RN Beach Commando 'Victor'

'History of Naval Beach Control Parties (formerly Royal Naval Beach Commandos)'
Transcript of National Archives document file DEFE 2/987. 
'R.N.B.C. Victor'
Formed in September-October 1943 with Lt. F.M. Hutton R.N.V.R., B.M. of V.1 as Senior Officer. Under training the ratings of this Unit proved exceptionally smart and keen as there were no C.S. Able Seamen or other malcontents from big ships.
On completion of its training this unit remained split up in its sub units while carrying out exercise commitments at Appledore, Burnham, Inveraray, until in April 1944 it assembled for unit in Armadillo under the command of Lt. Cdr. F.M. Hutton, R.N.V.R. It remained in Armadillo, except for a Brigade training period at Inveraray with 52nd Lowland Division, until 10th -11th August 1944 when it proceeded to Lowestoft. Remained at Lowestoft until it proceeded overseas to S.E.A.C. on 16th December 1944.
May 1945  Rangoon.
September 1945 Malaya.
C.O.  Lt. Cdr. F.M. Hutton R.N.V.R.
Disbanded Nov 1945 in S.E.A.C.
Lt. Archibald, R.N.V.R. 
Lt. Cdr.  F.M. Hutton, R.N.V.R.
Lt.  J.G. Causley, R.N.V.R. 
Lt.  G.E. Moses, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.  B. Gausden, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.   J.G. Oliver, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.  T. George, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.  L. Priestley, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.  N. Gibson, R.N.V.R.
Lt. Howe, R.N.V.R. 
S.Lt.  J.S. Harvey, R.N.V.R.
Lt. Cdr  M.V. Redshaw, R.N.V.R.
Lt.  P. Hopkins, R.N.V.R.
S.Lt.  A.W. Smith, R.N.V.R.

From the Navy Lists at the National Library of Scotland digital collections.
Temp. Lt. W. I. Archibald posted Beach Duty 16 Sep. 1943
Temp. S.Lt. J.G. Causley posted Beach Duty 11 Mar. 1943
Temp. Mid. B.H. Gausden posted Beach Duty 30 Sep.1943
Temp. S.Lt. N. Gibson posted Beach Duty 20 Sep. 1943
Temp. Lt.Cdr. F.M. Hutton posted Beach Duty 4 Oct. 1943.
Temp. Lt. G.E. Moses posted Beach Duty 16 Sep. 1943
Temp. S.Lt. L.G. Priestley 
Temp. Lt.Cdr. M.V. Redshaw posted Beach Duty 18 Feb. 1944
Temp. Lt. L.W. Smith posted Beach Duty 9 Dec. 1943

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