Falklands Campaign - Operation Corporate

Date commenced: 
Friday, April 2, 1982
The Falklands Conflict - an undeclared war.
Operation Corporate 2nd April 1982 - 14th June 1982.
A report by Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse G.C.B., G.B.E., Commander of the Task Force Operations in the South Atlantic April to June 1982. 

The despatch describes briefly the very short period of preparation for sending Task Force 317 to the South Atlantic and, more fully, the operations from 1 April 1982 when units of the Fleet sailed south until 20 June 1982 when the last Argentine forces remaining on British Territory surrendered. [Read the full report in the London Gazette.....].

3 Commando Brigade Royal Marines 

Brigadier J. H. A. Thompson, C.B., O.B.E., A.D.C.

 Commando Units Officers Commanding
3 Commando Bde. HQ and Signal Sqn. R.M. Maj. R.C. Dixon, R.M.
40 Commando R.M. Lt. Col. M.P.J. Hunt, O.B.E., R.M.
42 Commando R.M. Lt. Col. N.F. Vaux, D.S.O., R.M.
45 Commando R.M. Lt. Col. A.F. Whitehead, D.S.O., R.M.
Commando Logistic Regiment R.M. Lt. Col. I.J. Hellberg, O.B.E., R.C.T.
29 Commando Regiment R.A. Lt. Col. M.J. Holroyd-Smith, O.B.E., R.A.
59 Independent Commando Sqn., R.E. Maj. R. Macdonald, R.E.
Commando Medical Squadron  Surgeon Commander R.T. Jolly, O.B.E.
3 Commando Bde., Air Sqn., R.M. Maj. C.P. Cameron, M.C., R.M.
1st Raiding Sqn., R.M. Capt. F.I.J. Baxter, R.M.
Special Boat Sqn., R.M. Maj. J.J. Thomson, O.B.E., R.M.
3 Commando Bde., Air Defence Troop, R.M. Lt. I.L.Dunn, R.M.
Y Troop, R.M. Capt. G.D. Corbett, R. Sigs.
Field Records Office, Drafting and Records Office, R.M. Capt. J.R. Hancock, R.M.
The Band of HM Royal Marines Commando Forces Capt. J.M. Ware, L.R.A.M., R.M.
The Band of HM Royal Marines Flag Officer 3rd Flotilla WO2 (B) T. Attwood, L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M., RM

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