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ALLEN, Michael Rhys Harvey

No 9 Commando
Captain Michael Allen , Adjutant of No. 9 Commando, was awarded the Military Cross [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during operations at Monte Faito, Italy, on 2/3 February 1944 [2].
Action at Monte Faito night 2/3 Feb.44, MR. 858043, Italy 1:50,000 Sheet 160-II.

CAMERON, Ralph Alverne Cyril

No 9 Commando
Captain Ralph Cameron was awarded the Military Cross [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished service whilst in charge of 2 troops whose task was to destroy an enemy post near a demolished bridge West of the River Garigliano, Italy, on the night of 29/20 December 1943 during Operation Partridge [2].
4 July 1947 awarded the Territorial Efficiency Medal (rank shown as Captain (Honorary Major) (Q.O.C.H.) and later the Territorial Decoration [3].

COLEMAN, Charles Jack

No 1 Commando
Charles Jack Coleman served in No. 1 Commando and 1 Commando Brigade*.
  • 19 November 1939 commissioned Second Lieutenant, Welch Regiment [1].
  • 25 August 1947 (Welch Regiment) (2nd Lt. ) (War Subs. Lt.) promoted Captain, Royal Scots Fusiliers [2].
  • 1 April 1952 (Royal Scots Fusiliers) awarded the Territorial Efficiency Decoration [3].
  • 1 May 1952 promoted Acting Major [4].
  • 31 October 1954 (Major) (Royal Scots Fusiliers) to King's Regiment [5].

COPLAND, William Oranmore

No 2 Commando
No 4 Independent Company
Major William Copland was second in command of No 2 Commando. He served with No 4 Independent Company and then with the newly formed No 2 Cdo. He took part in Operation Chariot and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order for his gallantry on the raid. He was taken prisoner and subsequently held at Oflag 9A/H at Spangenberg.

GILCHRIST, Donald Johnston

No 4 Commando
Commando Basic Training Centre
Donald Gilchrist was serving as a Captain in the Cameronians when he volunteered for the Commandos. After acceptance he went to the Commando Depot at Achnacarry in February/March 1942 and successfully completed his training after which he was retained there as an Instructor. The Commando Depot at Achnacarry had just been designated as the new centralised location for all Commando Training and staff were needed to assist with the initial intakes. 

HENRIQUES, Robert David Quixano

Special Service Brigade
No 12 Commando
Major Robert Henriques was the Brigade Major of the Special Service Brigade throughout the operation at Vaagso in Norway on 27 December 1941 [1].
  • Former Troop Leader of 'E' troop No. 12 Commando [1a].
  • 2 June 1943 (Captain)(Temporary Major)(Acting Lieutenant Colonel) appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) [2].

HOOPER, Richard Henry

Capt Richard Hooper MC 2 Commando
No 2 Commando
No 4 Independent Company

Captain Richard Hooper was awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry during operations at Scaletta Sicily on the 16th August 1943. He had previously taken part in operations at Vaagso and St Nazaire. During the latter he was in charge of an assault squad on motor launch ML 156, wounded, and evacuated back to the UK.

On the 21st September 1951 it was announced that Capt. (Hon. Maj.) R. H. Hooper, M.C. of the King's Regiment had been awarded the Efficiency Medal Territorial.

HOPSON, Donald Charles

Donald Charles Hopson
No 3 Commando
Second Lieutenant Donald Hopson was commissioned into the Lancashire Fusiliers which later converted to an armoured unit of the Royal Armoured Corps. He served in No 3 Commando and 1 Commando Brigade in both Italy and NW Europe . His last rank whilst in the Commando was Temporary Major.
Post war he had a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service. He held posts of Ambassador to countries such as Laos, China, Venezuela, and Argentina. He was subsequently knighted.

KOMROWER, Arthur George

Arthur George Komrower DSO
No 3 Commando
Commando Basic Training Centre
Lieutenant (Temporary Captain) Arthur Komrower was appointed D.S.O. [1] in recognition of gallant and distinguished service whilst temporarily commanding No. 3 Commando during operations at Termoli, Italy, between 4 -6 October 1943 [2]. This was during Lt. Col. Peter Young's short period of illness with malaria [3]

LAPRAIK, John Neilson

51ME Commando
Acting Captain John Neilson Lapraik was awarded the Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service in the Middle East [1].
“On May 1st, the 51st M.E. Commando was ordered to capture Commando Hill. Capt. Lapraik went first during the climb, he was the first man to gain a footing on the top and by at once engaging the enemy with his revolver enabled the unit to gain a first footing over the shelf of rock at the summit, which they were subsequently enabled to exploit.

LONG, Donald Bayley

Donald Bayley Long 9 Commando
No 9 Commando
Lieutenant Donald Long was awarded the Military Cross in recognition of gallant and distinguished service during operations against the enemy held spit of land between Lake Comacchio, Italy, and the Adriatic [1][1A][Citation in Linked Content beow].
  • 28 June 1955 (Captain) (Acting Major) (King's Own) awarded the Territorial Efficiency Decoration [2].
  • 27 March 1958 (King's Own T.A.) promoted Major with seniority from 1 May 1947 [3].

MACCALLUM, Laurence Eric

Maj Laurnece MacCallum MC 2 Commando
No 2 Commando
Captain Lawrence MacCallum, Officer Commanding  2 troop, was awarded the Military Cross in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Albania in 1944. [1]
Spilje Bay, Albania, 28/29 July 1944, Operation Healing 2.

MITCHELL, Ronald England

Ronnie Mitchell 2 Commando
No 2 Commando
T/ Major Ronald Mitchell, No 2 Commando HQ, was awarded the MBE (Military Division)  in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy during operations at Lake Comacchio. [1]
On the 16th February 1951 it was announced that he had been awarded the Territorial Efficiency Decoration. [2]
[1] London Gazettes Supp. 37274, page 4672


Maj Gordon Pollard MC MM
No 3 Commando
The then Sergeant Gordon Pollard, RA,  was awarded the Military Medal in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in the Middle East (Egypt and Libya) during the period May, 1942 to October, 1942.
On the 16th May 1943 he was commisioned as Second Lieutenant. Subsequently he joined No 3 Commando remaining with them for the remainder of the war, his final rank attained in the Commandos was Major.

ROY, Donald William

Captain Donald Roy DSO
No 2 Commando
No 4 Independent Company
Private Donald William Roy, a Cadet of the Fettes College Contingent Junior Division O.T.C., received his commission into the Liverpool Scots TA on the 17th June 1939.
Lieutenant Roy was mobilised in August 1939 and posted to the 2nd Battalion. From there he volunteered for the Independent Companies and was posted to No 3 Platoon,  No 4 Independent Company.
In May 1941 he and the rest of No 4 Ind. Coy sailed as part of Scissors Force to Norway (Operation Avonmouth).  

SUTHERLAND, David (Lt Col)

No 8 Commando

(The following is from the Times obituary.)
LIEUTENANT David Sutherland and Royal Marine John Duggan were the only two to return from Operation “Anglo”, a raid on the Italian-occupied island of Rhodes by the Special Boat Service in September 1942. The SBS team was pursued relentlessly; it had attacked two airfields and destroyed aircraft positioned to support Rommel’s threatened advance on Cairo and to bomb supply convoys to beleaguered Malta. 

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