Commando Extraordinary

Commando Extraordinary
  • Title: Commando Extraordinary
  • Authors: Charles Foley
  • Publisher: Bantam Books
  • Published Date: 1979
  • Description: "He was Hitler's favorite commando -- and a frightening menace to the Allied forces. With a handful of German Special Troops, Otto Skorzeny performed the impossible by snatching Mussolini from an 'impenetrable' mountain. He astounded the world and gave a brilliant demonstration of the new warfare, which extends beyond the lines of battle, beyond even the 'rules of war.' Here is the inside story of the abduction of Horthy from Budapest, the 'disguised brigade' behind American lines in the Ardennes, the destruction of the Nymegen bridge and the incredible rescue of the 'doomed' German division in the Balkans. Here is the complete and astounding saga of Skorzeny, the greatest adventurer of World War II."--Back cover
  • Identifier: 055312580X | 9780553125801
  • Page Count: 228
  • theme_hook_original: google_books_biblio

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