French) Troop being absorbed as 6 Troop.

Follow this link for the Nominal Roll for No 10 Commando

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