TREVOR, Thomas Hoult (Lt Col)

Known as: 
Lieutenant Colonel
2 Independent Company
1 Commando
Welch Regiment
Tuesday, October 10, 1911
Thomas Trevor was 2i/c of No 2 Independent Company when they sailed as part of Scissors Force (Operation Avonmouth) to take part in the Combined Operations raid on Norway. After this, with the disbandment of the Independent Companies, he joined the newly raised No 1 Commando.
After a brief spell of 3 months as CO of No 6 Commando during the aborted raid on Bayonne, Lt Col Trevor then took command of No 1 Commando during the Operation Torch landings in N.Africa. It was during this period that he began his association with the newly raised US Ranger units, contingents of whom were operating with No 1 Commando. During the Tunisian campaign he was awarded a military OBE.
On return to the UK, he left No 1 Commando to become Combined Operations HQ Staff Liaison Officer with the US Rangers. He was officially attached to the US Army and was with the Rangers when they landed at Omaha Beach on D Day during which he was wounded. (See notification HERE)
Post war he continued his military service serving in Greece, Korea, and Malaya.
OBE: LG Publication date: 21 September 1943; Supplement: 3618; Page: 4213.

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