'Falklands War - Mention in Despatches'

The following were Mentioned in Despatches, or received the Queen's commendation for Brave Conduct, in recognition of service during the Falklands War.

Mentioned in Despatches
Lt Col. Keith Richard Hubert EVE, RA Liaison Officer attd. 29 Commando Regt RA.
Major Peter Ralph LAMB, RM, SO2 G4 Ops. , NO12487F.
Major Michael John NORMAN, RM.
Major David Anthony PENNEFATHER, RM, 3 Cdo. Bde. NO14309U.
Major Rupert Cornelius VAN DER HORST, RM, 2 i/c 45 Commando, NO10024P.
Capt. Michael Anthony Falle COLE, RM, 45 Commando, NO17739E.
Capt. Robin John MAKEIG-JONES, RA, 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn. (29 Cdo.) 498932.
Capt. Joseph Hugh McMANNERS, 29 Commando Regt. RA. 495368.
Capt. Andrew Bennett NEWCOMBE, RM, 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn., NO21197T.
Capt. Eugene Joseph O'KANE, RM.
Capt. Andrew Robert PILLAR, RM, 40 Commando, NO18853E.
Capt. Nicholas Ernest POUNDS, RM,  3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn., NO20493P.
Capt. Christopher Roy ROMBERG, 29 Commando Regt. RA. 79 (Kirkee) Bty. 505905.
Lieut. Roland Frederick PLAYFORD, RM.
Lieut. Christian Thomas Gordon, CAROE, RM, 45 Commando 2 Tp ('X' Coy) NO287517.
Lieut. Ronald Lindsay CRAWFORD, RM.
Lieut. Andrew John EBBENS, RM.
Lieut. Fraser HADDOW, RM, 3 Cdo.Bde. (M. & A.W.C.), NO25804V.
Lieut. Mark Evan WARING, 29 Commando Regt. RA. 8 (Alma) Bty. 501715.
Lieut. Mark Graham WILLIAMS, 29 Commando Regt. RA. 7 (Sphinx) Bty. 501719.
WO2 Robert John BROWN, RM, 3 Cdo. Bde. HQ. (Police Troop), HQP021729L.
WO2 Malcolm Douglas RICHARDS, 29 Cdo. Regt. RA. Naval Gunfire L.O., 23942520.
WO2 Adrian Spencer ROBINSON, RM, 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn., P019573Y.
CSgt. Barrie DAVIES, RM, P020357M.
CSgt. Everett YOUNG, RM, 3 Cdo.Bde. (M. & A.W.C.), P023189T.
Sgt. Peter BEEVERS, RM, P026130T.
Sgt. Ian William BRICE, RM, SBS, P027697Y.
Sgt. Edward Lindsay BUCKLEY, RM, SBS, P025425T.
Sgt. Brian Gordon BURGESS, RM, P037926M.
Sgt. Edgar Robert CANDLISH, RM, 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn., P031726H.
Sgt. Robert Terence COOPER, RM, P027420D.
Sgt. Graham DANCE, RM, P041201U.
Sgt. Colin Charles DE LA COUR, Q.G.M. RM, P024604K.
Sgt. Brian DOLIVERA, RM, P028117H.
Sgt. David Keith HADLOW, RM, P032506X.
Sgt. Kevin Michael JAMES, Q.G.M. RM, P025432M.
Sgt. William David Paul LEWIS, RM, SBS, P028215X.
Sgt. Mitchell MCINTYRE, RM, 42 Commando, P022409Q.
Sgt. John NAPIER, RM, P032980V
Sgt. Thomas Arthur SANDS, RM, P027627C.
Sgt. William John STOCKS, RM, SBS, P024265U.
Sgt. Christopher Ralph STONE, RM, 3 Cdo.Bde. (M. & A.W.C.), P026323M.
Sgt. Robert David WRIGHT, RM, P027999Q.
Cpl. Christopher John Graham BROWN, RM, 45 Commando, P033816X.
Cpl. Gordon COOKE, RM, P024499L.
Bdr. John Rodney JACKSON, 29 Cdo. Regt. RA. Forward Observation Party, 24130402.
Cpl. Thomas William McMAHON, RM, P030590A.
LCpl. Peter William BOORN, RM, 42 Commando, P037261V.
LCpl. Barry GILBERT, RM, SBS, P040829B.
Mne. Robert BAINBRIDGE, RM, Cdo. Logistic Regt. RM, P027011B.
Mne. Nicholas John BARNETT, RM, 42 Commando, P038293A.
Mne. David Stanley COMBES, RM, P037746K.
Mne. Garry CUTHELL, RM, 42 Commando, P036511U.
Mne. Leslie DANIELS, RM, P038702U.
Mne. Stephen DUGGAN, RM, Commando Logistic Regt. RM, P029137R.
Gnr. Gary ECCLESTON, 29 Commando Regt. RA. Bty. Cmdr.'s radio operator, 24444973.
Mne. Leonard John GOLDSMITH, RM, 45 Commando, P041637T.
Mne. Graham HODKINSON, RM, P028769S.
Gnr.  Jeffrey JONES, 29 Commando Regt. RA. 24392508.
Mne. Mark Andrew NEAT, RM, P040450H.
Mne. Geoffrey NORDASS, RM, SBS, P038320X.
Mne. David Lloyd O'CONNOR, RM, 45 Commando, P037962R.
Mne. Christopher James SCRIVENER, RM, 45 Commando, P039444L.
Mne. Ricky Shaun STRANGE, RM, P032274P.
Mne. Perry THOMASON, RM, 45 Commando, P038632D.
Mne. Paul Kevin WILSON, RM, P040423E.
LMA George BLACK, RN, attached  40 Commando, D156353Y
LMA Paul G. YOUNGMAN, RN, attached 45 Commando,  D153917M.
MA Michael NICELY, RN, attached 45 Commando, D162979K
London Gazettes Supp. 49134
National Archives file WO 373/188.

The Queen's Commendation for Brave Conduct.
Acting Colour Sergeant David Alfred WATKINS, Royal Marines, P023317B.
Marine Paul Anthony CRUDEN, Royal Marines P040123Y.
London Gazettes Supp 49134, page 12843.
M. & A.W.C. = Mountain & Arctic Warfare Cadre

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