Small Scale Raiding Force

Part of Combined Operations the men of the SSRF were trained in Commando style combat together with aspects of seamanship in the use of small craft such as Dory's. Formed at Fareham they recruited from units such as the SOE and the SBS, included foreign nationals, and were often supported by some Commandos, in particular individuals from No.12 Commando. Their primary role was small raids along the Channel coastline of occupied France. 

SSRF and SAS raids:

2/3rd Sep-42 Operation Dryad. Raid on Alderney - 8 raiders to the rocks beneath the lighthouse. When they returned later they had the enemy's code books and seven prisoners - the lighthouse keepers, radio operators and guards.
12/13th September - Operation on Saint Honorine .
3-Oct-42 Operation Basalt Sark Channel Islands. 
11-Nov-42 Operation Farenheit The Pointe de Plouezec - Raid on a signalling station French Coast.
1942 Foretop France (Foretop N Allied 1942 - 1943 NW Europe Plan to raid U-boat bases on French coast, abandoned as too impractical);
Jan'43 onwards -Forfar Raids along French coast commanded by Major Ted Fynn MC 12 Commando (there were a number of Raids titled Forfar followed by Beer -Dog -How -Love-Item)
2-Sep-43 Forfar Item. This was the first raid into France by Parachute and later evacuation by MTB.

Photos of the SSRF are here  

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