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'Commando Training Centre RM'

The Commando Training Centre, also known as CTCRM, is the principal training centre for the Royal Marines.

Based at Lympstone in Devon CTCRM selects and trains all Royal Marines Officers, recruits and reserves. CTCRM is unique in that it also provides all Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) command training as well as training 70% of all Royal Marines specialists.

BELL, Thomas Matthew

Died in service
Marine Thomas Bell from Gateshead, was serving at the Commando Training Centre RM at the time of his death.  He and his colleagues were celebrating the end of their training at Penhale Camp near Perranporth, Cornwall. On the way back to his quarters along the cliff path he accidentally fell to his death.  The Coroner recorded a verdit of Misadventure.

BOTHAM, Grenville

Royal Marines
Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE)
Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)
Warrant Officer 2 Grenville Botham was appointed M.B.E. (Military Division) on the 19 June 2000 [1].
  • 25 April 2006 (Warrant Officer 1) awarded the Meritorious Service Medal [2].
  • 1996 (Sergeant) Zulu Company 45 Commando RM [3].
  • 2007 RSM at the Commando Training Centre RM [4].

BURTON, Nathaniel Paul

Died in service
Junior Marine Nathaniel Burton drowned in a remote pool on Dartmoor.  He was 11 weeks into his 30-week Commando training course and was taking part in a river crossing exercise at Crazy Well Pool, near Burrator reservoir.
[Sources: AFM ROH / BBC News online 16th Oct. 1998.]


Mne Richard Campbell-Smith CTCRM
Died in service

Marine Recruit Richard Campbell-Smith was four weeks from the end of his 32-week course at the Commando Training Centre in Lympstone, Devon, when he reportedly scratched his legs while running. He was admitted to the base medical unit, and later taken to the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital where he died on 2 November. 


Died in service
Marine Recruit Andrew Charnock collapsed and died from heat exhaustion during a 30-mile training run on Dartmoor. He was in the final stage of training with the Royal Marines.
[Source: AFM ROH / Daily Mirror and other media reports 10 July 1997]

CRUSE, Ernest

41 Ind. Cdo. RM
Military Medal (MM)
Corporal Ernest Cruse was awarded the Military Medal during the Korean war for gallant and distinguished service with 41 Independent Commando, Royal Marines, during operations in Korea [1]
  • 29 November 1950 wounded during operations at Chosin Reservoir Korea [1a].

FOSTER, Nigel Francis

Died in service
Marine Recruit Nigel Foster was serving on his Commando course at the Commando Training Centre RM at the time of his death. He died after suffering a heart attack during an exercise on Woodbury Common, Devon.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News issue April 1996, p24 / BBC Wales news online report 31/3/2000]


Died in service
Corporal Barry Hughes was serving at the Commando Training Centre RM at the time of his death. [Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News, issue Jan. 1980  page 9.]

JONES, Ethan

Ethan Jones
Marine Recruit Ethan Jones, 282 Troop, died in a training accident whilst practising an assault from a landing craft on Tregantle beach, Cornwall. He was in the last phase of the 32 weeks training.

LOCKWOOD, Neville, A.

Died in service
2/Lieut. Neville Lockwood died whilst serving at the Commando Training Centre RM.  He joined the Royal Marines as an officer in Sept. 2007 and had completed 17 weeks of Young Officer training. He had previously served in both the RNR and the RMR.  
[Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News issue Feb. 2008.]

MALLARD, Ian Stuart

Died in service
Marine Ian Mallard died from acute alcohol poisoning after a party to celebrate passing his Commando training and being awarded his green beret. A verdict of accidental death was recorded by Coroner Mr Richard van Oppen at the inquest in Exmouth.
[Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News Aug.'92 p.32 / Media reports The Independent and Daily Herald.]


3 Cdo. Bde. RM
Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service
Bronze Star (USA)
Major Jani Marok received the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service in the former Yugoslavia during the period 1 October 2000 to 31 March 2001 [1].


Died in service

Marine Recruit Daniel Metcalfe was only 4 weeks into his training after joining the Royal Marines when he was killed in a mountaineering accident on Dow Crag in Coniston whilst on Easter leave.


Died in service
Sergeant Keith Palmer collapsed and died of a heart attack whilst returning from a sail training exhibition on board the Corps yacht, Saria Marie, off the coast of Guernsey.

PERRY, Steven Leslie

Died in service
WO1 Steven Perry was the RSM at the Commando Training Centre RM at the time of his death. He was overseeing one of the training exercises on Dartmoor when he died unexpectedly.
His family and friends placed a stone as a memorial to him at the spot where he died. The stone was originally upright but is now on its back.

RICHARDS, Alan Wayne

Mne Wayne Richards
Died in service
Marine Recruit Wayne Richards was in week nine of the 30 week training course, and was killed when shot during a mock attack exercise on Woodbury Common, near Exeter, after live rounds became mixed up with blanks. 
[Sources: AFM ROH / Navy News issue May 2000, p34 / BBC Wales News online 6th June 2001.]

STEWART, David James

45 Cdo. RM
Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
Military Cross (MC)
Lieutenant David Stewart was awarded the Military Cross for his gallantry during operations on the Falkland Islands [1].
"Early in the morning of the 9th June Lieutenant Stewart, 45 Commando led a troop strength fighting patrol to the Two Sisters feature in East Falklands with a mission to harass the enemy and cause him casualties.

VALLANCE, David William

Died in service
Marine David Vallance was serving at the Commando Training Centre RM at the time of his death. He collapsed and died of a heart attack while jogging to a firing range at Sandy Bay, near Exmouth, during a training exercise.
[Sources: AFM ROH /  Navy News issue Feb. 1998, p24 / The Independent online 31st March 2000.]


Royal Marines
Died in service
Sergeant John Wilkinson, a Platoon Weapons Instructor (PW1) at RM Reserve Bristol, died in a road traffic collision [1][2]
[1] AFM ROH.
[2] Andy Holloway. WO2 RM.

WILLS, Michael Vincent

Died in service
Major Michael Wills died in a plane crash.
He was off duty in a single-engine Cessna when it crashed into a field near Honiton in June 2004, shortly after taking off from Dunkeswell airfield. Major Wills joined the Corps aged 18 in 1978 and at the time of his death was a Staff Officer at the CTCRM.

WOOLMAN, Tudor Lloyd

42 Cdo. RM
Mentioned in Despatches
Marine Tudor Woolman, 42 Commando RM, received a Mention in Despatches in recognition of gallant and distinguished service in Aden in 1967 [1].
"On Saturday 11th November 1967 42 Commando Royal Marines was responsible for the manning of of a series of observation posts overlooking Tawani.

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