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DRURY, Charles Henry

Private Charles Drury, 2 troop, was killed during the action at Salerno.

We have a document in our Gallery with details that differ in date to that shown on the CWGC database. The document states he died on the 14th September of wounds received at Dragone Hill, Vietri, on the 12th September.

Click  here to view the document: Casualties and Missing.

ELLWOOD, William Cyril

CSM Elwood was awarded the DCM for "gallant and distinguished services in Italy".
(Source: Supplement to the London Gazettes of 11th Jan 1944 published on the 13th January 1944).

The action resulting in his award took place on the 13th September 1943 at Dragone Hill, Salerno. At the time he was a Lance Sergeant and he was wounded during this action. Post war Bill emigrated to Australia.


John Fairclough MM

John Fairclough was one of the ten Commandos and 2 Norwegians who took part in Operation Musketoon.  He held the rank of Guardsman at the time. Seven were taken prisoner and later executed. Gdsm. Fairclough evaded capture after the successful raid and made it back to the UK.  He was awarded the MM for his actions during this raid.

FORMOY, Donald Neville

Lance Corporal Donald Formoy, 6 troop, was killed during the action at Salerno.

We have a document in our Gallery that outlines these details. He was killed in action  "on the 13th September 1943 at Dragone Hill, Salerno", and that he was originally buried by house at the top of the steps on the West side of Hill. Religious ceremony. Map ref. 606307." He was buried in a communal grave with Capt. Mason and Pte Bennet D.

FYNN, Francis West (Lt Col)

Lieutenant Colonel Francis Fynn 2 commando
Lieutenant Colonel Francis Fynn 2 Commando
Lieutenant Colonel Francis West Fynn became the Commanding Officer of No 2 Commando from June 1944 after Lt Col Churchill was taken prisoner of war. 
A former Lance Sergeant in the Royal Artillery T.A., he was appointed Second Lieutenant on the 23rd December 1939 [1]. On the 11th July 1942 the then Lieutenant Fynn was posted from the RA to the Gordon Highlanders [2]

GARLAND, Lindsay Ernest Albert

Sergeant Lindsay Garland was with Captain the Duke of Wellington and 2 troop. During the attack on 'The Pimple' in the village of Piegolelle, Salerno, they were both killed. He had previously served in 1 and 4 troops within 2 Cdo.

We have a document in our Gallery that outlines these details. He held a temporary or acting rank of TSM. He was killed in action  "on the 16th September 1943 at Pringle, Piegolelle (aka Piegolette), Italy", and that he was originally buried there.

GEE, Harold

Corporal Harold Gee, 3 troop, was killed during the action at Sarande.

The No 2 Cdo War Diary dated 11th October 1944 states " Cpl H. Gee (3 Tp) died of wounds. Funeral of Padre, Cpl. Gee, and a RM.  CO read Burial Service. Officers acted as Pall Bearers for Padre. 2 i/c as Chief Mourner. Last post sounded."

HARRONS, Charles Edward

Corporal Charles Harrons, 1 troop, died after No 2 Commando had just taken part in the raid on Spilje, Albania.

An entry in the No 2 Cdo War Diary dated 24th August 1944 states " Burial Service for Cpl Harrons (1 Tp) who died in hospital at Bari was held in the afternoon."

HAUSMANN, Fritz Sigmund

Fritz Hausmann alias Fred Houseman 2 Commando

Fritz Sigmund Hausmann was born in Bingen Am Rhein, April 27th 1921. He was a German Jew who at age 13, fled Germany alone and went to school in Palestine. When he was of age he enlisted and did his basic training in Sarafend, Palestine and he then joined the 462 RASC. On May 1st, 1943 he was on board the Erinpura, which was attacked and sunk in the Mediterranean with heavy loss of life. Having survived the sinking, he joined No.

HENDERSON, John Patrick Leo

Lt Henderson 2 Commando
Major Henderson MC, 2 Special Service Brigade, was killed during operations in Italy.
On the 8th May 1940 he transferred from the Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry to the Royal Engineers retaining his seniority as 2/Lieutenant.
(Source: London Gazettes Supp. 34843, page 2701.)
​He was awarded the MC whilst a Captain (T/Major)  in No 2 Commando at Salerno.


HOLT, Frederick

Corporal Fred Holt 2 Commando

Corporal Frederick Holt, 5 troop, was one of the commando contingent on board HMS Campbeltown during the raid at St Nazaire in March 1942 [1]. He was initially reported missing in action until it was discovered he had been taken prisoner of war [2].  He was released from captivity in March 1945. Fred, who was from Wallasey in the Wirral, died in 1964 aged 49 [3]

HONEY, Peter

Pte Pete Honey MM 2 Commando
Pte. Pete Honey served in 5 troop No 2 Commando and was one of the Commando contingent who sailed on board HMS Campbeltown for the raid at St Nazaire. He was taken prisoner and was subsequently awarded the MM for gallant and distinguished services during the raid. [Sources: London Gazettes supp. 37162, page 3493 / St Nazaire Society.]

HOOPER, Richard Henry

Capt Richard Hooper MC 2 Commando
Captain Hooper was awarded the MC for his gallantry during operations at Scaletta Sicily on the 16th August 1943. He had previously taken part in operations at Vaagso and St Nazaire. During the latter raid he was in charge of an assault squad on ML 156, badly wounded, and evacuated back to the UK.
London Gazettes Supp. 36251, page 5062
St Nazaire Society website
Storming St Nazaire, author James Dorrian.

HUMBLE, William McLean

LSgt Humble served in 5 troop of No 2 Commando.
Citation for the Military Medal:
Gulf of Salerno 13th September 1943
On September 9th on the Salerno Road, Pte Humble engaged at 100yds an advancing Mk111 Special enemy tank which was shelling the house from which Pte Humble was sniping.


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