46RM Commando

History of the Unit

On the 1st August 1943 whilst based at 'A' camp, Piddlehinton, Dorset,  the 9th RM Battalion was redesignated as No. 46 Royal Marine Commando, Royal Marines. Within a week the unit had moved to Poundbury West Camp in Dorchester, quickly changing to its new smaller Commando establishment.  Those not required for any reason for Commando training were gradually moved to Training centres for landing craft and/or other vessel duties.  

In September  advance parties led by Major Lee and Lt. Nunn (both later killed in action) were sent to Troon with the rest of the Commando joining them there on the 15th September. The Commando had already been issued with their Green berets at this stage, parading in Dorchester wearing them on the 11th September before their departure.  

The Commando moved to the Commando Depot, Achnacarry on the 23rd October 1943. On completion of their Commando training course at Achnacarry on the 9th November, the Unit moved back to Troon briefly, before being sent to CTC Dorlin in December for further training, and were re-assigned briefly to the 1st Special Service Bde under Lord Lovat. On completion of this additional training, the Unit moved to Worthing to link up with the rest of the Bde.  arriving there on the 19th December. At the end of the month the Commando was ordered to move to Folkestone and rejoin 4th Special Service Bde. This took place on the 3rd January 1944.  Two troops were sent at this time to the CMWTC at St Ives for a 3 week course in cliff climbing and rock assault.   [Source : War Diary]

All this training was focussed on one thing - the allied invasion of North West Europe.

At 0900 on the 7th June 1944 the Unit was landed on Nan White Beach at Bernieres. There would follow actions in the next few days at Petit Enfer, Douvres, La Deliverande and Rots and Le Hamel. On the 17th June the Unit was reassigned to 4th SS Bde whilst dug in at the area of Sallenelles - Hauger. No. 46 Royal Marine Commando continued operations in the area moving forward to Dozule and Breville sur Mer in August.

At the end of September and after suffering heavy casualties No. 46 Royal Marine Commando and the rest of the Bde was withdrawn to the UK and stationed on the Isle of Wight.

No. 46 Royal Marine Commando returned to North West Europe in January 1945 seeing action in Belgium, and in assault river crossings during the advance into Germany under the command of Lt. Col. Thomas Malcolm Gray MC

At the end of the war the Unit was involved in policing duties in Germany before being disbanded in February 1946.

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46RM Cdo. Roll of Honour

"They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, We will remember them."

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The Fallen from No. 46 Royal Marine Commando
Major  J.  LEE
Capt.  J.D.S.  SIMPSON
Capt. B.W.  PIERCE
Capt.  B.J.  TEAGUE
Lieut.  D.T.  BURROWS
Lieut.  A.P.  JERRAM
Lieut.  R.G.  NUNN
Lieut.  D.J.  WEARING
Lieut.  G.A.  WOOLLAM
Sgt. E.G.  ROWE
Sgt. J.T.R.  SMITH
Cpl. W.H.  COOK
Cpl. R.W.P.  HILL
Cpl. R.  McFALL
Mne. M.  COYLE
Mne. J.  DOWNS
Mne. R.  FACEY
Mne. J.  FLOOD
Mne. G.  FYVIE
Mne. W.J.  JAMES
Mne. E.G.  JONES
Mne. T.C.F.  JUDD
Mne. C.F.  LUNN
Mne. J.G.  PIZEY
Mne. L.G.  RIDER
Mne. T.  VARDY, MM

We will Remember them

and all ranks who served in the Commando, and have since passed on in the passage of time, who are also remembered by their proud families and comrades.

46RM Commando Nominal Roll

Below is a nominal roll of those who served in 46RM Commando. It is listed by order of surname. The names are primarily compiled from the booklet issued to Veterans in 1946 entitled "The Story of 46 Commando, Royal Marines, by Captain P.K.W. Johnson, RM". The author specifies the Nominal Roll is of those who served between 6th June 1944 and 8th May 1945. However additional names will be added in the future whenever an individual's Commando Service has been established. 

If you wish a name added to this Nominal Roll, you must first provide us with evidence that establishes Commando service. The fact that someone served in the Royal Marines in WW2 does not in itself establish Commando service. Unlike today not all Royal Marines were Commando trained in WW2. Methods of establishing such service can be varied from an official letter or other document where it is mentioned, a photo showing insignia, service records, books, etc. 

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46RM Cdo Nominal Roll A - D

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted names for more information)

ADAMS H.L. Mne PLY/x103468    
ADAMSON R.A. Mne PO/x113832    
ADAWAY G.D. Cpl PO/x1431    
ADDY G.B. Mne PLY/x111352   'X' tp
ALDEN P.J. Mne PLY/x108330   'X' tp
ALEXANDER D Mne PO/x110710    
ALLEN Athole, J. Lt   MC  
ALLEN M.W. Mne CH/x112255    
ALLEN W.J. Sgt PO/x107333    
ANDERSON A Mne EX/3975    
ANDERSON J Mne PLY/x105808    
ANDREWS W.M.W TSM     &45, 47 Cdo
ANNISON E.C. Mne CH/x111886    
ANTHONY G.J. Gnr 3761063   RA
ARMSTRONG W Mne EX/851    
ASPDEN G Cpl PO/x105361   'Z' tp
ASPDEN Jack Mne PLY/x109402   'Z' tp
ATHERTON Joseph Cpl PLY/x103460    
ATHERTON William, T. Mne PLY/x115113   'B' tp
ATKIN James CSgt PLY/x103416    
ATKINSON F LCPL 7381824   RAMC /  'X' tp
ATKINSON J Mne PLY/x103872    
AUSTIN A.J. Mne CH/x111864    
BAILEY A.A. Mne CH/x104446   'B' tp
BAILEY Jack Cpl PO/x103464   'A' tp
BAILEY J.F. Capt      
BAKER N.V.F. Mne PLY/x109845    
BAKER R Mne PO/x104025    
BAMFORD Frank Mne PLY/x110270   'Z' tp
BANFIELD E Mne CH/x104501   'B' tp
BANKS L.J. Mne PLY/x105217    
BARCLAY W.H. Mne CH/x112107    
BARKER D.H. Capt 340   'X' tp
BARKER G Mne PO/x116685    
BARKER R.C. Mne CH/x108841   'A' tp
BARNWELL S.E. Mne CH/x108556   'X' tp
BARRETT I.A., 'Mick' Mne EX/2669   or 'BARRATT'
BARROW A.C. Sgt PO/x112730    
BARTON Joe, B. Mne PO/x107103    
BEACH I Mne CH/x105639   'B' tp
BEATTIE J.S. 2/Lt   MM Royal Scots
BEDDOWS C Mne CH/x109371   'A' tp
BEESLEY E.E. Mne CH/x108744    
BEEVER F Mne CH/x115358    
BEGBIE William, B. Sgt PO/x106667    
BENCE E.R. Mne PLY/x103816    
BENNETT R.A. Mne PO/x103938    
BENNETT W.S. Mne CH/x108743    
BENTON J Mne PO/x108114    
BERRY T.A. Mne CH/x108545    
BERTRAM J.C. Cpl PO/x106717    
BESTLEY A.L. Cpl PO/x118011    
BETTISS Reg. J Mne PLY/x103814    
BEVAN R Mne PLY/x108257    
BEVERIDGE C Mne PO/x107332    
BEWERS J Mne CH/x105715    
BIBBEY N.J. Mne CH/x104688   'B' tp
BICKERTON F.W. Mne PO/x4541   'A' tp
BILSDON L Mne PO/x115685    
BISHOP A.E. Mne PO/x2563    
BISS Horace, J.W. Cpl PO/x110598   'Z' tp
BLACK J Mne CH/x111905    
BLACK R TSM PLY/x3841   'Z' tp
BLACKHAM A Mne PLY/x110193    
BLADES J.G. Mne CH/x105234    
BOARDLEY J.G. Lt      
BOLTON T Mne PLY/x103911   'Z' tp
BONE G.A. Mne PO/x114019    
BOOTH Charles Mne PO/x114091    
BOULTON C.A. Mne CH/x101602    
BOWER C Mne PO/x4661   'A' tp
BOXALL R.W. Mne PO/x121824    
BRADLEY L.M. Mne PLY/x100598    
BRADLEY Verdun, G. Mne EX/849    
BRADWELL J Mne PO/x105525    
BRAMWELL W.A. Mne PLY/x104889    
BRAY P.G. Mne PO/x110273    
BRETTLE W.G. Mne PO/x106237    
BRIERLEY S.W. Mne PLY/x108818    
BROAD J.H. RSM PLY/x22644    
BROAD R.O. Mne PO/x3706    
BROADHEAD J.E. Mne PO/x2610   'A' tp
BRODIE E.S. Mne PO/x113557   'Z' tp
BROOKS William, E. Cpl CH/x103886   'B' tp
BROOKS W.G. Sgt CH/x1412    
BROWN A.E. Cpl CH/x116193    
BROWN A.J. Mne PLY/x110894    
BROWN Frank Mne PLY/x103465   'Z' tp
BROWN J.R. Mne CH/x105012    
BROWN P.W. Cpl PO/x109794    
BROWN W.S. Mne PO/x107449    
BROWNBILL J.J. Mne PO/x108053    
BUCKLEY T Mne PLY/x107265   'Z' tp
BUGLEAR A.C. Capt      
BULLEY O.C. Mne PLY/x120099    
BULLOCK G.H. Mne PLY/x114142    
BURBECK R.H. Mne CH/x115763    
BURNETT K Mne CH/x111909    
BURNETT W.F. Cpl CH/x101850    
BURNHAM H Cpl PO/x108045   'A' tp
BURNS Arthur Mne PO/x105498    
BURNS E Mne PLY/x104986    
BURNS J.F. Mne Po/x112511    
BURRIDGE W.M. Sgt PO/x4900    
BURROW S Mne PLY/x104886    
BURROWS Derrick, T. Lt 1265    
BURRY E.R. 'Ted' Mne CH/x109616    
BURT F Cpl CH/x103526    
BURT W Mne PO/x107102    
BURTON H.R. Major   MiD 'A' tp
BUSCALL J.A. Capt 1118 MiD 'Z' tp
BUTLER J.J.A. Cpl CH/x114520    
BUTTRESS Reginald Arthur CSM CH/x104815   'A' tp
BUTTERY George Desmond   PO/x4096 MM Award Suez Crisis 40Cdo QMS
BYE F.C.E Lt      
CADY R.W. Mne CH/x2008    
CAIRNS W.F. Mne PO/X/115564    
CAMERON I LCpl PLY/x112913    
CAMPBELL J.S. Major     'A' tp / A&SH
CAMPBELL K Sgt PO/x114065    
CAMPBELL L Cpl PO/x114064    
CAMPSIE J Mne PO/x106233    
CANNOCK R.F. Mne     &48RM Cdo
CANTLAY Stanley, D. Cpl CH/x116216    
CARTER L.G. Mne PO/x117128    
CECIL J.C. Mne PO/x103734    
CHALK L.C. Mne CH/x115311    
CHALMERS James, T. Cpl PO/x107435   'Z' tp
CHAMPKINS M.C.H. LCpl 7381074   RAMC
CHANDLER J.H. Mne CH/x105641   'B' tp
CHAPMAN L.H. Mne PLY/x104524    
CHAPMAN W.J. Cpl PLY/x103423    
CHARLES H.F. Sgt CH/x23362    
CHARLWOOD H Mne CH/x105642 MM 'B' tp
CHEESEMUR A Mne PO/x112981    
CHERRY W.E. Cpl PLY/x104890    
CLARK T.A. Mne CH/x104816   'A' tp
CLARK William, G. TSM PO/x100675    
CLIFF J.W. Mne PLY/x110745    
COFORD A.E. Mne CH/x105643   'B' tp
COLE R.A.J. Mne PLY/x112589    
COLLEY A.E. Mne CH/x112397    
COLLINGS N.B. Lt      
COLLINS E.L. Mne EX/1351    
COLLIS W.J. Mne CH/x105644   'B' tp
COLTMAN A Mne PO/x105977   'A' tp
CONWAY A.M. Cpl PO/x109622    
COOK G.D. Cpl     & 47RM Cdo
COOK W.H. Cpl EX/1233    
COOPER G.P. Mne PO/x108800    
COOPER Samuel TSM PO/x105978 MM  
COPSON A.A. Mne PLY/x104300    
CORBY A Mne PO/x106585    
CORSHAM W.R. Mne CH/x111644   'Z' tp
COTTON A Cpl PLY/x104065   'X' tp
COTTRELL E.E. Cpl 14251289   RAMC
COULE W Mne CH/x105640    
COWLEY W.F. Mne PO/x118972    
COX C.A.G. Cpl CH/x108584   'X' tp
COX H.J.W. Mne CH/x108558    
COX J Mne PO/x106668    
COX J.W.W. Mne CH/x105508    
COY A LCpl PO/x106597    
COYLE Michael Mne CH/x112108    
CRADDOCK   Mne     'B' tp
CRICHTON J.W. Cpl CH/x105075    
CROSSKEY K.C. Mne CH/x108022    
CROUCHER S.F.R. Mne CH/x104049    
CRUMPLER H.F. Cpl CH/x101853    
CULLEY W.E. Mne PLY/x107223    
CULVER J Mne CH/x104764    
CUNDALL Arthur Mne PO/x116105    
CUNNINGHAM A.G. Mne PO/x106684   'Z' tp
DALE H Mne PO/x103756    
DANIELLS H.H. Sgt PLY/x107416   query surname DANIEL 'Z' tp
DAVIDSON George Mne PO/x107106    
DAVIDSON G Mne EX/1627    
DAVIES D.J. Mne PLY/x103936   'A' tp
DAVIES E Mne PO/x106590    
DAVIES G.J. Mne PLY/x110264    
DAVIES G,J, Mne PLY/x104515    
DAVIES John, C. TSM EX/1129    
DAVIES J.R.B. Capt 305    
DAVIS G.S. Sgt PO/x117622    
DAVIS R.H. Mne PLY/x103838    
DAVIS S.A. Mne PO/x107804    
DAVISON W Mne PO/x113494    
DAW G Mne PO/x5011    
DAWKINS G.L. Mne PO/x118435    
DAWSON W.T.A. Mne PO/x112616    
DEACON F.W. Mne PO/x105675    
DEAN F Mne PO/x107805    
DEAN F.E. Mne CH/x103465    
DEAN J Mne PLY/x104892    
DEAR A.W. Mne PLY/x1609    
DEMPSEY H Mne PO/x106531    
DENMAN D Mne CH/x111906    
DENMAN M.T. Lt      
DENTON Harry Sgt PO/x2389   'B' tp
DERRY T.A. Mne CH/x108545    
DEVLIN J.J. Mne PO/x107336   'X' tp
DEWBERRY Charles, W. Mne CH/x113021   'A' tp
DIVERS V.H. Cpl PO/x104109    
DOCKRAY J Mne PLY/x106743   'A' tp
DOCWRA C.E. Capt   MiD 'B' tp
DONALDSON Charles, H. Mne CH/x109019    
DONNELLY Peter Mne PO/x121745    
DONOGHUE Tom Mne PO/x107390    
DORAN P Mne CH/x104966    
DOW J Mne EX/1263    
DOWNS Jack Mne CH/x112844   'A' tp
DRESH C.G. Mne CH/x107808   'Z' tp
DUCKWORTH John Charles Sgt PLY/x103533   'A' tp
DUFF E Mne PO/x105552    
DUNCAN A LCPL CH/x105924    
DUNLOP W.W. Cpl PO/x107389   'A' tp
DUNN T.C. Sgt PLY/x102661   'A' tp
DUROSE Sam Mne PO/x114134    

46RM Cdo Nominal Roll E - K

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved. A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted names for more information)

EASTER L.A. Cpl PO/x3865    
ECCLES W.G. Sgt PLY/x100990    
EDWARDS K.C. Mne CH/x111240    
EDWARDS S.E. Mne PO/x4067    
EDWARDS T.P. Mne CH/x105645    
EDWARDSON G Mne PLY/x103879    
ELKINGTON A.H. Sgt PO/x1049   'A' tp
ELLIS J.M. TSM CH/x2299   'B' tp
ELLIS R.M. Mne CH/x110629   'A' tp
ELVINS D Pte 5253707   Worcester Regt.
EMBERSON H.C. Mne PO/x107549    
EVANS C.M. Mne CH/x104818    
FACEY Robert Mne PLY/x103946    
FAGAN T Cpl EX/4047   'Z' tp
FAIRHURST John Sgt PLY/x104898   'Z' tp
FALCONER R.G. Sgt PO/x108986    
FARGHER John, P. Mne CH/x104144    
FARMER T.W. Sgt PO/x106226   'Z' tp
FAULKENER J LCpl CH/x105216 MiD 'X' tp
FERGUSON W Mne PLY/x102674    
FINCH S.R. Cpl CH/x105927    
FLECKNEY J.E. Mne CH/x102259   'X' tp
FLEET A.J. Mne PLY/x102678    
FLETCHER F.C. Mne CH/x108548 MiD 'X' tp
FLOOD John Mne CH/x106354    
FOOTER H.E. Cpl CH/x108561   'A' tp
FOORD W.E. Sgt CH/x105509    
FORDEY H Mne     'A' tp
FORD-KING F.R. Mne PO/x120470    
FORREST J.M. Mne CH/x114825   'Z' tp
FOULDS John, R. Capt      
FOX A Mne CH/x112784    
FRANCIS A.H. Sgt CH/x105648   'B' tp
FRANKS C.H. Mne PO/x114676   'Z' tp
FRY A.V. Cpl CH/x105647   'B' tp
FULHAM J Mne PLY/x111294    
FYVIE George Mne CH/x111910    
GALE A Lt      
GALLEAR R Mne PO/x107347    
GAPPER J.F. 'Jackie' Mne PLY/x104934   'Z' tp
GARLICK Reuben, W. Cpl PLY/x103931    
GARNETT T LCpl PO/x113641    
GASCOIGNE D Mne PLY/x103811    
GASS Harry, W. Mne PO/x106680   'Z' tp
GELDARD J.L. CSgt PO/x108035    
GENTLEMAN W Mne PO/x113521    
GHEST R.T. ‘beau’ CSgt PLY/x100233    
GIBBON John, D. Capt   MC Border Regt.
GIBSON A Mne PO/x117699    
GIBSON F.R. Mne CH/x105650    
GIDLOW G Mne PLY/x110203    
GILBERT L.A. Mne CH/x108563   'B' tp
GILLIES Jim Mne CH/x102239    
GLEAVE W Mne PLY/x106855    
GODDEN A.J. Mne Ch/x105652   'B' tp
GOODWIN T Mne PLY/x112542    
GOUGH H.E. LCpl CH/x112320    
GOUGH R.E. Cpl PLY/x105662    
GOWARD H.A. Sgt PO/x105854   'A' tp
GRAHAM W.P. Cpl PO/x106807   'A' tp
GRANT R.W.B. 'Ron' CSM PO/x106693   'Z' tp
GRAY E Mne CH/x109372   'A' tp
GRAY J Mne PLY/x108844    
GRAY R Sgt PO/x106858   'Y' tp
GRAY S Mne     'X' tp
GRAY Thomas, M. Lt.Col   DSO,MC OIC 
GREEN H.R. Cpl CH/x105653    
GREEN J.E. Mne CH/x104445    
GREEEN R Mne PO/x110533   'B' tp
GRIFFIN G.A. Mne PO/x111770    
GRIFFITHS Ron, L. Mne PO/x114095    
GRIFFITHS S.R. ‘Dick’ Mne PO/x121474    
GRILLS C Mne PO/x107105   inj. 1 month after cdo course, retd to RM duties
HAIG W.P.D. Cpl PO/x3086    
HALEY E.T. Sgt CH/x104822   'X' tp
HALL F.G. Mne PO/x118664   'B' tp
HALL H Sgt PLY/x2117    
HALL R.E. Cpl PO/x105763    
HALLAGHAN E Mne PO/x110221   query surname HALLIGAN 'Z' tp
HALLAM G Mne PO/x725   'Z' tp
HANKIN T Mne PLY/x102715    
HARDY J Cpl PO/x106228    
HARLAND Alexander,F.M. Mne PO/x4321    
HARRIMAN T Mne CH/x112998   'A' tp
HARRIS D.P. Mne PO/x107428   'B' tp
HARRIS J Cpl 6387036   10(IA) Cdo
HARRIS N.H. Mne CH/x109456    
HARRIS R.E. Mne PLY/x108034    
HARRISON F Mne PLY/x103944   'A' tp
HARRISON J.B. Mne PLY/x103920   'A' tp
HART W.J. Lt 702   'B' tp
HAWES S.H. Mne PLY/x113622    
HAWKINS V LCpl PO/x121126    
HAYERS J Mne PO/x106650    
HAYES James Francis LCpl PO/x113309   'A' tp
HAYES L.R. Mne PO/x107352    
HAYWOOD R Cpl PLY/x112679   query surname 'X' tp HAYWARD
HAZELL James  Mne PO/x108682 MM  
HEANEY T.W. Mne PO/x107654   'A' tp
HEATH A.E. Lt      
HEMBROUGH W Sgt 7381565   RAMC
HENDRY A Mne PO/x106694   'B' tp
HEPBURN E.  ‘Ginger’ Mne PO/x106234    
HEWITT A.J.H. Sgt PO/x114619    
HICKS H.H. Sgt PO/x102270    
HIGGS R.C.D. Mne PLY/x111043    
HILL E.W. Mne CH/x105655    
HILL Ronald,W.P. Cpl CH/x114941    
HILLINGS G Mne CH/x110609    
HILSON Tommy Mne PO/x109385    
HINCKS Michael, E. Lt      
HOFFMAN E.F. Mne CH/x115480    
HOLBEN R.G.R. Cpl CH/x105656   'B' tp
HOLLAND R Mne PO/x114807    
HOLMES J.H. Mne PO/x106239   'X' tp
HOLT J.J. Mne PLY/x4088    
HONEYSETT R.W. Mne PO/x118404    
HOOKS D Mne PLY/x102727    
HORDELL John, E. Mne PLY/x104236   'B' tp
HORROCKS J.C. Cpl PLY/x103855    
HORSINGTON Frederick,W.G. CSgt PO/x101338    
HOSIER J.A. Mne CH/x111804   'A' tp
HOUGHTON Frederick,A. Sgt PLY/x104900    
HOWARD J.W. Cpl PO/x4395    
HOWE A Mne PLY/x103780    
HOWES B.T. TSM PO/x106204   'A' tp
HOWES F.C. Mne PO/x5384    
HOWS L.G. Mne CH/x112297    
HUGHES E Mne PLY/x108502    
HUGHES J.L. Mne PO/x107427    
HUNT H.H. Mne PLY/x102733    
HUSSEY L.W. Sgt CH/x113252   'B' tp
HUTCHINGS Fred Cpl PO/x100692    
IRELAND W.J. Cpl PLY/x104306    
IRISH J.R. Mne CH/x115609    
JACK W Mne PO/x107403    
JACKSON K Mne CH/x110326    
JACKSON W.M. Mne CH/x104432    
JAMES D.W. Mne PLY/x106528    
JAMES William,J. Mne PLY/x106783    
JEFFCOCK F.R. Mne PO/x114730    
JENKINS J.H. Mne PO/x103824    
JENKINS K Cpl PLY/x112963    
JERRAM Anthony,P. Lt 523   'A' tp
JOHN T.R. Mne PO/x114703    
JOHNSON Cyril LCpl PO/x105528   'B' tp
JOHNSON E.C. Mne CH/x112995    
JOHNSON Henry,S. Mne CH/x105658   'B' tp
JOHNSON L.B.J. Lt      
JOHNSON Phillip,K.W. Capt      
JOLLEY A.C. Mne PLY/x100530    
JONES Ernest, G. Mne CH/x104706    
JONES R.L. Cpl PLY/x110722    
JONES S.J. Mne PO/x113106    
JORDAN K.A. Mne PO/x114708   'Z' tp
JUDD Thomas,C.F. Mne CH/x105657   'B' tp
JUDGE S Mne PO/x115177    
KELLAWAY F.C. Sgt     &44RM Cdo
KELLY H.J. Mne CH/x111108    
KELSEY J.F. Mne PO/x105604    
KEMP M Cpl PLY/x108814   'A' tp
KENDALL J Mne CH/x102285   'X' tp
KENNA J.J. ‘Jack’ Cpl PLY/x108826   'Z' tp
KENNEDY P.L. Mne CH/x111657   'B' tp
KENNEN H Revd   DSC RNVR (Padre)
KENNY G.F. Mne CH/x105064    
KIDWELL William, T. Mne CH/x105325    
KILBURN J.A. Mne PLY/x112956    
KIMBER P.G. Cpl PO/x4190    
KIMBER Robert, G. Cpl CH/x111860    
KING F.T.G. Mne CH/x104823    
KING I.F. Lt      
KINSEY R Mne PO/x100555    
KIRBY R.W.G. Sgt PLY/x104311 MiD  
KIRK W.J. Mne PLY/x104905   'B' tp
KITCHEN D.F. Mne PLY/x112752    
KNIGHT A.J. Cpl PO/x102883   'X' tp
KOHLER R.D. Mne PO/x4854    
KYLE J Mne PO/x103253    

46RM Cdo Nominal Roll L - R

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved.

A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted names for fuller details)

LANGDALE F.B. Cpl EX/5367    
LAVENDER A.G. Mne PLY/x108839    
LAWLOR T Mne EX/1143    
LAWRENCE A.C. Mne CH/x105209    
LAWSON Clifford Sgt CH/x3478    
LEDGER Thomas, M. Sgt PO/x102399    
LEE John Maj 313 MC  
LEE R Mne PO/x113669    
LEEMING William, C. TSM CH/x100711    
LEIGH G.E. Mne PO/x120471    
LETHAM J Mne CH/x110283    
LISTER F LCpl 7406358   RAMC
LIVSEY Kenneth Mne PO/x113477    
LOCHRANE J Mne PO/x107404    
LODGE W Mne PLY/x103844    
LONGLEY L.F.J. Mne PO/x108042    
LONSDALE C.W. Mne CH/x115110    
LOUGHLIN E.w. Cpl CH/x104548    
LOWE Ernest Mne CH/x104848    
LUDLOW H.J. Mne CH/x103567    
LUKE K.W. Mne PO/x112515    
LUNN Charles, F. Mne CH/x108564    
LYNHAM Bernard, W. Mne CH/x105217    
LYNN J.R. Sgt PO/x120908    
MACKIE D        
MACKIE Norman Pte 14268024   RAOC
MACLEOD         x ref MCLEOD
MADDOX Bill        
MADDOX W.A. Lt      
MAITLAND J.G. Gnr 14283122   Royal Artillery
MAITLAND R.L. Mne CH/x105199    
MALLORIE Herbert TSM PO/x106665 MM  
MANNY W.F. Mne CH/x108565    
MARSDEN W Mne PO/x107093    
MARSH E.L. Lt      
MARSH J.C. Lt      
MARSHALL A.L. Mne PO/x111383    
MARTIN Harry, S. Cpl CH/x105651    
MARTLAND H Mne CH/x109178    
MASON B.S. Mne CH/x115491    
MASON W Sgt PO/x4472    
MASTIN D.F. Mne PLY/x110801    
MATCHETT T Mne PLY/x102780    
MAY H Mne CH/x100691    
MAYALL K.A. Mne PLY/x104904    
MCAULIFFE D.P. Mne CH/x109001    
MCCALLUM A.J. Mne PO/x108861    
MCCARTHY Richard LCpl 7407321 MM RAMC
MCCONVILLE W.C. Mne PO/x103958    
MCDANIEL S.H. LCpl CH/x110330    
MCDONALD A.W. Mne PO/x105790    
MCDONALD J Mne PO/x4525    
MCDONALD J Sgt PO/x107319    
MCFALL Robert Cpl PO/x107355    
MCFARLANE J Mne CH/x109437    
MCGINTY T Mne PLY/x106966    
MCGLYNN R.A. Mne PO/x3204    
MCINTOSH D.D. Mne CH/x112097    
MCKAY J Mne PO/x113093    
MCKAY W.M. Sgt CH/x112112    
MCKINLAY W.S. Mne PO/x106314 MiD  
MCLAREN George, .J. Cpl PO/x4565    
MCLENNAN J Mne PO/x106671    
MCLEOD I.A.M. Cpl PLY/x112220    
MCMICHAEL R.B.H. Mne PO/x105866    
MCPHEE J Cpl EX/4153    
MCVEIGHTY J.T. Mne PO/x103989    
MCWALTER T.G. Mne PO/x116430    
MEADOWS F.R. Mne CH/x3767    
MELHUISH C.R. Cpl PLY/x112794    
MICHELL A.P. TSM PLY/x100261    
MIDDLETON Charlie, H. Mne PLY/x108829    
MILBERY J.R. Mne CH/x108015    
MILBERY K.S. Mne CH/x104982    
MILES A Cpl CH/x114877    
MILLER J Mne PO/x102023    
MILLS F Mne PO/x117101    
MILLS G.J. Mne PLY/x107161    
MINCHIN H.R. Capt 528    
MOODY Sidney, L. LCpl CH/x104824    
MOORE D.M. Cpl PO/x3894    
MOORE E.M. Mne CH/x105128    
MOORE G Mne CH/x108550    
MOORE L.A. Mne PO/x5301    
MOORE R.F. Mne PLY/x109657    
MOORE W.T. Mne CH/x103458    
MORAN J Sgt PO/x105985    
MORDUE W.J. Cpl CH/x2759    
MORGAN H.V. Mne PLY/x111432    
MORLAND W.L. Mne PO/x106554    
MORRIS G.E. Mne PO/x107354    
MORRIS J Mne PO/x105749    
MORRISON J Mne PO/x101074    
MORRISON J.R. Mne CH/x109423    
MORTIMER W.H. Mne CH/x109244    
MORTON J.N. Lt     Devonshire Regt
MORTON J.T. Mne CH/x100455    
MOULD A.M. Lt      
MOYCE J.H. RQMS CH/x101043    
MUDDIMAN J.T. Cpl PO/x112645    
MUIR John Mne PO/x103050    
MULDOWNEY R.S.I. Capt      
MURRAY J Mne CH/x107877    
MUSGRAVE Kenneth Mne PO/x117566    
MUSTEY R.W. Mne PLY/x108810    
NEATH F.A. Sgt PLY/x3954    
NELSON Alexander Mne PLY/x102086    
NESBITT H Mne PO/x4980    
NEVILLE R.R. Lt      
NEWBURY W.K. Cpl CH/x114921    
NEWBY Ken Sgt CH/x108552    
NICHOLS T.W. Sgt PO/x112484    
NICHOLLS A Mne PO/x100865    
NISH J.L. Lt      
NIXON N Mne PLY/x102803    
NOBLE R.A. Sgt EX/646    
NOLAN A.E. Mne PLY/x105111    
NORRIS M LCpl CH/x105060    
NORRIS W.E. Mne PLY/x103887    
NORTH A.W. Mne CH/x110699    
NORTHOVER F.T. Cpl PO/x104034    
NORTHWOOD S LCpl CH/x107512    
NORTON C.V. Mne PO/x3781    
NUNN Richard, G. Lt 370    
O'BRIEN L.B. Mne CH/x104488    
O'CONNOR G Mne PO/x3961    
O'CONNOR R Mne PO/x105987    
O'ROURKE R.J. Mne PLY/x108792    
O'SULLIVAN J.J. Cpl PO/x117579    
OGILVIE N Mne PLY/x2753    
OLDFIELD R.G. ‘Bob’ Cpl PO/x105893    
OLIVER D.M. Mne PO/x4378    
OLIVER William Edward Mne CH/x110697    
ORGAN S.N. Mne CH/x111113    
OVENS Patrick, J. Capt   OBE, MC later Maj General RM
PAGINTON B Mne PO/x107183    
PALMER R.R. Sgt CH/x105742    
PARKER John Mne PLY/x104531    
PARNELL F.J. Mne PO/x105680    
PEARCEY A.C. Mne EX/651    
PENDLESBURY C Mne PLY/x103857    
PENGALLY J.A. Mne CH/x107657    
PETTEY A.W. Mne PLY/x103923    
PHILLIPS George, E. Mne PO/x109527    
PHILLIPS W.B. Capt      
PHILPOTT Ron, E. Mne PLY/x102817    
PICKERING J Mne PO/x113790    
PIERCE Barry, W. Capt 1250    
PILCHER F.S. Mne CH/x3882    
PITCHER W.A.V. Sgt 7262607   RAMC
PIZEY James, G. Mne PO/x101436    
POINTER G.E. Mne PLY/x109752    
POLLARD T.W. Mne PO/x112887    
PONSFORD John, W. Mne CH/x104504    
POOLE J.S. Mne CH/x112082    
PORTER R.C.A. Mne PO/x105100    
PORTER V.J. Mne PLY/x110899    
POTTS L LCpl CH/x106356    
POULDEN C.G. Mne CH/x103508    
POUTON E Sgt CH/x100966    
POWELL R.G.H. Cpl PO/X105737    
PRATT J.H. Mne PLY/x103893    
PRICE C.L. Maj      
PRICE E. ‘Ted’ Mne PO/x114080    
PRICE G.W.J. Mne PLY/x108394    
PRIMROSE W Mne PO/x105492    
PULHAM C.E. Mne PLY/x102830    
PUPLETT D.J. Mne CH/x3919    
PURDY W.E. Mne PO/x112131    
PUTWAIN A.F. Mne CH/x111761    
PYKE R Mne CH/x107345    
RATTIGAN W.E. Mne PO/x106674    
RAY A.H.W. Mne CH/x108076    
RAYSON J.A. Mne CH/x105920    
READDIN D Mnbe EX/1900    
REED H Mne PLY/x105511    
REED O.W. Cpl PO/x2049 MiD  
REID W Mne CH/x108858    
RENNIE William Mne PO/x105943 MM  
REVETT E.W.G. Sgt CH/x100842    
REYNOLDS Bernard Raymond Lt      
REYNOLDS R Cpl CH/x109477    
RHINE J Mne PO/x106817    
RICHARDSON G Mne CH/x114662    
RICHARDSON G.E. Mne PLY/x105680    
RICHARDSON J.E. Sgt PO/x105511    
RICHARDSON J.I. Mne PO/x107407    
RIDER Leonard, G. Mne CH/x107771    
RIGG K Mne PO/x120621    
ROBE A.M. Cpl PO/x107671    
ROBERTS A.W. LCpl CH/x110691    
ROBERTS D.S.O. Cpl PO/x110875    
ROBERTS L Cpl PLY/x104913    
ROBERTSON Harry, S. Sgt PLY/x101507    
ROBINSON C.T. Mne CH/x111542    
ROBINSON G.S. Cpl CH/x104831    
ROBINSON P.W. Mne CH/x109959    
ROGERS Albert, W. Cpl PO/x2343    
ROGERS K.H. Mne CH/x105908    
ROMANS J Mne CH/x109173    
ROOK R.J. Cpl PLY/x4180    
RORRISON J Sgt PLY/x105695    
ROSE H.E. Mne CH/x104718    
ROWE Edward, G. Sgt PLY/x103925    
RUSH R.E.G. Mne CH/x103501    
RUSSELL Herbert Mne PLY/x103830    
RYDER J.E. Mne PO/x108109    

46RM Cdo Nominal Roll S - Z

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for 46RM Commando.

© Commando Veterans Archive 2016. All Rights Reserved.

A lot of hard work has gone into producing this nominal roll in memory of all who served. There is no other comprehensive nominal roll of Army Commandos in existence. Reproduction is only permitted if accompanied by the copyright marker and a clear acknowledgement to the Commando Veterans Archive.

(click on highlighted names for fuller details)

SACHS Herbert Pte 6305471   & 10 Cdo
SADLER E Sgt PLY/x104894    
SALE W.H. ‘Harry’ Mne PLY/x108848    
SALTER H.T. Mne CH/x112222    
SAMAIN B.C.  Lt      
SANKEY J Mne PO/x120448    
SATHERLEY D.C. Cpl PLY/x106284    
SAUNDERS L Mne CH/x102358    
SAXTON S Mne PO/x103682    
SCARGILL G.B. Cpl PO/x103239    
SCOREY D Mne PO/x106200    
SCOTT R.B. Mne PO/x106659    
SCOTT T.R. Mne PO/x108049    
SCULLION J.P. Cpl CH/x104842 MM  
SEABORN D.C. Mne PO/x115560    
SEE P.H. Cpl CH/x106676    
SEEKINS B.J. Mne PO/x108038    
SEVERN T.A. Mne PO/x5308    
SHACKLETON J.R. Mne CH/x113677    
SHAILER N.H. Mne CH/x3129    
SHANKS G Mne CH/x111576    
SHARMAN F.A. CSgt PO/x102866    
SHARP J.H. Mne PO/x109667    
SHARP N.A. Mne PO/x118103    
SHEARD H.W. Mne PO/x114237    
SHEPHERD A.L. Mne PO/x117647    
SHEPHERD J.A. Mne PLY/x108459    
SHERMAN R.T. Mne PLY/x104914    
SHOTBOLT R Mne CH/x107030    
SHUTTLEWOOD G Mne PO/x4334    
SIDDLE A.V. Mne PO/x116685    
SIMMONDS C.A. Mne CH/x105923    
SIMMONDS W Mne PLY/x112781    
SIMPSON F.V. Mne CH/x110333    
SKEATH N.A. Sgt PO/x105444    
SMALL J. LCpl PLY/x104915    
SMALLMAN Joseph, S. Mne CH/x108581    
SMART V.H. Mne PLY/x107232    
SMILES T.B. Lt     & 47RM
SMITH A.E. Mne CH/x112144    
SMITH C.S. Cpl PLY/x2479    
SMITH H Sgt CH/x104789    
SMITH James, T.R. Sgt PO/x105988    
SMITH J.W. Mne PLY/x112711    
SMITH N Mne PO/x101897    
SMITH R.B. Mne CH/x105675    
SMITH S Sgt CH/x2627    
SMITH William, E.C. 'Ticker' Mne      
SMITH W.F. Cpl PO/x107569    
SNELL J.P. Mne PLY/x108834    
SOMERVILLE R Mne PO/x116003    
SOWMAN R.N. Mne CH/x110252    
SPARROW N.D. Mne PLY/x105478    
SPICER E.W. Lt      
SQUIRE C Mne PLY/x105668    
STEPHENS L Mne CH/x107072    
STEPHENSON Frank Mne EX/3855    
STEPHENSON G LCpl PO/x113998    
STIDSTON A Mne PO/x106697    
STOKES S Mne PLY/x102567    
STOKES S.W. Cpl PLY/x106179    
STONE M.R. Mne EX/4596    
STONE R.J. Mne PO/x102021    
STORER Joseph Mne CH/x103699    
STREETER S.W. Mne CH/x111177    
STUCKEY R Mne PO/x117166    
SULLIVAN Bernard, C. Mne PO/x107896    
SULLIVAN J Mne PO/x114008    
SURREY D.J. Mne EX/5538    
SYMONDS I.E. Mne CH/x108778    
TALBOT R.F. Cpl 14444976   RAMC
TAPE C.H. Mne CH/x107495    
TAYLOR Charlie, T.J TSM CH/x103559    
TAYLOR Eric Cpl PO/x4088    
TAYLOR E.M. Mne PO/x110367    
TAYLOR F Mne PO/x115412    
TAYLOR J Sgt PO/x105280    
TEAGUE Bryan, J. Capt      
TEAR W.W. Mne CH/x106237 MiD  
THOMPSON E.L. Mne PLY/x100625    
THROWER A Mne PLY/x102893    
TILDSLEY L Cpl PLY/x104922    
TOCKNELL G Mne PO/x116718    
TODD T Mne PO/x101888    
TOLLEY J.C. Mne PLY/x107687    
TOMKINS Jack, S.R. Mne CH/x108572    
TOOLEY P.B. ‘Buck’ Mne CH/x105608    
TRACEY C Sgt CH/x1990    
TROMANS C Mne PLY/x103594    
TUNNICLIFFE A Mne PLY/x104918    
TURNER Ivor, O. Mne PLY/x108823    
TYRER W Mne PLY/x103934    
USHER G Mne PO/x106553    
VARDY Thomas Mne PLY/x103900 MM  
VAUGHAN J Mne PO/x121118    
VILLIERS E.R. Sgt     x ref Vogel
VOGEL Egon Sgt 6436356   & 10 Cdo
VOSE J. ‘Tiny’ Mne PLY/x105676    
WADDINGTON J Mne PLY/x108942    
WADE J.J. Cpl PO/x102728    
WALKER R.J.S. Cpl PLY/x100761    
WALKER W Mne CH/x104838    
WALSH J.P. Sgt PLY/x108811    
WALTON E.H. Mne PO/x110554    
WARDIL J.J.A Cpl PO/x3634 BEM  
WARNE L.D. Mne CH/x113993    
WARNER M.W. Mne CH/x104498    
WATKINSON W Mne PLY/x107181    
WATSON J.F. Mne CH/x104683    
WATSON W Mne PLY/x103202    
WEARING David, J. Lt      
WEATHERSTONE E Mne PLY/x105678    
WEBB G.H. Mne PO/x116167    
WEBB H.F. Mne PO/x107978    
WEBSTER F.G. Cpl PLY/x120156    
WEEDON H.J. Mne CH/x103921    
WHEELER Alexander, V. Mne PLY/x112784    
WHETSTONE C.W. Mne CH/x103475    
WHITAKER James Cpl CH/x102296    
WHITE J Mne CH/x114434    
WHITHORN N.A. Mne PO/x110011    
WHITTAKER E Mne PO/x110709    
WHITTAKER T.A. Mne CH/x109307    
WICKS Herbert Leonard 'Len' Mne PO/x119006    
WIGGINS Thomas George Sgt PO/x102000    
WILD R Mne CH/x114493    
WILKINS W.T. Cpl PLY/x111441    
WILLIAMS C.R. Cpl PLY/x108791    
WILLIAMS F Mne CH/x113082    
WILLIAMS J.R. Sgt PO/x2021    
WILLS S.R. Mne CH/x103949    
WILMOT R.W. Mne PO/x3139    
WILSON Harry Mne CH/x104158    
WILSON J.C. Mne CH/x108259    
WILSON J.R. Mne PLY/x108769    
WOOD S Mne PO/x116368    
WOOD T.A. TSM PO/x100220    
WOOLLAM G.A. Lt      
WORTHINGTON E.G. Mne CH/x109238    
WRIGHT Robert ‘Shiner’ Sgt CH/x104207    
WYMER E.C. Mne CH/x105225    
YEO H.J. Mne CH/x108555    
YOUNG H.G. Mne CH/x104996    
YOUNG J.S. Lieut      
YOUNG K Sgt EX/731    

GRAY, Thomas Malcolm (Lt Col)

Lieutenant Colonel
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Tuesday, September 16, 1913
Died : 
Wednesday, July 20, 1960
Died in service
Post WW2 and now with the rank of Colonel, Thomas Malcolm Gray DSO, MC, died whilst serving at HMS President.
In World War Two he was Commanding Officer of 41RM Commando on D Day and later Commanding Officer of 46RM Commando during the River Rhine crossing. He was awarded the MC whilst  Captain (Acting Lieutenant-Colonel) of 41RM Commando.

Citation for the MC

At Lion sur Mer on the 6th of June, from the moment of landing under heavy and accurate mortar and shell fire, Lieut. Colonel Gray showed a complete and utter disregard for his own safety. His coolness, cheerfulness and personal bravery were an inspiration to all. On the first morning he was slightly wounded on two occasions and insisted on continuing. His example contributed enormously to the success of the Commando task.
​[Source: London Gazettes Supp. 36676, page 4008 and National Archives WO/373/47/2.]
Lieutenant-Colonel Gray was further wounded and had to be evacuated on the morning of the 7th June. After recovering from his wounds he returned to command 46RM Commando.
He was awarded the DSO for for his action during operations at the River Rhine crossing and into Wesel.


On 23rd-24th March 1945 Lieutenant Colonel Gray was in command of 46 (Royal Marine) Commando which captured the original bridgehead over the River Rhine. He attacked across the river in Buffaloes and fought his way inland with unparalleled determination and skill. His men captured two large groups of houses killing over thirty enemy and capturing eighty three enemy in the first ten minutes of the operation. This was only made possible by the speed and dash of this fearless advance where a number of key personnel were lost. Lieutenant Colonel Gray never allowed the impetus to slacken despite every enemy opposition, and his dauntless courage and sure progress made the brigade task possible. He was in every way an inspiration and example to the men under his command. He was continually under fire from small arms fire from the Rhine to Wesel, and in Wesel was under fire from enemy armed with panzerfausts (hand-held anti-tank weapons) which wounded many of the men around him.
His cool judgement and his complete contempt for danger inspired his men and influenced the battle at a most critical stage.
​[Source:  National Archives WO 373/47/66.]

46RM Cdo. Officers, June'44

Extract from the Navy Lists

June 1944 Volume 1 Page 1100.  (page 1014 on N.L.S. website page list)
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
Commanding Officer —  Act. Lieut. Col. C. R. Hardy.
2nd in Command
Act. Tempy. Maj. J. Lee.
Act. Tempy. Maj. H. R. Burton.

Act. Tempy. Capt.
C. E. Docwra.
D. H. Barker.
J. R. B. Davies.

Act. Tempy. Capt. J. A. H. Thompson.
Lieut. J. C. Marsh.
Lieut. B. W. Pierce.
Tempy. Lieuts.
R. G. Nunn.
A. P. Jerram.
W. J. Hart.
E. W. Spicer.
P. K. W. Johnson.
J. R. Foulds.
W. B. Phillips.
G. A. Woollam.
B. R. Reynolds.
J. S. Young.
D. J. Beardmore.
D. T. Burrows.
Quartermaster —  Tempy. Lieut. (Qr.-Mr.) A. E. Heath.
Signal Officer —  Act. Tempy. Capt. H. R. Minchin.
Intelligence Officer —  Tempy. Lieut. B. J. Teague.
Medical Officer —  Capt. R. T. Kiddie, R.A.M.C.
Sergeant-Major —  Act. Sergt.-Major J. H. Broad.

46RM Cdo. Officers, Oct.'44

Extract from the Navy Lists

October 1944 Volume 2 Page 1104.  (page 260 on N.L.S. website page list)
Source: National Library of Scotland website.
Commanding Officer —  Act. Lieut. Col. C. R. Hardy, D.S.O.

 2nd in Command —  Act. Tempy. Maj. H. R. Burton.

Act. Capts.

Act. Tempy. Capts.
C. E. Docwra.
J. R. B. Davies.
J. R. Foulds.
W. B. Phillips.

Adjutant —   Act. Tempy. Capt. J. A. H. Thompson.

Tempy. Lieuts. —
E. W. Spicer.
P. K. W. Johnson.
G. A. Woollam.
B. R. Reynolds.
D. J. Beardmore.
A. J. Allen.
R. R. Neville.
A. D. Shillabeer.
J. F. Bailey.
J. G. Boardley.
Lieut. J. S. Beattie, R.S.

Quartermaster —  Tempy. Lieut. (Qr.-Mr.) A. E. Heath.

Signal Officer —   Act. Tempy. Capt.

Intelligence Officer —  Tempy. Lieut. B. J. Teague.

Medical Officer —  Capt. R. T. Kiddie, R.A.M.C.

Chaplain —

 Sergeant-Major —   Act. Sergt. Major J. H. Broad.
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