Operation Checkmate


59° 17' 1.3452" N, 5° 18' 24.7572" E
Date commenced: 
Wednesday, April 28, 1943

Operation CheckmateA combined operations raid on Axis shipping in the harbour at Kopervik, Norway. Only one Commando took part but the men were grouped together under the title of No 14 Commando. The raiders managed to sink several ships using limpet mines, but were eventually captured.

The raiders were led by Lt John Godwin, RNVR,  and the group were Sgt John 'Jack' Cox, No 12 Commando,  Petty Officer Alfred John Roe, Petty Officer Harold Hiscock, Able Seaman Keith Mayor, Able Seaman Neville Burgess, and Able Seaman Andrew Anthony West. 

 All but Mayor and Roe were executed at Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp. Mayor and Roe were transferred to Belsen Concentration Camp. Able Seaman Keith Mayor was executed there whilst Petty Officer Alfred John Roe died of Typhus there.

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