GANDHI, Pradeep Kumar

Known as: 
Unit / Base: 
59 Independent Commando Sqn. RE
Royal Engineers
Monday, February 24, 1958
Died : 
Thursday, May 27, 1982
Killed in action or died of wounds
Local Roll of Honour: 
Sapper Pradeep Gandhi, 59 Commando Sqn., RE, died during operations on the Falkland Islands.
Extract found on a website written by D. Mac,Hertfordshire.
"Sapper Pradeep Gandhi will be remembered as the only Asian Hindu to be killed during the Falklands War. Goosey, as we called him, would have laughed at this. I first met him at our Royal Engineers Depot in Chatham when we were on our artisan courses, and he was a great lad. He was a soldier first, then a Sapper. From Chatham, he went on to complete his commando course with the Royal Marines at Lympstone and was awarded his coveted Green Beret.
He was then posted to 59 Commando Squadron Royal Engineers in Plymouth, and soon deployed to the Falklands. His unit immediately dug into the peat hillside for better protection from the Argentinean Sky Hawk Jets strafing the Bay. During these attacks, you were as likely to catch a bullet from one of your own, with so much fire going into the air. Goosey was big and strong, and had his machine gun up defending his mates and firing at the aircraft. It was during one of these attacks that a bomb dropped close to his fighting position and Goosey was buried under a load of peat. 
He was quickly attended to and his head and face were uncovered. As another attack came in, his helmet was placed over his head to offer some protection. When the attack was over, Goosey was dug out of his fighting position. Unfortunately, he had died during the previous attack. His name, besides being on the main memorial, is also on the Royal Engineers Memorial on the top of Sapper Hill overlooking Port Stanley. Goosey won't be remembered as an Asian Hindu, he wouldn't want to be, he will always be remembered as a Sapper and a friend."
Army Rumour Service website, author D. Mac,Hertfordshire.
Primary Roll of Honour: 

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