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Official Letters5 Commando, Officers in 1940NIC2013No5 Cdo, nominal roll, Download
Official Letters5 Commando, Formation in 1940NIC2013No5 Cdo, nominal roll,Download
BookletA document about LayforceAlan Orton, Mike Beckett2013Layforce, No 7 Commando, No 8 Commando, No 11 Commando, 50 ME Commando, 52 ME CommandoDownload
Letters12 Commando, Redesignation of 4 (Para) Troop,1943Chris Rooney2014Rooney, Lovat, Download
BookletJOHNSON-HOUGHTON, Captain, BiographyCarol Kerr, Mrs Desiree Roderick MBE20112 commando, joe houghton, musketoon, Download
Official LettersA timeline of the Special Boat Section (Home) Lt Henry S. Quigley, Admin Officer 2SBS2010sbs, hornerDownload
BookletAssociation booklet 1943-2005Andrew Milne2014Commando Association, Souvenir, Download
Booklet50th anniversary of the unveiling of the Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge.Andrew Milne2014Commando Memorial, Spean Bridge, Duke Of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Service of RemembranceDownload
LettersYOUNG, Leilyn, Letter about his time as a US Ranger.Leilyn Young, Lisa McCollum2010Leilyn Young, US RangerDownload
Personal PapersMAGER, Charles, An account of D DayCharles Mager No 3 Commando2014No 3 Commando, D Day, OverlordDownload
BookletAssociation 1946 1st Reunion Dinner menuMax Heron, nick collins2015Download
Official Letters12 Commando, Letter From Lord MountbattenJohn Mewett2015Mountbatten Harrison 12 Commando E TroopDownload
Files12 Commando Troop Locations Operation Foxrock June 1942John Mewett201512 Commando Operation Foxrock Troop Locations June 1942Download
Nominal Roll1 Commando, Roll of Wounded Hill 170 KangawJohn Mewett2015Wounded Roll No1 Commando Hill 170 Kangaw Burma 1945Download
Files3 Cdo Bde Map of Myebon and Kangaw Jan/Feb 1945John Mewett2015Map: Myebon and Kangaw January /Febuary 1945Download
Files3 Cdo Bde Map of the Kangaw Blockade Jan 1945John Mewett2015Kangaw Blockade MapDownload
Files1 Commando, Report on Operation 'Bottle' 15 Oct'45 Hong KongJohn Mewett2015Operation 'Bottle' No 1 Commando Hong Kong Download
Files1 Commando, Troop Organisation Nov'44John Mewett2015Troop Organisation No 1 Commando 1944Download
FilesCHURCHILL, Winston speech at the unveiling of the Abbey MemorialJohn Mewett2015Churchill Speech Westminster Abbey Memorial May 1948Download
FilesKNOWLAND, George Arthur, Lieut. VC announcement in GazettesJohn Mewett2015Lt G A Knowland VC CitationDownload
FilesHARDEN, Henry Eric, LCpl. VC announcement in GazettesJohn Mewett2015Eric Harden VC RAMC Attached 45 RM CommandoDownload
FilesNEWMAN, Lt Col. Augustus Charles, Citation for VCJohn Mewett2015Lt Col A C Newman VC No 2 Commando St Nazaire RaidDownload
Personal PapersBISSELL, SSgt. Transcript of a speech.SSgt Stan 'Sonnie' Bissell BEM2015commando trainingDownload
FilesAn account of ops at Sicily and Malati Bridge Lieut. John Channon Erskine RE & No.3 Commando20153 commando bridge, lentini river, malati bridge, punta del malati, sicilyDownload
Files1 Commando Fighting Patrol Composition/Arms/IntercomJohn Mewett20151 Commando Fighting Patrol 1944Download
Booklet3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 9Maj. I.V. Carrell & Lt. G. Sheath (RM) 2015jungle book, 3 commando brigade, no 1 commando, no 5 commando, 42rm commando, 44rm commandoDownload
Files'Cliff Assaults' Combined Ops Pamphlet 24Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Combined Operations 19452015commando mountain warfare training, cliff assaultsDownload
Files2 Commando, Operation Chariot Op Order 1Lt Col Augustus Charles Newman OC No 2 Commando, 22nd March 19422015St Nazaire, Operation ChariotDownload
Files3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 8Edited by Capt. I.V. Carrel (RM) September 19452015jungle book, commando brigade, no 1 commando, no 5 commando, 42rm commando, 44rm commandoDownload
Files3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 3Edited by Capt. F.C. Rodger, RAMC 1944, June 194420153 commando brigade, no 1 commando, no 5 commando, 42rm commando, 44rm commando, jungle bookDownload
Booklet3 Cdo Bde Third Jungle Book issue 4Editor Captain F.C. Rodger, RAMC20153 commando brigade, no 1 commando, no 5 commando, 42rm commando, 44rm commando, jungle bookDownload
Personal PapersHUNTINGTON, John, Memories of No 12 and No 1 CommandoJohn Mewett2015Memories of Sgt John Huntington 'E' Troop No 12 Commando and 3 Troop No 1 CommandoDownload
Personal PapersSAWYER, Alfred, Memories of No 2 CommandoAlfred Sawyer No 2 Cdo., Ian Sawyer20152 commando, alf sawyer, sicily, italy, yugoslavia, brac, greeceDownload
Personal PapersDIXON, Herbert, Memories of No 2 CommandoHerbert Dixon No 2 Cdo, Tim Huelin2015Herbert Dixon, No 2 CommandoDownload
LettersPETERS, Richard (Lt. 2 SBS) letter to fatherLt Richard Peters 2 SBS2016Burma, 2 SBS, special boat section, killed in action Download
LettersSTUART, Ted, Memories of 5 Commando and Mission 204Ted Stuart No 5 Commando2016Mission 204Download
BookletDURRANT VC, Recommended by the EnemyRobert John Mewett2016durrant, vc, Victoria cross, commando, chariot, st nazaireDownload
BookletAssociation History 1943 - 2005Henry Brown OBE1993Commando Association, Henry Brown, WW2 CommandosDownload
BookletAssociation History 2003 - presentJohn Mewett2014commando veterans association, cva Download
Booklet'Salerno Diary'Captain H.H. Blissett No 2 Commando2017salerno, commando, ww2Download
Official LettersKIDWELL, Trevor (46RM Cdo) letter after his deathContent Admin/Commando Veterans Archive2017Image of Mne Kidwell 46RM Commando and Padre's letter to his wifeDownload
BookletLONGSON, Joe (1 Cdo) - My Life in the Army Fusilier Joe Longson No 1 Commando2017army, 1 commando, longsonDownload
Files2 Commando Salerno/Scaletta CasualtiesNo 2 Commando Officer2018salerno, casualties, 2 commando, avalanche, vietri, dragone hill, piegolette, piegolelle, the pimple, scaletta, sicily, italyDownload
Files'Title for Commandos in the R.N.'E.A. Davis (Commanding Officer)2018Royal Naval Beach Commandos, RNBCDownload
Nominal Roll'RM Commando Officers Aug.1943.'Content Admin/Commando Veterans Archive2018Royal Marine CommandosDownload
LettersHYTNER, Cyril (48RM Cdo) letter from 'Doc' WinserLt. David Michael De Reuda Winser, RAMC and 48RM Commando2019letter, winser, hytner, 48 royal marine commandoDownload
Booklet'Commando Mountain Warfare Training Centre'Provided by Major James Dunning2019Commando Mountain Warfare Training Centre, CMWTCDownload
LettersBENNETT, Phil (42RM Cdo) writes home after Hill 170Philip Bennett 42RM Commando2019kangaw, hill 170,42 commando, 3 commando brigade, royal marines, burmaDownload
Personal PapersSMITH, Roy (Cpl. 43RM Cdo) last letter Corporal Roy Montague Smith 43RM Commando2019letterDownload
FilesROBSON, William (40 Cdo) RM ServiceContent Admin2019Download
Nominal Roll45RM Commando E Troop 1944Unknown2020Download
Booklet'Commandos in the Field 1945' - Combined Ops. Pamphlet 26Prepared under the direction of the Chief of Combined Operations 19452020Provided by John Rawlinson, Hon. Sec. RMHS.Download
FilesDAKERS, Sandy (45Cdo RM) ObituaryVic Balsdon202045 Commando,Royal Marines,AdenDownload
Files10 Commando Polish Troop platoonsCollection of Janek Jedwab2021PolandDownload
Files'Personnel List of some of No.10(IA) Cdo. 3 Troop'Martin Sugarman BA, Cert Ed. Archivist, Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women200010 inter allied commando,x troop,miscellaneous troop,jewish troop,pioneer corpsDownload
Files'Document about No.10 (IA) Cdo 3 Troop'Martin Sugarman BA, Cert Ed. Archivist, Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women200010 inter allied commando,x troop,miscellaneous troop,jewish troop,pioneer corpsDownload
FilesNORTON, Jimmy (Bde Sigs) ObituaryContent Admin2021Jimmy Norton, 1 Brigade SignalsDownload
FilesTRIGG, Fred (2 Cdo) newspaper reportMid Sussex Times newspaper 22 March 1944. Image © Johnston Press plc.20212 commando, trigg, musketoonDownload
FilesAssociation Membership Form - WW2 Content Admin2021Download
FilesAssociation Membership Form - Serving or Veteran Content Admin2021Download
FilesAssociation Membership Form - AssociateContent Admin2021Download
FilesCARLISLE, Alan (No.3 Cdo) rememberedContent Admin20213 commando, killed in action, vaagsoDownload
Personal PapersDALY, Thomas (12 Cdo) rememberedContent Admin2021Thomas Daly, Fred Hunt, 12 Commando, Holding Operation CommandoDownload
FilesBIRCH, Fred - diary of the Rommel raidFrederick Birch, courtesy of his son Brian.2021Operation Flipper, Rommel raid, LayforceDownload
FilesWILSON, Sydney (45RM Cdo) newspaper report of his deathContent Admin2021Download
FilesNo.4 Commando 'C' Troop namesJohn Martin20214 CommandoDownload

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