'Cdo. Logistic Regt. RM formation'

Extract from the Globe and Laurel July/August 1977. 
The Medical and Ordnance Squadrons investigate the formation of the Commando Logistic Regiment Royal Marines.
Contrary to popular belief, logistic support to Commando Forces did exist before the formation of the Regiment. Through the late 40s and 50s, small units such as 3 and 4 Commando Transport and Composite Platoons, 3 and 4 Commando LAD and 3 and 4 Commando Medical Sections provided limited support to Commandos. 
However, the real growth of Commando Forces logistic support occurred during the Borneo confrontation when HQ 3 Commando Brigade became established in Kuching and was supported from Singapore through a Brigade Maintenance Area (BMA) in Kuching, which incorporated 3 Commando Workshop and the Transport and Composite Platoon. Two years experience in Borneo operations proved the requirement for Ordnance specialists and accordingly, in 1964, an OFP was formed to support the Brigade.
In 1971, 3 Commando Brigade RM returned to the United Kingdom to assume its NATO role in common with the remainder of Commando Forces, and the Commando Logistic Regiment was formed from the various Brigade elements.
  • 3 Commando Medical Section (Singapore) and 4 Commando Medical Section (Plymouth) combined to form the Commando Medical Squadron.
  • 3 Commando Transport and Composite Platoon (Singapore) and 4 Commando Transport and Composite Platoon (Plymouth) combined to form the Commando Transport Squadron.
  • 3 Commando Brigade OFP (Singapore) formed the Commando Ordnance Squadron.
  • 3 Commando Workshop (Singapore) and 4 Commando LAD (Malta) formed the Commando Workshop Squadron .
  • Elements of Camp HQ Plymouth Group formed the Garrison Squadron.
  • 1st Raiding Squadron (Singapore) and 4th Raiding Squadron (Plymouth) combined to form the Raiding Squadron (1RSRM).

On January 11, 1972 the Commando Logistic Regiment held its inaugural parade at Stonehouse Barracks, Plymouth.

The address was given by the Commandant General Royal Marines Lt Gen B. I. S. Gourlay, OBE, MC and included the following remarks: 'Today you find yourselves members of a very special and new team, a partnership of many skills brought together under a single hand and devoted to a single aim, namely, that of supporting the Commandos, and this in a more co-ordinated and efficient way than has been possible to date'. He continued, 'You can count amongst you, in addition to the Royal Marines and Royal Navy cap badges and tallies, the insignia of three famous Corps of the British Army. I believe that this bringing together of varied skills, different points of view, and distinctive jargon lends strength to the Regiment as a whole, and gives it a fine flavour of its own'. 

During 1972 two assault detachments were sent from the Ordnance Squadron on a permanent basis, to 45 Cdo Gp in Arbroath (No 3 AOD) and 41 Cdo Gp in Malta (No 1 AOD). No 3 and No 1 Advanced Workshop Detachments were similarly deployed and finally in 1976 No 3 Medical Troop was formed and detached to 45 Cdo Gp for second line support in its M & AW role.

In addition, in 1972, a combat supplies troop was formed from the Commando Ordnance Squadron to work with the Commando Transport Squadron and the expertise of this Troop led to the formation of a local Resources Team in 1976. It can be seen therefore, that the young Commando Logistic Regiment which is to parade before Her Majesty on August 5 has roots that extend well back into the past 25 years.

Globe and Laurel July/August 1977.

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