Sai Wan War Cemetery

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Cpl. Ronald Edwards was killed after Nos 5 and 1 Commando had merged to form 1/5 Commando.
"The funeral was of one of our colleagues whose life came to a tragic end when he fell from quarters in Kowloon. I am not sure whether it was Mody Road but it was thereabouts. He was buried at Happy Valley Ceremony with full honours. I did attend and am somewhere amongst the others in the picture at the cemetery."
(Source: Dougie Neish of No 1 and 1/5 Cdo.  in a message to the CVA, 2010.)

ROBSON, Thomas

Marine Thomas Robson died in an accident in Hong Kong. He had previously received a MiD for "outstanding service while operating with the Allied Armies in Italy."
nb. Commando title was redesignated this year.
Royal Marines Association
Naval History website

WATTS, Ernest J.

Mne. Watts died of illness. [Source: Naval History. net website]
The Commando service of Mne. Watts has not as yet been fully established. Neither the CWGC, nor the Morthoe and Woollacombe 1939 - 1945 War Memorial, show service in a Commando. The latter in fact shows Royal Marine Light Infantry. However the Naval History website does record that he served in 44RM Cdo.  


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