RN Beach Commando 'Dog'

'History of Naval Beach Control Parties (formerly Royal Naval Beach Commandos)'
Transcript of National Archives document file DEFE 2/987. 
'R.N.B.C. Dog'
The original unit was formed at Couport House or Inveraray about April-May 1942. Took part in Dieppe raid in which majority of personnel were casualties. Not reformed in U.K. but as result of C.C.O.'s decision July 1943 name 'Dog' was allocated to Unit formerly known as No 5 or SAUNDERS B.P. (The other Saunders Party became N.B.C. Zebra by same signal, but it was absorbed into Dog at some date after Salerno in September 1943. Zebra was maintained as a separate entity for a brief period  only, duration unknown.)
Participated in Salerno landing, afterwards returning to SAUNDERS*, where it remained until going to Corsica to relieve Able in June 1944. After periods in Naples and Messina the Unit returned to the U.K. in February 1945, reaching ARMADILLO on the 29th March, where it was disbanded about the end of April or beginning of May 1945.
Dog (1st)
Dieppe, August 1942
Dog (2nd)
June 1943 Pantellaria as No. 5 B. Cdo.
Sept 1943 Salerno (Vietri and Amalfi as No. 5 B. Cdo.)
15 August 1944 Present afloat South of France.
C.O.    Lt. Cdr. T. Pearson, D.S.C., R.N.
Disbanded at Armadillo May 1945
S. Lt. F. Brindle, R.N.V.R.
Lt. Oakley, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. F.A. Curtis, R.N.V.R.
Lt. Cdr. Pearson, R.N.
S. Lt. J. Ensoll, R.N.V.R.
Lt. Roberts, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. R. Epstein, R.N.V.R.
Lt. P. Ross, R.N.V.R.
Lt. R. J. Franklin, R.N.V.R.
Lt. J.M. Sellars, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. P.L. Jonas, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. Stephens, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. J. Lomas, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. Thomson
S. Lt. Miller, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. K.L. Vaughan, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. R.B. Mitchell, R.N.V.R.
S. Lt. D.W. Wilders, R.N.V.R.
* Saunders was H.M.S. Saunders,  the Combined Training Centre, Middle East, at Kabret by the Little Bitter Lake on the Suez Canal.

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