Book titled Falklands Commando

Falklands Commando
  • Title: Falklands Commando
  • Authors: Hugh McManners
  • Publisher: Collins
  • Published Date: 2002
  • Description: Hugh McManners was among the first of the British Special Forces to land on the Falkland Islands and here, in this gripping narrative, is his first-hand account of this most famous of modern British military operations. This new edition includes a revised introduction, along with new photography and notes on the combat. Author Biography Editorâe(tm)s Note on new edition Contents List of maps & diagrams Acknowledgements New Introduction (2002) Original Introduction (1984) Chapter 1 âe" The Calm Before the Storm Chapter 2 âe" Preparation and departure Chapter 3 âe" At sea Chapter 4 âe" Planners and hoaxers Chapter 5 âe" Ascension Island Chapter 6 âe" Our war begins Chapter 7 âe" Fanning Head Chapter 8 âe" HMS Intrepid in âe~Bomb Alleyâe(tm) Chapter 9 âe" The Fox Bay raid Chapter 10 âe" Survival Chapter 11 âe" Operations Brewers Arms Chapter 12 âe" Beagle Ridge Chapter 13 âe" Waiting to go home Chapter 14 âe" Home Epilogue (written for 2002) Chronology Glossary Index
  • Identifier: 0007141750 | 9780007141753
  • theme_hook_original: google_books_biblio

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