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RADCLIFFE, Frederick

Pte Radcliffe was killed in action during operations at Salerno, this date being that of the action on the hills by the village of Dragonea, above Vietri sul Mare.

We have a document that conflicts with this, showing his death as being on the 17th during the action at Piegolelle (also seen spelt as Piegolette), and that he had been initially buried there.

RODERICK, John Morgan

Lieut. John Roderick MC, No 2 Commando
On the 1st July 1939 the then Private Roderick received his commission as Second Lieutenant.  After volunteering for the Commandos he joined No 2 Commando 3 troop. During the St Nazaire raid he was OIC of an assault party amongst the commando contingent on HMS Campbeltown.

ROY, Donald William

Captain Donald Roy DSO

The then Private Donald William Roy (late Cadet, Fettes College Contgt., Jun. Div., O.T.C.). received his commission into the Liverpool Scots TA on the 17th June 1939. He was mobilised in August 1939 and posted to the 2nd Battalion. He volunteered for the Independent Companies and was posted to No 3 Platoon,  No 4 Independent Company. In May 1941 he and the rest of No 4 Ind. Coy sailed as part of Scissor Force to Norway (Operation Avonmouth).   When they returned he was posted to 'B' Coy. No 1 Special Service Bn.

RUBIN, Leonard

Leonard Rubin was killed during the action at Salerno.

In 1943 he was serving as Corporal in the Heavy Weapons Troop. See photos in the main gallery. The CWGC have him listed with his war substantive rank of Corporal, however he is shown on an original document in our Salerno War Cemetery gallery titled Casualties and Missing as Lance Sergeant which is likely to have been a temporary or acting rank.

RUDGE, William Francis

Sgt Rudge, 5 troop, was awarded the DCM for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy". The action resulting in his award took place on the 13th September 1943 at Dragone Hill, Salerno.
Earlier in 1942 he took part in intelligence gathering operations from Malta.  Landing from submarines of the 10th submarine flotilla utilising folbots to gather information and be picked later. The IWM hold a recording of an interview with him (available to listen to via their website)  where he describes this and other actions.

SCHOFIELD, Dudley Raymond

Lieutenant Dudley Schofield was awarded the DSO [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the field. He was one of the Commando contingent that took part in operations from HMS Triumph against the Palermo and Messina railway on the 29/30 August 1941. His party could not be re-embarked and were subsequently captured. He was eventually imprisoned at OFLAG IX A/Z Rotenburg An Der Fulda.


Dvr Scholem was killed during operations at Lake Comacchio.
Driver Robert Scholem also took part in earlier operations on Solta. Reference is made to him being from Germany although his parents are shown on the CWGC database as living in Belgium. Follow this link to our No 2 Commando History section.
Surname seen spelt on an image in the No 2 Cdo. gallery as Sholom.

SHARP, Peter

LCpl. Peter Sharp, 5 troop, was severely wounded during the last few days of action in Italy. He remained a patient from that day until he died of his wounds at Carstairs Military Hospital in 1947. *
A former Miner from Musselburgh, he had served with No 2 Commando since at least 1942. He served in 'B' Section of 5 troop whilst they were in Ayr. **
Pte. Eric Buckmaster of 5 troop adds the following:

SIMS, Richard William

LCpl Richard Sims MM 2 commando

Whilst a Lance Corporal in 2 troop Richard Sims was awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services in the field relating to his successful evasion from capture, making his way back to the UK via Gibraltar after the raid at St Nazaire in March 1942.

SMITH, James

LCpl James Smith

LCpl. James Smith was killed during the action at Salerno.

We have a document in our Gallery that outlines these details. "Killed in action at Dragone Hill,  on the left flank North of Jaconti. Buried 20 yards past T junction (Map ref. 600310) from Dragone to Padacouni, and 20 yards in from the road, ie. South on the left hand side. Map ref. 600309. Marked with a steel helmet but occupier of house some 20 to 30 yards away knows exact location."

SMITH, Miller

Sgt Smith was one of the seven men of No. 2 Commando who were captured after Operation Musketoon, and later executed under Hitler's Commando Execution Order, at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, Berlin, 1942.

There is a photo of Sgt Smith in the main gallery, and one in the CVA Memorials and Plaques Album of the Memorial Plaque at Sachsenhausen to these and other men who were executed there.

nb. It is believed that Sgt Miller Smith held the temporary rank of CSM, his war substantive rank being Sergeant.

STILWELL, Michael William

Captain Stilwell MC 2 Commando
Commissioned into the Cheshire Regiment on the 22nd Sept. 1940. On the 20th August 1943 he was promoted Lieutenant, serving with the Coldstream Guards before volunteering for the Commandos and being posted to No 2 Commando. He was later promoted war substantive Captain.
Capt. Stilwell was awarded the MC for his gallantry during operations at Spilje, Albania (Operation Healing 11).


TRIGG, Frederick Harry

Pte Trigg MM was killed during the period when No 2 Commando were based on the island of Vis engaged in operations against enemy held islands.

He was one of the ten Commandos who took part in the earler Operation Musketoon on the 20th September 1942. Seven were captured and executed. Pte. Trigg escaped and made it back to the UK where he was awarded the Military Medal for his part in the raid. He then rejoined No.2 Commando.

TURNEY, William James

CSM Turney, CBTC

William James Turney enlisted as a Private into the 6th Beds and Herts Bn., TA on the 29th January 1940 and was quickly promoted Acting Lance Corporal.  He volunteered for the Independent Companies (Ind. Coy.)  and on the 26th April 1940 was attached to No 3 Ind. Coy. Having reverted to Private in order to get into the Ind. Coy. he was quickly promoted to Lance Corporal on the 1st May. On the 4th May he along with the whole of No 3 Ind. Coy. sailed with Scissor Force to join the expeditionary force in Norway (Operation Avonmouth).  

WEBB, John

Lance Corporal Webb RAMC and 2 Commando

Lance Corporal John 'Jack' Webb, RAMC and No 2 Commando, a veteran of Operation Chariot at St Nazaire [1], was awarded the MM in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy. [2]

In September 1977 Sergeant J. Webb MM (2 Cdo) from Stoke on Trent, Staffs. is named in Commando Association Lost Legion List no. 11 (members they had lost contact with). 

WILSON, Kenneth Charles

Pte Wilson was killed in a No 2 Commando exercise.
His death is recorded in an entry in the No 2 Commando War Diary for 3rd June 1942 "Exercise Doon - Dvr Wilson  killed at Irvine". An entry for the 6th June states " Military funeral in the afternoon"
(Source2 Cdo war diary National Archives ref. WO 218 /33.)


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