No 2 Commando

MORLAND, Peter Douglas

CSM Morland was awarded the DCM for his gallantry at Spilje Bay, Albania, on 28th/29th July 1944 during Operation Healing 11. He fought with No.2 Cdo in Norway, Scaletta, Salerno, and raids on the Dalmatian islands, remaining with them until the end of the war.
[Award source: London Gazettes Supp. 36730, page 4569.]

O'BRIEN, Richard

LSgt O'Brien, 2 troop, was one of the Commandos who returned from Operation Chariot, the raid on St Nazaire. He sailed on board ML 447.
6 months later he was one of the ten Commandos who took part in Operation Musketoon. Seven were taken prisoner and later executed. LSgt O'Brien evaded capture after the successful raid and made it back to the UK.  He was awarded the DCM for his actions during this raid.
(Source: LG Publication date: 5 March 1943, Supplement: 35929, Page: 1118)

PARKER, Charles Alfred

LCpl Parker was killed whilst taking part in intelligence gathering operations from Malta.  Landing from submarines of the 10th submarine flotilla utilising folbots they would gather information and be picked up later.

LCpl Parker was on board HMS Upholder when it sailed from Malta on the 6th April 1942. During a recorded interview with Sgt William 'Tan' Rudge DCM, himself one of the No 2 Commando intelligence gathering force, he states "Charlie Parker died after the sinking of the sub Upholder."  The submarine was assumed sunk after contact was lost on the 14th April 1942.

PARSONS, George Alexander

Captain Parsons MC was killed at Sarande.

No 2 Commando War Diary entry:  " 9th Oct'44. Sarande - 3 troop moving round left flank come upon enemy positions suddenly. Heavy spandau and rifle grenade fire. Capt. Parsons MC is hit. Lt Coyle takes over but is hit in the leg. Moves forward again but is killed by grenade."

PEACHEY, Frederick

LSgt Peachey served with No 2 Commando from its early days. He was a Private in 4 troop and Lance Sgt later on in 1 troop.

The then Corporal Peachey was awarded the Military Medal for "Gallant and distinguished services in Italy". [Source: LG Publication date: 13 January 1944, Supplement: 36327, page: 257]

LSgt Peachey was awarded a Bar to his Military Medal for "Gallant and distinguished services in Italy". [Source: LG Publication date: 21 August1945, Supplement: 37235, page: 4267]

PHILLIPS, Albert Henry

Cpl. Phillips was serving with the new 11 Special Air Service Bn. , formerly 2 (Parachute) Commando, at the time of his death. This unit was the forerunner of the later Parachute Regiment.
He died as a result of an accident in training whilst at STC Lochailort.  His death is recorded as "Multiple injuries. Accidentally killed by falling over precipice. Instantaneous."  The death certificate records the Adjutant at STC Lochailort as the informant.  

PROCTOR, John David

Commissioned into the Camerons (1st Liverpool Scottish)  on the 10th February 1940,  2/Lt Proctor first volunteered for the Independent Companies joining No 4 Ind.Coy. In February 1941 he was a Lieutenant in 5 troop, No 2 Commando

RADCLIFFE, Frederick

Pte Radcliffe was killed in action during operations at Salerno, this date being that of the action on the hills by the village of Dragonea, above Vietri sul Mare.

We have a document that conflicts with this, showing his death as being on the 17th during the action at Piegolelle (also seen spelt as Piegolette), and that he had been initially buried there.

RODERICK, John Morgan

On the 1st July 1939 the then Private Roderick received his commission as Second Lieutenant.  After volunteering for the Commandos he joined No 2 Commando 3 troop. During the St Nazaire raid he was OIC of an assault party amongst the commando contingent on HMS Campbeltown.


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