The All Arms Commando Course

A brief insight into the All Arms Commando Course.

12 weeks (including 4 weeks preparatory course)
Location : Commando Training Centre Royal Marines
Pre Commando Course (PCC)
With sponsor units 29 Cdo RA, 24 Cdo RE


To prepare Navy, Army or Air Force personnel for service with 3 Cdo Bde RM 
by developing the temperament, mental resolve, physical robustness and core 
military skills necessary in the demanding environment of expeditionary and 
littoral operations.


Field craft & tactics
First Aid, health & hygiene
Map reading & navigation
Organisation & role of Commando forces
Skill at Arms with troop weapons
Physical fitness
Amphibious training
Vertical assault


Pass Royal Marines Battle Fitness Test (BFT) on joining course
Pass Combat Fitness Test (CFT) within 1 month of joining course
Swim 60 metres in clothing, tread water for 3 minutes, having entered water from 3 metres
Climb 30ft (9.2m) rope whilst wearing equipment weighing 6.8kg on joining course
Pass Weapons Handling Tests on personal weapon to a skilled standard on joining course


Twelve miles (19km) load carry (with equipment weighing 31.3kg and 
personal weapon) at night as a formed body within the time limit of 4 hours
Tarzan / Assault course in 13 minutes with equipment weighing 9.6kg and 
carrying personal weapon
Six mile Endurance Course in 73 minutes with equipment weighing 9.6kg 
and carrying personal weapon
Nine mile speed march in 90 minutes as a formed body with equipment 
weighing 9.6kg and carrying personal weapon
Final exercise testing basic military tactics (m ap reading, amphibious skills, 
endurance and stamina)
March 30 miles in 8 hours with equipment weighing 9.6kg and carrying 
personal weapon and safety stores on a given Dartmoor route as a syndicate


Emphasis is on fitness & stamina. All students must be physically prepared on arrival. The 4 week Preparation Course run by one of the 2 sponsor units takes place at Oakhampton Battle Camp or RMB Chivenor immediately precedes the AACC and provides for the essential preparation including weapons familiarisation.

Source & Photos: CVA

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