4 Commando Brigade, Roll of Honour, Walcheren

Operation Infatuate.

Date: 1st - 8th November 1944.
Location: Walcheren
No 4 Commando, which included 1 and 8 troops from No 10(IA) Commando,  landed at Flushing. 
41, 47, and 48 RM Commandos, with 4 and 5 troops of No 10(IA) Commando,  landed at Westkapelle.

Walcheren Roll of Honour

This ROH for Walcheren has been compiled primarily from the CWGC database and Unit war diaries.  If you believe a name to be missing please advise us, with relevant sources, via the Forum or our Contact Form [HERE].

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No.4 Commando

Lieutenant Nicholas Barrass
Private Henry Donkin
Private Maurice Gourong
Gunner William Harvey
Gunner Edward Hill
Private Owen Hooper
Private Pierre Laux
Lance Corporal Yvan Monceau
Lance Corporal Jean Montean
Private Jean Neven
Corporal Yvan Ruppe
Private John Stoddart
Lance Sergeant Alfred Walker

No. 10(IA) Commando, 3 troop, 4 troop, and 5 troop,

Lieutenant Alf Kristian Solbu, 5 troop
Lieutenant Adolphe Meny, 4 troop
Trooper Ola Christophersen, 5 troop
Corporal Francois Dive, 4 troop
Trooper Lars Hovstad, 5 troop
Trooper Leif Ludvik Larsen, 5 troop
Trooper Sverre Røsland, 5 troop
Corporal Salo Weich , 3 troop

HQ 4 Special Service Brigade

Lieutenant William Layman
Lieutenant Gordon McKenzie
Marine John Hughes

41RM Commando

Marine John Barnes
Major Paddy Brind-Sheridan
Marine William Cooke
Marine John Hay
Captain Peter Haydon DSO
Sergeant Herbert Heywood
Lieutenant John Holmes
Marine Reginald John
Marine Byron Moses
Marine Robert Nicholson
Marine Henry Page
Marine John Read
Marine John Robertson
Corporal Charles Smith
Marine Reginald Smith

47RM Commando

Sergeant Reginald Brehme
Lance Corporal Joseph Buchanan
Marine Albert Davies
Marine James Day
Marine Martin Derrick
Marine Andrew Duke
Corporal Edward Evans
Marine Joseph Fawcett
Marine Denis Fee
Marine Joe Flannagan
Lance Corporal William Fletcher
Lance Corporal Maurice Grimsdell
Lieutenant Norman Hayward
Marine Ronald Hubbard
Lance Corporal Edward Lawton
Marine Alan Longden
Marine Duncan McGregor
Marine James Muir
Lance Corporal Francis Nicholl
Marine Kenneth Patey
Marine Harry Payne
Marine Robert Pettit
Company Sergeant Major Harold Plank
Sergeant John Puddick
Segeant Robert Rackham
Corporal Charles Ripiner
Company Sergeant Major William Spear
Lieutenant Michael Style
Corporal Kenneth Teed
Marine Albert Thatcher
Marine Anthony Turner
Corporal James Unsworth
Sergeant Robert Webb
Marine George Wilson

48RM Commando

Marine William Bean
Private Walter Branch RAMC
Private William Brown RAMC
Marine Norman Burgess
Sergeant Anthony Davis
Major Derek De Stacpoole
Lieutenant Walter England
Lance Corporal Dennis Fogg
Marine Robert Gibbs
Captain Noel Godkin
Marine Leslie Haines
Marine Harold Hughes
Marine Kenneth Jordan
Corporal James Law
Lieutenant Cyril Lindrea
Marine James McArthur
Captain Roderick MacKenzie MC
Marine Alfred Mee
Sergeant Harold Peace
Marine Frederick Potter
Marine William Sage
Marine Lawrence Samwell
Marine Cyril Savage
Marine Philip Shears
Corporal Ernest Shrigley
Marine Colin Skelland
Marine Kenneth Stephens
Corporal Thomas Steventon
Marine Philip Titmuss
Marine Norman Wall
Marine Charles Ware
Lieutenant David Winser RAMC

We will Remember them


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