Service number: 
Died : 
Sunday, January 14, 1945
Killed in action or died of wounds
Cpl. Bjorndalen 10 Commando

Cpl. Bjorndalen, 5 troop (Norwegian), was killed during operations in Holland.  On the night of the 13/14th January, his Norwegian troop of 10 Inter Allied Commando, together with 47RM Commando, took part in an unsuccessful attack on the German held small island of Kapelsche Veer which lies between the River Maas and the River Oudermaas.

Originally buried in Holland, his remains were brought home to Norway and buried in Hedrum churchyard in a ceremony on 1st September 1946. He is also remembered with others from 5 troop on a Memorial to Norwegian Commandos located on the open space at the rise of the boulevard of Schagen at Domburg.

(Service number as shown in the 10(IA) Cdo. War Diary ref NA-WO/218/85.)

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