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Lieutenant John Godwin, 14 Commando
Lieutenant John Godwin, a veteran of Operation Crackers * [view],  was an Argentinian in the RNVR.  He was Commanding Officer of the raiding party at Kopervik, Norway (Op. Checkmate). After the raid he was taken prisoner, taken initially to Haugesund, and later executed at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. 

NORTHERN, Samuel Bernard

Mne Northern was killed during operations at Dieppe.

The CWGC shows his unit as HMS Locust.  This was the name of the ship that carried about 200 Royal Marine Commandos on the raid at Dieppe.

It should be noted that we have an Image of a Signals Intelligence Unit formed for the raid at Dieppe which operated covertly on on this raid as a platoon of 40RM Commando.  On that image PO/X 101038 Mne Samuel B. 'Ginger' Northern,  is named as a member of the unit.

ROE, Alfred John

Petty Officer Alfred Roe 14 Commando

Patty Officer Alfred Roe was one of the raiding party at Kopervik, Norway (Operation Checkmate). He was captured and later died of typhus at Belsen Concentration Camp having been transferred there from Sachsenhausen.


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