STEWART, David James

Unit / Base: 
'45 Commando RM'
'Commando Training Centre RM'
Royal Marines
Royal Navy
Lieutenant David Stewart was awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry during operations on the Falkland Islands [1].
"Early in the morning of the 9th June Lieutenant Stewart, 45 Commando led a troop strength fighting patrol to the Two Sisters feature in East Falklands with a mission to harass the enemy and cause him casualties.
In bright moonlight and across 1000 metres of open ground Lieutenant Stewart led his patrol undetected into the enemy position. Two enemy sentries were killed and for the next 30 minutes a fierce fire fight ensued. The enemy on the high ground and in position of their choosing were engaged with troop weapons and artillery with great skill, vigour and courage. The returning fire came from several different positions including 3 machine gun posts and artillery. During the withdrawal, Lieutenant Stewart himself gave covering fire to assist his men move across the open ground.
There is no doubt that the success of this patrol which killed 7 enemy and sustained no casualties was largely due to the meticulous planning, the exhaustive rehearsals and the outstanding leadership and courage shown by Lieutenant Stewart.
The effect on the enemy was shattering and possibly saved many lives of men in his company which attacked the position two days later."
  • 30 December 1995 (Major) appointed O.B.E. (Military Division) [2].
  • 2007 (Colonel) Director of Training CTCRM [3].

[1] London Gazette 49134, page 12837.
[2] London Gazette 54255, page 5.
[3] Globe and Laurel Jul/Aug 2007.

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