WW2 Commando History - August

WW2 Commando History - August

There are too many operations and/or notable dates to mention each and every one but here are some. Touch/click photos for more information.

18/25 August 1941 Operation Gauntlet, a Combined Operations raid on the island of Spitsbergen with units from the Canadian and Free French along with the Britsih including the Special Service Brigade.  

14/15 August 1942 Operation Barricade, a group from the Small Scale Raiding Force (SSRF), also referred to as 62 Commando, attacked a radar post at Pointe de Saire near Barfleur, crossing the Channel using a MTB. 

19th August 1942 Operation Jubilee, the Combined Operations raid at Dieppe. This raid is well documented and resulted in heavy Allied losses. The Commando units involved were Nos 3,and 4 Army Commandos and 40RM Commando. Amongst those who accompanied the Commandos were some from the Ist Ranger Bn., United States Army, including Lieutenant Edward Loustalot who was amongst those killed in action. His photo can be seen here: HERE. We have a gallery album with information and photos about the US Rangers, including the diary of Leilyn Young which contains a great amount of detail of his journey to the UK, and his training and time with the Commandos : US Rangers gallery.

Amongst the many gallantry medals awarded was that of the Victoria Cross to Captain Patrick Anthony Porteous, No 4 Commando. His citation, along with those of all the Commando Victoria Cross recipients, can be found here in our Victoria Cross section.


A Nominal Roll of those from No 4 Commando who took part can be viewed HERE

A ROH for the Commando Fallen at Dieppe with links to any Gallery entries we have can be found HERE

The graves of some of the fallen during this operation can be viewed on this link to our gallery for Dieppe Canadian War Cemetery

August 1943 saw the continuation of the Forfar raids along the French coastline involving men from No 12 Commando, the SSRF, and the SBS.

On the 15/16th August 1943 No 2 Commando were involved in Operation Blackcock at Scaletta, Sicily. During this operation No 2 Cdo. Captain Dickie Hooper was awarded the Military Cross, "Captain Hooper led his troop, No.6, with great gallantry and determination in the street fighting in Scaletta village in the early morning of the 16th August 1943, which resulted after the Commando landing just North of this village. In this action with German troops, he was wounded in the shoulder by a rifle bullet. After his area of the village was cleared, he continued to lead his troop to its correct position, three miles further down the coast. Later the troop was ordered to march North on the road to Messina, Captain Hooper again leading until restrained by the medical authorities, and removed to the casualty clearing station."

Captain Hooper also took part in the Commando raids at Vaagso, and St Nazaire where he was badly wounded. (L.G.18.11.43) 

Amongst the casualties at Scaletta were Lieutenant John Jeffreys, Sergeant Anthony Patrick Duffy and Gunner Edward Cox. Images of all 3 men and many other of the No Commando Fallen throughout the war can be viewed here:

 No 2 Commando In Remembrance album

August 1944 saw the continued advance into NW Europe after D day with heavy fighting in many areas. Thousands of British and Allied troops took part in these landings. The Commando Units involved were HQ Commando Group, Nos. 1 and 4 Commando Brigades, and troops from No.10(IA) Commando. Much has been written in the past about the landings and we could not hope to cover it in this small piece. Our thoughts are with them all. Suffice to say that those Commandos who made that original journey and did not come home are remembered with honour. Some of their graves can be seen in our War Graves albums for France HERE .

On the 19/20th August 1944 units from No 1 Special Service Brigade (later renamed Commando Brigade) were involved in action crossing the River Dives, whilst No 4 Special Service Brigade were in action in the Dozule region of Normandy. The photo taken by L/Cpl Emmerson of No 1 Special Service Brigade depicts the ruins of a Church near Dozule. More of his many excellent photos can be found in our No 1 Special Service Brigade gallery album

Some photos of the Normandy invasion can be found here:

 Normandy - Operation Overlord

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