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Name Rank Died Unit/Base
LEE, Rexley Hugh Edwin Marine 29/01/1947 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
LEEMING, Robert Arthur Sergeant 11/06/1982 '45 Commando RM'
LEEVES, Luther John Marine 24/01/1949 '42 Commando RM'
LELITTKA, Christopher Paul Marine 13/07/1984 846 Naval Air Squadron
LESLIE, Paul Elliot Marine 23/10/2002 40 Commando RM
LEVER, Alan Sergeant 03/11/1972 '45 Commando RM'
LEWIS, Aaron Leslie Lieutenant 15/12/2008 '29 Commando Regiment RA'
LEWTHWAITE, William Marine 23/01/1986 'Commando Logistic Regiment RM'
LIDIARD, Clive Edward Corporal 14/07/1984 Royal Marines
LOCK, Kevin Anthony Lance Corporal 02/07/1984 40 Commando RM
LOCKWOOD, Neville, A. Second Lieutenant 21/12/2007 'Commando Training Centre RM'
LOVE, Michael David Corporal 19/05/1982 846 Naval Air Squadron
LOVEDAY, Brian Ralph Corporal 22/10/1960 Royal Marines
LUCAS, Alexander James Marine 24/11/2008 '45 Commando RM'
LUNNESS, Geoffrey Captain 24/02/1987 Royal Marines
MACAFFER, Menzies Corporal 08/02/2012 '45 Commando RM'
MACDONALD, Andrew Peter John Lieutenant 15/09/1980 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
MACDOUGALL, Alexander Marine 22/10/1958 '45 Commando RM'
MACFARLANE, Walter Grant Sergeant 12/12/1962 '42 Commando RM'
MACGREGOR, Duncan John Junior Marine 23/04/1979 Royal Marines
MACKAY, Peter Lewis Captain 05/05/1951 '42 Commando RM'
MACKIE, Jason Robert Frederick Marine 14/05/2009 'RM Armoured Support Group'
MACKIN, Travis Marine 11/01/2009 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
MACKINTOSH, Ian Robert Marine 25/03/2001 '42 Commando RM'
MACKLIN, James Marine 28/03/1974 '42 Commando RM'
MACPHERSON, Gordon Cameron Marine 12/06/1982 '45 Commando RM'
MADDISON, Christopher Richard Marine 30/03/2003 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
MAGEE, Thomas Joseph Lance Corporal 29/09/1967 40 Commando RM
MALLARD, Ian Stuart Marine 27/06/1992 'Commando Training Centre RM'
MALONEY, Ronald Henry Sergeant 11/08/1965 '29 Commando Regiment RA'
MANLEY, Carl David Captain 24/09/2012 Royal Marines
MANUEL, John Henry Sergeant 12/12/2008 '45 Commando RM'
MARRIOTT, Michael Corporal 01/01/1964 40 Commando RM
MARSH, David John Marine 30/03/2008 40 Commando RM
MARSHALL, Robin Paul Colour Sergeant 19/06/1999 40 Commando RM
MARSHALL, William Nigel Captain 08/03/1975 Royal Marines
MARTIN, Jason Marine 18/07/1997 Royal Marines
MASTERS, William Morrish Marine 06/07/1953 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
MATHIESON, Kenneth Marine 03/11/1950 40 Commando RM
MCANDREWS, Stephen Graham Marine 27/05/1982 40 Commando RM
MCCARDLE, Eoghan Tom Lieutenant 15/07/1990 '29 Commando Regiment RA'
MCCARTHY, Brian William Sergeant 19/11/1992 'Commando Training Centre RM'
MCCARTHY, Frederick Arthur Colour Sergeant 07/10/1971 '3 Commando Brigade, Royal Marines'
MCCARTHY, Peter William Lieutenant 06/11/1956 40 Commando RM
MCCONNELL, Richard John Martin Lieutenant 07/05/1973 Royal Marines
MCCOURT, Joseph Marine 29/11/1950 '41 Independent Commando RM'
MCCREA, Edward Marine 13/04/1964 '42 Commando RM'
MCGRATH, Edward Corporal 03/09/1964 '45 Commando RM'
MCGREGOR, John Kenneth Lieutenant 05/12/1964 41 Commando RM
MCINTOSH, Christopher John Sergeant 22/10/1984 RM Poole
MCKAY, Peter Burke Lance Corporal 27/05/1982 '45 Commando RM'
MCKEOWN, Kevin Timothy Lieutenant 17/09/1986 Royal Marines
MCKIBBEN, Robert Joseph Marine 12/11/2008 '42 Commando RM'
MCLAUGHLIN, Liam Lance Bombardier 03/03/2007 '29 Commando Regiment RA'
MEAD, Nigel Dean Marine 15/05/2011 '42 Commando RM'
MELIA, Michael Corporal 28/05/1982 59 Independent Commando Sqn. RE
MELLING, Harry Marine 07/04/1951 '41 Independent Commando RM'
METCALFE, Daniel Marine Recruit 19/04/2006 'Commando Training Centre RM'
MIDDLETON, Robert Wilfred Corporal 17/05/1969 Royal Marines
MILBURN, Phillip Brian Colour Sergeant 22/04/2003 Royal Marines


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