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Name Rank Unit Died
EATOUGH, Bryan Marine 42 Cdo. RM 22/12/1950
EDMONDS, Arnold Basil Lindsay Lieutenant 40 Cdo. RM 23/08/1949
EDWARDS, Ronald Corporal No 5 Commando 09/08/1946
EDWARDS, Steven James Marine Cdo. Log. Regt. 16/06/1977
EDWARDS, William Private No 3 Commando 29/01/1946
ELLIOTT, Victor John Robert Sergeant 95 Cdo. Regt.RA 02/10/1965
ELMS, Liam Michael Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 31/12/2008
EMSLIE, Hamish Brian Captain 42 Cdo. RM 24/05/1966
ENEFER, Roger Sergeant 45 Cdo. RM 27/05/1982
ENGLAND, Russell Edward Lieutenant RM Poole 27/11/1989
ESSEEN, David Marine 45 Cdo. RM 23/03/1967
EVANS, Andrew Peter Sergeant 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn / Helicopter Force 21/05/1982
EVANS, Anthony Stephen Lance Corporal 42 Cdo. RM 19/11/1990
EVANS, George Marine 3 Cdo. Bde. RM 16/11/1947
EVANS, Kenneth Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 27/05/1982
EVANS, Llywelyn Carl Lance Bombardier 29 Cdo. Regt.RA 21/03/2003
EVANS, Tony Marine 42 Cdo. RM 27/11/2008
FACEY, Robert Marine Commando School RM 05/10/1953
FAIRBROTHER, David Marine 42 Cdo. RM 19/09/2011
FARLEY, Paul Adrian Todd Lieutenant 45 Cdo. RM 15/09/1980
FARMER, Morris Flynn Craftsman 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn / Helicopter Force 04/11/1977
FELLOWS, Steven James Lance Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 12/12/2008
FERGUSON, John Roy Lance Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 18/08/1989
FERRANTE, Simeon Mervyn Marine RM Reserve 14/08/1989
FERRIS, David Howard Marine Royal Marines 10/04/1973
FINDLAY, Murdoch Marine 45 Cdo. RM 23/01/1954
FITTON, Peter Ronald Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 11/06/1982
FITZSIMMONS, Lee Michael Corporal Royal Marines 20/11/2007
FLEMING, Paul Andrew Marine RM Reserve 18/07/1997
FORD, Matthew Christopher Lance Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 15/01/2007
FORDHAM, Peter Dennis Marine 45 Cdo. RM 25/09/1951
FORMOY, Ronald David Marine 42 Cdo. RM 12/12/1962
FORRET, Andrew Warrant Officer Class 2 45 Cdo. RM 04/02/1993
FOSTER, Cecil Wylie Sergeant 42 Cdo. RM 13/03/1966
FOSTER, Nigel Francis Marine Recruit CTCRM 08/03/1996
FOUNTAINE, Michael John Lieutenant 40 Cdo. RM 05/06/1989
FOWKE, Roger Mansergh Marine 42RM Commando 15/03/1947
FOWLER, Michael John Marine 45 Cdo. RM 06/11/1956
FOX, Daniel Christian Marine Comacchio Gp. RM 27/01/2000
FOXALL, Ian Walton Corporal 3 Cdo. Bde. RM 10/02/1972
FRANCIS, Kenneth David Lieutenant 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn / Helicopter Force 21/05/1982
FRANKLAND, Kevin Peter Marine 45 Cdo. RM 09/09/1984
FRASER, Hugh Marine 45 Cdo. RM 12/11/1977
FREEMANTLE, John Corporal 3 Cdo. Bde. RM 25/01/1967
FUDGE, Ronald John Marine 40 Cdo. RM 06/11/1956
GALLIMORE, Walter Marine Commando School RM 24/07/1953
GANDHI, Pradeep Kumar Sapper 59 Ind. Cdo. Sqn. RE 27/05/1982
GARDNER, Robert Alexander Corporal 3 Cdo. Bde. RM 09/03/1991
GARNER, Ivan Marine 41 Ind. Cdo. RM 29/11/1950
GENGE, Thomas John Head Corporal 45 Cdo. RM 11/07/1951
GEORGE, Kenneth Robert Marine 45RM Commando 22/03/1946
GIBBON, Anthony James Marine Comacchio Gp. RM 27/09/1993
GIBBONS, Andrew Thomas Marine 40 Cdo. RM 28/05/1983
GIFFIN, Brett Patrick Lance Corporal 3 Cdo. Bde. Air Sqn / Helicopter Force 21/05/1982
GILBERT, Adam Marine 42 Cdo. RM 15/06/1989
GILL, Martin Joseph Lance Corporal 42 Cdo. RM 05/06/2011
GILLESPIE, Thomas Alexander Sergeant Royal Marines 10/05/1981
GILLINGHAM, Graham John Marine 42 Cdo. RM 24/12/1962
GILLINGS, Neil Joseph Farries Sergeant 3 Cdo. Bde. RM 04/05/2004
GILMORE, Ian Alexander Marine 40 Cdo. RM 15/01/1977


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