HOPSON, Donald Charles

3 Commando
Lancashire Fusilers, Royal Armoured Corps
Tuesday, August 31, 1915
Died : 
Monday, August 26, 1974
Donald Charles Hopson
Second Lieutenant Donald Hopson was commissioned into the Lancashire Fusiliers which later converted to an armoured unit of the Royal Armoured Corps. He served in No 3 Commando and 1 Commando Brigade in both Italy and NW Europe . His last rank whilst in the Commando was Temporary Major.
Post war he had a distinguished career in the Diplomatic Service. He held posts of Ambassador to countries such as Laos, China, Venezuela, and Argentina. He was subsequently knighted.
We have photos of him in both our galleries for No 3 Cdo and 1 Cdo. Bde. His death was announced in Commando Association newsletter 59 of September 1974. 
  • D.S.O.  [LG Publication date: Oct 1945; Supplement :37306; Page: 4998]
  • M.C. for gallant and distinguished services in NW Europe [ LG Publication date: 27 February 1945;  Supplement: 36961; Page: 1173]
  • MiD for gallant and distinguished services in Italy [LG Publication date: 22 August 1944;  Supplement: 36668; Page: 3927]
  • T.D.  [LG Publication date: 21 April 1950;  Supplement: 38889; Page: 1929]
  • K.C.M.G.  [LG Publication date: 29 December 1967;  Supplement: 44484; Page: 4]

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