No 7 Commando Nominal D - H

Commando Veterans Archive Nominal Roll for No 7 Commando.

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CA followed by a number = entry in a Commando Association newsletter.
LL followed by a number = entry in Commando Association Lost Legion List.
CasList = National Archives Army Casualty Lists.
WO = War Office file at the National Archives
Dargue T.D. Sgt 4987897   Dorsets; PoW Crete (WO417/94)
Darling T.D. Lt 88841   RNF
Dart E A Dvr     RASC
Davidson S H Cpl 1986306   RE
De Pury Edward Capt     Int Corp
De V Martim   Capt      
Dean H Pte 5675816   Somerset Light Inf
Dear W.S. Pte 5889468   Northamptonshires
Deerin H Pte 3316201   Yorks & Lancs; PoW Cyrenaica
Dickerson I.J. Pte 7949673   RAMC
Dixon E.C. Pte 4391507   Green Howards; PoW 1941 until 1944 CasList WO417/81
Dominey R.T.J. Pte 5724842   Dorsets;   CasList WO417/69
Douglas S 2/Lt 121443   Cameronians
Duguid W.P. L/Cpl 3251304   Cameronians
Duncan W.D. Cpl 3251703   Cameronians
Dunk L Fus 3449378   Lancs Fusiliers
Durand Montague, Ongley, De Beauvoir Lt 244790   West Yorks
Edney Frank, Leslie Pte 6205420   Middx Regt (PLKR)
Ellingham J.R. Pte 5933343   Cambridgeshires
Else John Sjt 5624579   Devonshires
Ely H.P. L/Cpl 3131999   KOSB
Emms Cyril, Deeley Bdr 805557   RA
England   Lt     RA
Ethelstone H Pte 5670462   Somerset Light Inf
Evans A Pte 3313836   Highland Light Inf
Evans G.L. Cpl 2931202   Liverpool Scots QOCH; PoW Crete CasList WO417/96
Evans T.W. Pte 3960772   Wiltshires
Everitt H.C. L/Cpl 1866574   R E
Fairbridge A.F.H. Fus 3452795   Lancs Fus & 4 Cdo; PoW Bardia raid
Farrington John, Beddell Pte 5111745   Royal Warwicks/ & 4 Cdo
Finch J L/Cpl 1877787   R E
Fleetwood L Pte 5727759   Dorsets
Flood John, A.M. Capt 99069   Kosb
Fookes Victor, James L/Bdr 1398369   RA
Ford Dennis T/Major 124856 MC MBE Black Watch
Fordham   Lt     Coldstream Guards
Forrest P Pte 3319531   Highland Light Inf
Fox J Cpl 3653001   South Lancs; PoW
Freeman Frederick, E.L. Pte 5830905   Suffolks; POW
Freeman Thomas, Louis L/Cpl 5831031   Suffolks; POW
Gabbott G L/Cpl     Highland Light Inf
Gale D.M. Pte 5726852   Dorsets/ME Cdo/ SRS/kia 1SAS
Gale W.E. Pte     Dorsets
Gallier Robert, Allen Gnr 1465403   RA / 2Jun'41 CasList Crete WO417/28
Gardiner C.W.H. Pte 5505777   Hants / POW Stalag344 (WO392/1)
Gaylard Albert Jack L/Cpl 5725267   Dorsets
George R L/Cpl     Dorsets
Gibbs   Capt 88025   Highland Light Inf
Glyptis G E L/Cpl 1892369   R E
Golden William James Cpl 1881043   R E
Goodsir Georges, Albert, jacques Gnr 1407168   RA
Gourlay W.P. Pte 3320956   Highland Light Inf
Graham F.W. LCpl 6207868   Middx Regt;Caslists 6Jun41 WO417/68 - repatriated 
Graham J Pte 6981125   Cameronians
Graham J L Pte 3191535   KOSB
Graham John Allen Lt 69973   Liverpool Scottish
Gray A L/Cpl 3315234   Highland Light Inf
Gray F.G. Pte 5831099 Cambs.Regt.   Camb. Regt; CasList  WO417/28 wounded  28May41
Greaves Sidney Cpl 1882893 MM  RE/ME Cdo/award with SBS/ kia wth SBS
Green J Bdr 849929   Royal Artillery
Green William, Alfred Pte 5933643   Suffolks / 3 SS Bn. /CasList WO417/27 / kia
Greenwood Stephen Tpr 7904241   RAC
Guard Ronald Pte 2929492   Liv.Scots/ME Cdo/ SRS/1SAS executed
Gunn H Pte 3319490   Highland Light Inf
Gurney   Lt     Norfolks
Hammond R C W Pte 7347120   RAMC
Hannah J Pte 3190809   KOSB
Harborough Brian Major      
Harison T Gnr 1461853   RA
Harper Henry, Joseph Sgt 5180531   RAC;CasLists; wounded Crete PoW; back to Uk 1943
Harper Ian, Rennie Sgt     (CA52)
Harper Stanley Eric Spr 1880061   R E
Harrison T Gnr 1461853   RA / 2Jun'41 CasList Crete WO417/28 / POW Stalag 344 WO392/1
Harvie   L/Cpl      
Hassam D H Pte 5830657   Suffolks
Hawkins A Pte 6343573   Royal West Kents
Hawkins Harold, Ralph Pte 5503346   Hants/PoW Crete
Hayward A.N. L/Cpl 5567812   Wiltshires; PoW
Heavens Robert, Eric Sgt 820065   RA/L Det/SRS/1SAS executed
Heesom D L/Cpl 3657717   South Lancs
Henry W Gnr 1427602   Royal Artillery
Herd J W Spr 1986469   R E
Hildreth Sydney J L/Cpl 3657806   South Lancs
Hills Arthur Spr     R E
Hogan G A Pte 3656809   South Lancs
Holbrook A Pte 815569   Ramc
Horobin G C Pte 76332126   Raoc
Howlett Dennis U Pte 6205094   Middx Regt (PLKR)
Hutton-Williams   Lt      

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